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Calling Bill That Makes Voting Easier a "Power Grab," McConnell Exemplifies a GOP Terrified of Democracy

Calling Bill That Makes Voting Easier a "Power Grab," McConnell Exemplifies a GOP Terrified of Democracy

Julia Conley, staff writer

Voting rights groups and Democratic lawmakers looked on in alarm Wednesday as Republican leaders broadcast open hostility toward policies that would curb corruption and make it easier for Americans to vote.


Just read that Sarah Sanders thinks that g-d wanted Dump to be president. Dump is now forcing public schools to have bible study as a requirement which is against our own constitution! Yes, Sanders believes that a man who cheats on this wives, taxes, committs perjury, has tons of lawsuits against him, and gives billionaires tax breaks was chosen by g-d. Now, I know how sane I really am.


The Christian record with regard to their political involvement in the US going back at least to the mid-seventies could be characterized as amoral, It is the single greatest reason influencing my position as an anti-theist. I view them as the pro war, anti liberty, pro fascism, anti-democracy, anti-American, Pro global destruction, anti environmental, anti family, anti justice, anti intelligence, and pro mafia, terrorist loving, hate worshipping, mental slavery, ignorance induction, amoral, fear fostering, stupidity coalition…

In fact McConnell is right on the money, nobody, more than any other single group is more responsible for this Evil tyranny than Yahweh and his cold blooded, evil to the core of their soul, band of Christian followers

If there was a god and an upcoming judgement nobody would possibly fare worse than Christian Americans.


Does everyone know that McConnell is bolstered by Russion $$$$? So, might be that trump is , too!

Bought and sold, the Republicans. They think when trump has finally eliminated everyone but himself in a “unitary government” (!) that They will “get the spoils if they back him up every single corrupt act”… Ha ha


This is the real voter fraud.


Oh Mitch McConnelle----what a strange man you are. Surely you haven’t forgotten that voting makes a democratic republic stronger-----your own state’s motto : United we stand , divided we fall," tells you that. And don’t forget too, Mitch. that the basis of the name Kentucky is from the Iroquois word : Ken- tah- ten, meaning “Land of Tomorrow.”
Stop living in the 19th century , Mitch.


Another holiday? How many days do Mitch and crew get off from their legislative jobs–and I ain’t counting all the time they are out fundraising.


Which god is that? Probably Chernobog.

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Ruth May — who is a business professor at the University of Dallas AND an expert on the economies of Russia and Ukraine — has created a narrative; along with Michael Hogue, who is a Staff Artist for The Dallas Morning News . Together, they have developed an easy to follow explanation — with Mouse Over pictures . Follow along as we dig into the monied pockets of GOP corruption to see who, in this filthy reality TV show, is controlling whom:


At least he is aware that people are not interested in voting for him.

I am not so fond of turning voting day into a general holiday. I would like to see it as a paid day off for voting but only for those who actually go vote. I wonder if there is some way to make it so people who take the day off to vote can get paid for it, maybe with a voter’s receipt or something.


Who is Chernobog

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Lots of victories for fairer elections since 2016. We need to keep pushing for ranked choice voting so we can put an end to the strangle-hold of the duopoly. Long fight, but good news came out of the PA recount -


What a disgusting little man. Sorry, can’t help it. And Jim Jordan tweeting “trust us”. You’ve got to be kidding. Power grab is what these traitors have been up to since Reagan. They’ll fight all efforts for true democracy tooth and nail. The midterms was a start but it there’s still a lot more work to be done. I’m sick and tired of billionaires running the world. It’s more like “ruining” the world. The very survival of humanity and the planet hinges on removing, and keeping, the rich from power. The future can be truly bright if we use our wisdom and technology for the good of all people and to protect our (still) beautiful Mother Earth.


I support the Bill but you might want to ask yourself why the Democrats
did not advance it when Obama was elected and they controlled both
Houses of Congress and the Presidency. Trump might not have been president today.


Republican politicians respect neither democracy nor government. A better illustration than Trump would be difficult to find.


McConman sez:
“Just what America needs, another paid holiday and a bunch of government workers being paid to go out and work for … our colleagues on the other side, on their campaigns.”

He’s gotten yappy again since Chump returned his testicles.

I’d rather enjoyed the silence of the shutdown.

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first you’d have to get a majority of the oligarchs to vote for it.

Some 30 years ago or so, a local AM radio station had a couple hours of a right wing radio talk show in the afternoon. His name was Neal Boortz. If there was a clone of McConnell, it would have been this guy. The one thing I remember really well was his insistence that only well qualified people should be able to vote. If a person didn’t meet a standard of education, income, genes, skin color or religious background, and a few other redeeming high standards of his opinion, that person wouldn’t be allowed to take part in free elections.

People like these two are part of the most dangerous, to freedom in this country. One had a daily MAGA type radio show, the other has influence to help tRump and the rest of the Repugnicans finish screwing this country over, ending all hope for a better life and future for the majority.


That’s ELECTION fraud, committed on and within the election system itself. Voter fraud is when an individual voter votes unlawfully.