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Call to 'Save Oceans, Protect Workers' Goes Airborne as Greenpeace Targets Walmart


Call to 'Save Oceans, Protect Workers' Goes Airborne as Greenpeace Targets Walmart

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Greenpeace activists converged in Fayetteville, Arkansas this week to call attention to global human rights abuses and environmental damage caused by retail giant Walmart ahead of the company's annual shareholders' meeting.

The environmental group flew its thermal airship over the company's world headquarters in Fayetteville on Wednesday, displaying banners that read, "Walmart: Cleanup needed in the tuna aisle," and "Save oceans. Protect workers," a reference to the company's sale of canned tuna brands that Greenpeace says are destructive and unethically produced.


You kind of wish that Greenpeace were our Environment Department (like a kind of State Department) which went around the world doing its essential good deeds for the planet. Spare me the babbling about how the Dems or repubs would soon corrupt it and declaw it etc. okay? We know.

But imagine if in a Bernie administration that American officials worked with groups like Greenpeace and helped maximize rather than minimize their efforts. This is our last chance to help Bernie and preserve our democracy. If Bernie gets his chance to run, we just might have a renaissance of intelligent science and innovation in America again. What we have now seems best characterized as faith based greed that miraculously renders science invisible.

Imagine how constructively we could make life with Bernie at the helm instead of the oligarchs?


"Always Low Principles!"


State Department doing "good deeds"? Are you unaware of the Clinton/Walmart/China connection?


I was not talking about the state department just using it as an example. I have corrected my confusing grammar with parentheses! The hypothetical Environment Department's good deeds. English must not be your native language and even worse than that is that English is mine ...lol hence my need for correction?


Do you know what is missing? Flyers. The sixties were an age of people handing out flyers about all sorts of issues, about the protests to be held about those issues and where and when. But people would read those one page articles and learn about issues like where the products come from and how they are made by slave labor. Not enough people go to progressive news sites and those that do don't need to read flyers but other people do need to learn about stuff and issues and there is no other way to reach them. What is amazing is that we all have printers and apps that can make really great flyers which we could tape up somewhere but nobody does. So most of the population remains dependent on the MSM for news and discussion of issues. In the sixties we got people from all walks of life interested which was why millions of people participated in marches and protest over the years.

Informative flyers were everywhere!

Think of it as encouraging reading ...lol


People tend to discount these things but if you see a lot of bumper stickers for a candidate then it affects your perception just as it does if you see more bumper stickers for the other guy instead. Those who say Hillary would win need to keep seeing Bernie signs and buttons and quickly enough those same people start talking about how Bernie just might be popular enough to win. A bit late for California I'm afraid but it still holds true for issues. People read stuff that isn't weird. Just keep it short with fonts large enough to read easily and a classy looking image or headline and people waiting for a bus, looking at a store bulletin board, waiting to cross a street at the corner will give it a glance. It was stuff like that that helped stop a war.