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Calling Corporate-Backed Deals an "Indisputable" Good, Obama Makes Pitch for TTIP


Calling Corporate-Backed Deals an "Indisputable" Good, Obama Makes Pitch for TTIP

Jon Queally, staff writer

Despite the tens of thousands of people who marched against the deal in Germany ahead of his arrival and the steady drop in support for such neoliberal trade deals overall, President Barack Obama stood next to Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday and defended the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and said similar past deals have been an "


Obama: "Me, too. Me, too. I want a trade legacy! Waaaaa."


A deal written and "negotiated" by corporate lawyers, filled with page after page of legalistic loopholes and provisions for "compensation" for any "lost" profits should laws be passed protecting people, the environment, workers, communities, or anything that might inhibit corporate pirates from their goals - profits at any expense (except from themselves!) - and THAT is the essence of what Obama is supporting! Yeah, the deals are an "indisputable good" for greed-driven parasites.......and their sycophant lap-dog politician allies!


Why does Obama think the Europeans care, or even should care, about the well-being of the U.S. economy? He doesn't.


"Obama said Sunday that "the majority of people still favor trade" and "still recognize, on balance, that it's a good idea."

The majority of which group of people? He obviously means the corporations and the 1%.

I liked Obama when he was campaigning; however, his support and push for trade deals like these makes it clear where his loyalties lie. The dismissive attitude he and Merkel display reminds me of the Bush administration and the administrations of other countries throughout the world when they ignored the protests before the invasion of Iraq.

This planet is in trouble.


This is why I don't like Obama and this kind of stuff is why I became a Green in '12 and will vote Green if Clinton is the nominee and Sanders doesn't run as an Independent.


And this is exactly the position that Clinton has taken in the past and will take upon grabbing executive power. It's also probably the single most important immediate issue of our time (working on climate change and war absolutely requires these deals are defeated and, in some cases, rolled back). .To me, if there's no other reason you can think of to do whatever you can to prevent Clinton from taking office, this is the one.


Deja vu all over again!
* Remember when the Repugs put up McCain and Palin? A pair nobody in their right mind would vote for? The Dims put up a silver tongued "black" man who sounded almost like another Roosevelt. He won, hands down.
* What did We the People get?
* Another 0.001% sock puppet who could well be an undercover Republican. He certainly put most of the Republican program through the congress under the sobriquet "Bipartisanship."
* Now we are looking at another replay with one of the most vicious, crooked, lying, venal people of the 21st Century (so far) vs a cadre of Republican crazies.
* The only saving grace in this election is Bernie Sanders, who doesn't seem to have been bought by the 0.001%.
* Every damned foul and filthy trick is being pulled out of the bag to discredit or destroy his candidacy.
* My answer to all who are disgusted with what is going on is to be sure to write in Bernie Sanders on every ballot that doesn't have his name on it.
* Perhaps that will send an indelible message to the 0.001% that "We're mad as Hell and we aren't going to take it anymore!"
* If Bernie wins, he can't do it alone. They'll eat him alive. His election will be a victory for We the People, but as Ben Franklin said when asked what kind of government we had after the Constitutional Convention, a republic or a monarchy. "A Republic, if you can keep it."
* It is going to take every damn one of us who wants our country back to watch and ward, support Bernie and, if necessary, fight to keep our nation.
* Thomas Jefferson said:
* “The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.”
* and:
* "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure."
* We've let those chains rust away through laziness and complacency, and that tree is looking very droopy, perhaps even starting to die. It will need a lot of manure, soon, to revive!


Sanders must challenge HRC directly on this particular issue. Make her say outright loudly and often that she'll kill this agreement if potus.


"I don’t anticipate that we will be able to complete ratification of a deal by the end of this year," Obama said, "but I do anticipate that we will have completed the agreement."

That's why the 1% is solidly behind Hillary.


Even if he were able to get her to do so, she would come up with a reason that it just had to happen once she was in office. We need Bernie Sanders to be elected.


Gee, Obama is a smoothe devil. I mean, he has given up all pretense of being for the people like he did leading us in our Yes We Can moment. He is all about and for corporate power and the people be damned. He is waiting for Shillary to seal the deal. I will vote against her too. Merkel already said she wanted Hillary. I am so proud of the German people for standing up to this disgusting attempt to swindle us all. Kill the TTIP and all "trade deals" like it.


So US businesses are the most "Competitive In the World" ?

Is this why access to hi-speed internet at reasonable cost is near the bottom of World rankings?

Is this why health care costs are the highest in the world and why costs for prescription medications the highest in the world?

Is this why last years trade deficit was 530 billion dollars?

Is this why the F 35 aircraft costs 130 million per and is outmatched by an aircraft built 40 years ago?

Is this why naval vessels costing several billion per break down on the trial run and already show signs of rust?

I would ask Mr Obama this , just as I would posit the question to Merkel or to Trudeau when they trumpet this nonsense about Free Trade deals making their businesses "more competitive". If a free trade deal makes a business in "plug in country name here" more competitive because they have entered into it than what of the businesses in those other Countries that are part of that same deal. Does this mean that "The most competitive businesses in the world" exist in every country at once and if so what is the advantage?

The answer is quite simple. The advantage is the 1 percent can make more profits.


he said he hoped the groundwork would now be laid for his successor to finalize the deal

Not if Bernie is elected president. He is the only hope for the US acting sanely in a sane world,


So it wasn't enough to push Obamacare in his first term but now, on his way out, he pushes for what is clearly opposed by massive numbers of people in the US and in the EU? horrible bookends to a mediocre presidency.


And Hillary would be the perfect shoe-in. http://www.truthdig.com


she's been running to continue Obama's policies, so she says, so could be attacked as just saying another thing to get elected. I've donated $$ to Sanders on numerous occasions and will vote for him on Tuesday in my state's primary - changed from independent to Democrat so I could- so am committed to his candidacy. But still want Clinton to be pushed to a position. I anticipate that she'll be somewhat non-commital


We do have a Bush-Clinton Monarchy of which Obama was sitting in as temp.. Next President will either be Hillary or Jeb......If Hillary pulls it off, Jeb will then take it the next round..


I lucked into the life broadcast of the Merkel-Obama press conference as it happened in Hanover on the Spiegel website.
I cannot help but admire Obama's ability to keep a straight face, while dishing up that pack of lies, neatly packaged in Bullsh!t. (My mom, always admonished me to see the good in everybody, so I had to focus on his acting abilities.) :grin:

It is clear, that he would dearly love to bully that deal through, before his term is up.
There is always that possibility, that Clinton may be indicted and maybe even he too; - and then what???!


I believe he was advocating what must be done.
* I remember another comment he made to the effect of, "If I had to chose between government without newspapers or newspapers without government, I would unhesitatingly choose the latter."
* If I remember correctly, that was at a time when he was being skinned and roasted by the papers.