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Calling BS on Spending Bill Veto Threat, Dreamers Not Fooled for a Second Trump Cares About Them


Calling BS on Spending Bill Veto Threat, Dreamers Not Fooled for a Second Trump Cares About Them

Jon Queally, staff writer

Proving it was either just a bluff or a "temper tantrum" when he signed the massive $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill on Friday afternoon, President Donald Trump earlier in the day had threatened to veto the package, but immigrant rights groups and Dreamers were not even a little bit fooled that the president's bloviating and political head-fake had anything to do with protecting them.


Trump’s a Pathological Liar.

Trusting anything he says is dangerous.


I was sitting in a doctors waiting room while my partner was being seen, when their television aired Trump’s press conference around this. All he could do was talk about how the poor old military needed all this money to be the greatest in the world. That was bad enough, but then when he went on to say how the Republicans wanted to take care of the Dreamers and the Democrats didn’t, I just about stood up from my seat with the intention of ripping the television right off the wall and smashing it into pieces. I am at my wits end as to the insanity that is raging in the USA. There really is no semblance of truth anymore. I know it has always been bad, but there really are no words in the language to describe how it has intensified now. And the fact that Trump can barely speak in any coherent manner and that people actually support him and think he is great, just adds to the insanity. It seems like each day I find myself still stuck in some dystopian nightmare from which I never wake up. It’s getting harder and harder to survive with any semblance of sanity in the USA. For those with the means and opportunity, I strongly suggest getting the hell out of the US while you can. It’s truly turning into a third world $hithole before my very eyes. And for the record, Trump and the Republicans are not alone in this. The Democrats have enabled this descent into utter madness all along the way.


Yup! Know how you feel. I’m 71 years old and have lived through more than a few presidents, including bad ones. I would say Trump is the worst ever. I have to stop and think where we would have been by now if Obama had his third term in office in terms of support for diversity. Trump getting elected by mostly right wing White and racist Republicans has been quite a contrast. Trump is very obviously sexist and racist. That should disqualify him for being president as that involves being there for all Americans.,