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Calling Ed Markey a 'Benchmark' Progressive, Dying Healthcare Activist Ady Barkan Endorses the Massachusetts Senator for Reelection

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/01/calling-ed-markey-benchmark-progressive-dying-healthcare-activist-ady-barkan


“The meek shall inherit the earth.” Bullshit.

Quit bending over. Those who have, have too much.


Thank you, Ady. We who have long supported and organized for Improved M4A appreciate this and draw inspiration from you.


Markey, no problem voting for war (remember Iraq) and a super supporter of the corrupt leadership (oppressors of Palastine) in Israel - his opponent Kennedy is not much better as a darling of the NSA. AOC is seen endorsing Markey on local TV adds - one issue voters abound - it makes you want to cry …

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Ady is a Hero of mine.


Yeah, he is kind of a mixed blessing. He did fund raising for Susan Collins and indirectly helped get Brett Kavanaugh appointed to the Supreme Court.

To see what really was set up thats preventing any kind of public healthcare system, read this article.

Interpreting the General Agreement on Trade in Services and the WTO Instruments Relevant to
the International Trade of Financial Services: The Lawyer’s Perspective

J. Steven Jarreau


The problem is particularly severe because health insurance is a financial service.

The same deal and the same traps in it that threaten Medicare and Social Security here are also gradually dismantling the UK’s NHS.

If the UK had gotten rid of its for profit insurance before joining the WTO things would be duifferent now. You cannot have a public service alongside of a commercial one and have the public one be sustainable anymore since the establishment of the WTO.

Anybody who tells you public services that compete with commercial ones in any way can exist as an option outside of some temporary emergency situation is LYING.

Ady, I am sorry, you’ve made a huge mistake if you think any of these proposals can extend the ACA which was an emergency measure in response to the 2008 financial emergency. WTO rules limit them to I think ten years. The only way out is to get out of this agreement which has already led to an incredible number of needless deaths.

Someone should ask the USTR, seriously. “How does the ACA avoid the standstill in the Understanding on Commitments in Financial Services” - If you follow the above link youll find a bit about the creation of the Understanding on Financial Services and its “standstill clause” Also on the creation of the mess we’re in with the WTO. with regard to healthcare. The jobs and business has been turned into a bargaining chip in international negotiations.

Yes, they put profit over peoples health. In an emergency they can do things to address that emergency as long as they do not serve as a way to evade a country’s commitments under GATS.

So the kinds of things that people want a “public otion for” (to prevent them of being milked of all their income by insurance firms, especially families with sick members) ARE NOT POSSIBLE UNDER GATS because thats where the profits are. Those profits and jobs - potentially- are (for foreign countries) one of the benefits of joining the WTO. Particularly because Americans remain so finacially unsophisticated.

This will become a hug problem as Americans jobs are offshored and inevitably, US families sink deeper and deeper into unpayable debt. However it will be extraordinarily profitable for banks and insurance companies.

That is the problem, we have a parasitic class who now is entitled to take the profits that are needed to make healthcare available to our people. Why werent people on top of this situation while the WTO was being established? the only Senator I can find who made a stink about it was Bernie Sanders but the things he said were all so vague and inaccurate - Here he says that the GATT would continue current policies, which was untrue, it represents a creation of a totally new organization to take over the running of services which are 80% of a modern economy. If people wonder why our elected leaders are powerless to fix things like health care that is it.


Watching that video today, its clear that one would have never figured out what the hell he was talking about.

Nor did he make it clear in any way that it blocked all the things progressives need, explicitly. Than and now. It blocks Bernie’s entire platform.

Thats the ugly reality. So Biden wont and cant do anything that violates those rules, nor can Trump.

It takes a literal etreme emerrgency to get any flexibility and on healthcare it seems to me our flexibility has likely been used up. (Because the financial emergency it was attached to was 12 years ago.

We need to get clarification on this. Instead, people are in some kind of la-la land.

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They put it our of reach with a treaty in 1994. We’re all being seriously deceived if we think we can get what we need any other way than by leaving that treaty.

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Next thing you know, it will be claimed the US has always honored its treaties!

All the way back to the Native American treaties. To the Empire, treaties are
just words to increase profits and enslave people … often at the point of a gun
or nukes.


Additionally the American Health Care Act, 2017,2018,2019,2020.

Oh, but they really want to honor this one, forever.

They made a deal with the Least Developed Countries to funnel the high skilled jobs that Americans dont want (which is most of the ones that now pay well) to them. Otherwise they might fall into the hands of radical extremists.

Just like its essential for us to sell off our natural gas to counter the influence of Russia. thats more important than millions of poor people freezing to death. (/sarcasm)

You are in serious denial if you don’t see that. Look, they have been lying to us for 25 years and getting away with it. What does that tell you about the media, unfortunately including many (all?) allegedly progressive media.

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This is another history of how we got where we are today. Let me know what you think of it. Note how Clinton rushed to get it into Congress immediately after the Marrakesh agreement was signed. Immediately before the deadline.


Who did? references?

Hi Zed

I could not get this link to work, I modified it and got this: The President’s Power to Pardon: : A Constitutional History. Is this the intended link?

Ady Barken


Maybe I’m reading your references incorrectly - it also seems your answer is very thin.

From your “source”
"Barkan advocated for Republican U.S. Senator Susan Collins to vote against the nomination of Kavanaugh

Barkan turned to fundraising - sought crowd-funding to back a Democratic challenger to Collins’s 2020 reelection campaign in the event that Collins supported Kavanaugh.

None of what you cited, and I read, even comes close to Ady supporting Collins, fund-raising for her, or helping the drunk Kavanaugh - quite the opposite!

Please review your source.


I think I read it correctly, as a rather badly vetted position that had significant consequences.

No, I was trying to send you to

“Interpreting the General Agreement on Trade in
Services and the WTO Instruments Relevant to
the International Trade of Financial Services: The
Lawyer’s Perspective” by
J. Steven Jarreau

This is interesting. What link did you get?

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Fern. I suggest you read it again as the passages I quoted, and you apparently ignore blaming “bad vetting”, tell the story, not what amounts to the slander against Ady you allege. Denigrating Ady is NOT accurate or warranted in any way!

Also from your “source”

" During the 2018 election cycle, Barkan traveled the country (22 states in 40 days) to talk to voters about healthcare. His healthcare ads were run in over 100 districts across the country and his PAC played a critical role in flipping multiple seats. Ady’s ad was nominated alongside Colin Kaepernick’s Nike Ad as “most inspiring”.

In April 2019, Barkan testified before the United States House Committee on Rules in favor of Medicare for All at the first-ever congressional hearing on the subject. Barkan, who has ALS, used a computer system to testify to the House panel about why he believes America needs single-payer health care."

I think it is a difference of opinion on this, not agreeing with everything someone does is not a denigration. Hence the phase mixed blessing.