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Call to #FreeCyntoiaBrown Renews Attention on Everything Wrong With America's Criminal Justice System'

Call to #FreeCyntoiaBrown Renews Attention on Everything Wrong With America's Criminal Justice System'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A nationwide demand that victim of child sex trafficking be set free sparks after her story goes viral

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But, to hear the conservatives tell it, she had an equal opportunity. Outcomes are not society’s problem. Horse Manure! Current injustices are passed on to future generations through issues left unaddressed. Outcomes matter, A LOT!


All because ‘some folks’ think they are better than others and their shit doesn’t stink! Those folks actually belong where Cyntoia Brown is, because ‘they’ have a sickness, Narcissistic greed. Bless you Cyntoia.

 What else could she do?  She had no place to go, no money and no car, and no one card about her, but she had to get away from there.  There are some places where young people in trouble can go but they are hard to find and you have to know about them and be able to get there.  Our society refuses to help anyone anymore for the most part and when a person gets in to an impossible situation, no one will help so you are left with having to do things that you don't want to do but have to do just to stay alive and then you are treated like a criminal when you are just a suffering victim.  The treatment of the mentally ill is similar.  Cumberland County Jail in Portland, Maine is, according to Sheriff Marc Dyon, a one hundred percent mental health facility that is really a jail and does not have the proper setup to deal with the seriously mentally ill.  Today's America is rapidly disposing of millions of human beings deemed unworthy of anyone's care.  The very idea of for profit prisons creates an incentive to find more and more people to lock up for profit.  This is bankrupting our country because it costs $60,000 per year more or less to lock someone up in prison.  We could prevent a lot of crime for that money.  We could find foster homes for children like Cyntoia, have plenty of money for universal health care and inexpensive, energy efficient housing, job training and other social programs that prevent and treat social justice ills.  We should be helping people so that they don't find themselves in these situations.  We need to protect young people and help them grow to have the means to take care of themselves instead of criminalizing them.  This only serves the greedy profit motives of evil men who are profiting off of injustice.  The situation is worse than people think.  We have lost our collective minds when we refuse to look beyond the obvious crimes to be able to see the reason for the crime in the first place.  It is wrong to criminalize people for things that they have no control over, or for things that people have to do to keep themselves safe from harm and stay alive.  The homeless man who ran into LLBean on a January day where the temperature was ten below zero and stole a pair of men's long underwear is not a criminal.  He was just trying to keep himself from dying of exposure because the homeless shelter was full and he had to sleep outside.  Yet people fail to see the difference between the homeless man and a jewel thief who is stealing for profit, not for survival.  We must do more to make sure that people have access to ways to get real help in emergency situations so that they don't have to resort to crime.  We are responsible as a society for all members of our society, especially the most needy and vulnerable.  We even treat animals better than we treat many people.  If we are really a Christian nation then we must be our brother and sister's keeper and care for each other.  It is not really our job to judge.  It is our job to love and care.  The Buddhists have good ideas about social responsibility as well.  This Ebeneezer Scrooge infection of American culture has got to end.  No more for profit prisons or for profit workhouses!

it’s good to have someone here representing the interests of white real estate agents who solicit girls.


Of course she had to be sentenced to jail for most, if not all, of her life! Otherwise, the system would have to acknowledge that rape and violence toward women is virtually always perpetrated by men! Why are we surprised? We have a government that denies equal rights to women.

I’m all for retaliation.
Some people deserve to die.

Ya, interesting. I clicked to post that I’m sure none of the people involved here were nice people, including her. The thing is, once society produces such people, what do we do? Ultimately, we have to get to the root problems: poverty/ lack of resources, lack of education & opportunities, no safety net for people who find themselves in difficult straights, & etc.

I’ve noticed a lot of these so-called “lefty” outlets like constructing simplistic moral stories like this. It makes for true idiocy when we come to trying to discuss the question, what do we do?