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Call to Action by Journalists, Academics Urges Americans to Use 'All Nonviolent Means Necessary' to Shut Down Trump Detention Camps

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/09/call-action-journalists-academics-urges-americans-use-all-nonviolent-means-necessary


Non - Violent Means? …Are we supposed to say “Please” let them out? WTF is wrong with this Country?


Very commendable, but non-violence does not mean cowardice. Does anyone really believe that during the holocaust in Nazi, Germany non-violence would have freed the Jewish people?

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Yes, huge non-violent action to ‘close the camps,’ etc.

Then, stay in the fight for all the intersecting issues…leading to transformation for the good of us all.

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This is good. The more real resistance the better.


Complacency and Jews following orders put them into those Concentration Camps. If they had the chance to do it over, what do you think they would do?

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I’m not positive, but I think the strategy here may be to build up the protests, peacefully, to the point where the government gets frustrated and calls in the mercenaries to remove us by any means.
*I don’t think We the People would react well to the sight of guns, dogs, gas, firehoses, clubs being used on peaceful protesters. That might break the barriers and unleash the People to eliminate this little fuehrer and his gang from the halls of the government and courts.
*Then we will all face an enormous challenge, of bringing law and representative government back to We the People.
*And this will require all of us, and dedication, and support for those who really are representatives of We the People. If you can still find copies of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America, note that the main difference between then and now is that We the People were fighting to free ourselves from a distant Empire in 1776. Now the vicious Empire is not far away, but lodged in the seat of government in DC. The conditions listed by Thomas Jefferson are still basically the same. Our answer for today should be the same as it was in 1776.
*When all of our peaceful protests failed repeatedly and it was obvious that the government of GB didn’t care about anything but wringing profit from us, we finally went to war to achieve our goal. It wasn’t easy then and it won’t be easy now, but we might find allies around the world who are tired of the bullying and theft of their resources by our Nazi regime.
*It will be much better than staring out through the razor wire and eating our gruel before being loaded up for the day’s slave labor for the profit of the 0.01%.


come on, this tactic worked really well in the holocaust, right?

oh, wait…

actually, the reality is non-violence has become a religious precept at this point and almost anyone trying to movement build has to throw it in there. It’s unfortunate, but it is.

besides, lots of ways to gum up the works without hurting anyone, so it’s not like it’s an empty slogan, either.


Go back and read our History. No War was ever won by peaceful anything. Maybe you are too young to understand what fighting for Freedom really means.

“Gum up the works? ‘ C’mon!

Yes, no doubt they would say: “better to die fighting than die in a concentration camp”!

Let us see. Gandhi used non-violence to expel the British from India.

Martin Luther King used non-violence in his Civil rights struggles.

The “Velvet Revolution” in Czechoslovakia ended Communist rule there as occurred in East Germany these both non violent movements.


Exactly! I have heard this from many Holocaust survivors. We haven’t the slightest idea what it was like during that time. Most people here don’t, and should not make light of what they know have a clue about. We are experiencing the beginning of the same thing again, which must be stopped at all costs. We can not allow another Hitler rise ever again!

True, but do not forget many had to die non-violently in Mahatma Gandhi’s successful struggle to eliminate the British rule in India. Gandhi said many times that the non-violent, patriots must be willing to put their lives on the line the same as the violent soldiers do.


We ended the Nam War with violence fast enuf. Sure there were casualties, like in any other war. If you are afraid, admit it. If you will not stand up in self defense for your own freedom, there’s nothing more to say. If more Americans took action, we’d be in a much better place. If you think your corrupt elected leaders will fight for you, think again.

I would agree, but the Amerikan, Fuehrer will not go easily.

Ah yes, perhaps you are right. I grew up before and during World War Two. I am a Korean Veteran, though thank God they had stopped shooting by the time I turned seventeen. I am a nuclear veteran, having been exposed to seven H-Bombs at Bikini in 1956. I was sickened and thought I was going to die before I turned twenty-one. There are very few of us left, and we deal with our cancers, and many watch their children and grandchildren sicken with genetically transmitted diseases.

I Have Seen the Dragon

I have seen the Dragon
Through clenched lids and arms pressed tight.
I have felt its hot breath on my back
And listened to the rumble of its voice.

I have looked upon its breath,
Glowing Amethyst, red and purple,
Climbing towards the stratosphere
To deposit its venom downwind.

I have waited in fear as my gums began to bleed
And my hair came out in clumps.
I breathed a prayer of thanks
As I began to heal.

After fifty years, our ranks are thin,
We who have seen the Dragon and survived.
Those who have died or are sickened still,
Their numbers are legion.

All we can hope for, work for, pray for,
Is that no madman will ever be allowed
To unleash the Dragon again.
For its legacy to all is death, disease and decay.

© Stephen M. Osborn
2 November 2006

But, I guess you must be far older and wiser than me, or so you seem to say. I have experienced and feared what I see coming, the first time some idiot pushes his button, and the target pushes his, so please enlighten us.


Guitman I agree. Let’s all go and get on our knees and beg for humane treatment for these CHILDREN!! Look, people seem to think all Texans are rednecks but who do they honestly think all these South Texas ranchers are? White skinheads??? As I have stated before I have a dear friend whose family owns a 43,000 acre ranch near Hebbronville, Texas. They are hispanic by heritage as are most of the big land owners in South Texas. They obtained their ranches over 150 years ago when Texas was being settled and the land stays in the family. They don’t like this bullshit anymore than we do. As for Trump’s wall, that will be land taken from them by Donald Trump by emminent domain. Do you think they like that? 99.9% of the land owners along the border will side with us. These immigrants are their kin. I think we need to group everyone who is beyond appalled together in San Antonio and make a march to the border DEMANDING the children be released and closure to the camps or they will be forcefully closed.


Thanks, Mate! Well said.

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Well then, we must make him go… easily or not!