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'Call Your Freakin Reps': Pressure on Congress to Restore Net Neutrality or Face Public Wrath

'Call Your Freakin Reps': Pressure on Congress to Restore Net Neutrality or Face Public Wrath

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With a full House vote on the Save the Internet Act scheduled for Tuesday, open internet campaigners urged members of the public to call their representatives to demand they pass the bill cleanly—without any telecom-friendly amendments attached—to restore net neutrality.

"Any lawmaker who doesn't want to invoke the wrath of their constituents should vote for its clean passage on the House floor."
—Evan Greer, Fight for the Future


If you don’t want to call, send an E-mail. Soon we all may have a difficult time connecting with CD if this does not pass, not to mention a myriad of other prohibitions.


forget congress, they are corporate whores. A national email to the Trumpster threatening his re-election might be more effective.

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Mail, phone calls, emails, tweets always fall on deaf ears and blind eyes. The government doesn’t give a half shit what “We the People” want or care about. Until there is a real revolution, this will NEVER change!


I have sent emails and called my rep. My state is a blue state, NM, but constituents everywhere need to note the names of those that refuse to back the bill and vote them out next go-around. Democracy at work!!


I would add that ONLY with an HONEST VOTING SYSTEM can democracy work. We, unfortunately, do not have that currently.

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I don’t think in the whole history of humanity has there ever been a “real” revolution. Mostly two steps forward and then one step back.

They ignore the phone calls and emails. We the people need to step out of our comfort zones and have more town halls, etc. Unfortunately these people are cowards and can’t communicate with their constituents in person.

Don’t give up. If enough of us call and write, they will take notice. If nobody does anything, they will eat us alive. Without net neutrality, our tiny sliver of democracy is doomed.

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I have never contacted my “representatives” on an issue as often as I have on net neutrality. They know full well what we want them to do. Like the other issues, they ignore the wishes of their constituency unless they are accompanied by massive campaign contributions.

The people are fed up with congress.

You listening Wittman of district one in Virginia. Remember, there is no road to yesterday. You screw this up and we will make you pay for the rest of your life.

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My representative is new in this Congress –
Dem Tom Malinowski/NJ who replaced GOP Lance

Congress has continued to make it harder, it not nearly impossible to call
leadership of either party IF you are not actually a member of the districts
they represent –

This is wrong because any reps’ vote can effect the passage of a bill –
and we should be able to contact any of the House Reps or Senators to
urge them to vote for Net Neutrality –
You’ll find the same situation if you try to give feedback to any Rep or Senator
now via their websites – if you’re not from their “zip code” you don’t get to
pass along your opinion.

This is essentially new as until a few years ago you could call the Congressional
switchboard and ask to speak with any Rep or Senator and you’d get connected.

MOST of us are shut out now from contacting the leadership of both parties –
This should be corrected as the leadership should be influenced by the public -
the general public and not simply the members of their own voting districts.

Additionally (IMO) – this “urging” is too weak when it isn’t backed up by any real
threat of loss of customers by the cable companies – such as customers threatening
to pull the plug.

PS – YOU CAN WATCH VOTE ON C-SPAN TODAY — but the House Vote is also
competing with the House Appropriations Committee questioning of Barr re the Mueller Report
which is airing from 9:30 am on.
(Of course, with a little creativity some of us manage to get thru but they continue to fear
hearing from the larger public and continue to try to shut it down.)