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'Call Me a Radical': Ocasio-Cortez Suggests 70% Tax Rate for Ultra Rich to Cover Costs of Green New Deal


'Call Me a Radical': Ocasio-Cortez Suggests 70% Tax Rate for Ultra Rich to Cover Costs of Green New Deal

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

In the second video featuring Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) to make headlines in less than 24 hours, the first-term congresswoman called for major systemic changes to address the climate crisis and suggested taxing ultra wealthy Americans around 70 percent to pay for it—declaring, "if that's what radical means, call me a radical."


Taxing the 1% is radical in order to address climate devastation! To paraphrase Orwell: IN A TIME OF UNIVERSAL CLIMATE DECEIT, SPEAKING THE TRUTH IS A REVOLUTIONARY ACT! Cooper is nothing but a quisling and a fawning parasite for the CLIMATE DENIERS and the 1%. Cooper! YOU ARE THE ONE THAT IS RADICAL!


NO, that is NOT “radical” what AO-C proposes, its a restoration of just/fair/equitable progressive tax-rates that once existed for the good of the republic and our people and civilian projects and objectives for the Common Good! Income tax rates were as high as 90% in Eisenhower’s time and things were far more equitable, and they funded many projects and programs to “promote the general welfare” as in the preamble of the Constitution. The steady reduction of historic taxation were a travesty and treason IMO. Those funds derived from the richest were once used to fight forest fires, repair lives after hurricanes and tornadoes, build, maintain and repair infrastructure all over America! Was that “socialist” or just wise leadership for the people’s and societies advancement that really lifted all boats, not just the 1% MoFo’s! Now the fight against cimate change, true universal health care, free education to university, jobs programs like the CCC, WPA and others that helped people and the nation! That vision is now replaced by greed and self-interest at the highest levels of government, corporations, politicians, and on down to “every person for themselves” mentality!

Tax rates have been consistently reduced on the wealthiest by a complicit government Of, By and FOR the richest! Those windfalls were used not to benefit the nation but to increase further manipulation of politicians to pass more tax-cuts and legialation for the benefit of the richest!

The words are RESTORATION and FAIRNESS! The people that derive the most from sociaty, pay the most…and the joke is that when the people prosper so also do the wealthy, just not as obscenely as over the past decades!


Alexandria’s charisma scares the shit out of the GOP–and that’s a great thing.


Politics is the art of compromise. Trust her, she knows what she’s doing. Better for her to have an ally in Pelosi than an enemy, now isn’t it?


Excellent point! But does anyone on this thread know why AO-C voted for Pelosi as speaker of the House? Am I missing something?


I’m no expert, but are there systems of graduated property or capital gains taxes. like there is a graduated income tax? Those might be ways to tax wealth rather than income.


Where was that better candidate for speaker? Who stood up to run against Pelosi?


It’s nice to see that at least one Kongress Kritter understands how PROGRESSIVE TAXATION is generally designed to work.


Considering that, in the 1950’s, during the Republican Eisenhower administrations, marginal tax rates were higher than 90%, AOC’s suggestion is tame.

But, of course, all the Ruling Class Parasites will scream bloody murder, even though, given this Corporate Congress, AOC’s sensible, fair suggestion has no chance of becoming law.


There are logical reasons to tax both in a society as inequitable as ours and one with the inequitable power dynamics we have between capital and labor domestically.

I love AOC, and I don’t blame her for not making a strong MMT argument in this context, but taxes aren’t needed to spend, and neither are bonds, at least for the national government. Taking taxes into account in this way simply makes the spending at least largely revenue neautral.


Please stop continuing the confusion of “extremist” with “radical”.

“Radical” means getting to the root (of the problem).

Cooper and all the other Ruling Class Parasites, and the Corporate Tools in Congress, and Trump, are “extremists” in service to the Imperialist Ruling Class and their blood-stained, earth-roasting corporations.

AOC is a “radical”.


Agree: It is not like these people have a W2. The 1% have 90% of the wealth, seems more than fair to pay 90% tax rate on the wealth increase each year.


Its great to see a young smart lady warrior taking on the ankylosed, corrupt, lying, murdering oligarchy in both parties.


Her comebacks are her special gift. Her comebacks are not merely clever. She seems steeped in Roosevelt Institute argument, and her remarks flow out of her with simplicity.


The alternatives to Pelosi - and those voting against her, were much further right. Do you really expect AOC to join forces with the furthest right wing of the Democrats?


The top marginal rate was 91 percent through Eisenhower’s 2nd term.


Emphyrio you have covered most of the reasons for where we are now. I believe we should go for an 85-90% rate so we can tackle a couple of additional deficits we are experiencing as a nation. Start the dickering high and maybe something useful can be realized.


Before any of this the government has to open- remember???


Many of these politicians signal who they are going to be and they usually follow that path. Paul Ryan for example. Especially when there is a lawyer background and business mentality.
Ocasio-Cortes has a chance to be a different animal, let’s give her the reigns and see what happens.
We need your spirit to be a captain of the revolution, so stay as healthy as you can until then comrade.