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Call It What It Is: Climate Cover-Up, Not Climate Denial


Call It What It Is: Climate Cover-Up, Not Climate Denial

Jeff Biggers

Today’s remarks by EPA administrator Scott Pruitt that human activity is not “a primary contributor to the global warming that we see” should effectively bring an end to the term formerly known as “climate denial.”

Dear media: Call it what it is—a climate cover-up.


You'd think that a public official who is paid by tax payer monies would be held responsible for theft of services if it were shown that they were defrauding the tax payer by their being paid for skills and know how that they do not possess for the job. So many people who are not qualified for the positions they are appointed to by Trump are literally robbing the tax payers by not having the skills needed for their jobs. The very fact that an unqualified person is appointed to these positions is sheer cronyism and should be actionable by law.

This is most noticeable in matters of science where facts are not subject to alternative explanations despite the pseudo justifications of the Flat Earth Republicans now in power. To suggest that something unscientific like a flat Earth or harmless CO2 emissions does not make it legitimate science simply because you sit in the department head's chair.

Why is this person not required to prove (using science) the denialist alternative facts he espouses? He takes our money (his salary) for science then he should show us that he is qualified to earn it.

We want facts not his opinions. Facts that are substantiated or clearly refuted by other facts. Enough with his opinions! Enough with Trump's opinions. We want science and factual statements that can be proven.

Facts are facts.

Opinions are alternatives.


This is right on. Climate denialism is the hoax, manufactured doubt employing propaganda techniques in an organized effort to maintain the flow of money from fossil fuels. The film "Merchants of Doubt" exposes this racket, clearly revealing the sleazy people passing themselves off as experts in the field when they are nothing more than paid PR hacks of the oil industry. And, of course, these sleazeballs are on prominent display on Fox, touted as scientists giving the "fair and balanced" response to real scientists, who, astoundingly, are portrayed as the ones in this "controversy" who benefit from the results of their research or have an ax to grind with the fossil fuel industry. For republicans and their ilk there is no low to which they will not sink when there is money to be made.