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Calling Emergency Declaration a 'Patently Illegal Power Grab,' ACLU Sues Trump


Calling Emergency Declaration a 'Patently Illegal Power Grab,' ACLU Sues Trump

Julia Conley, staff writer

President Donald Trump's prediction that he'll be taken to court over his national emergency declaration proved correct on Friday afternoon, with the ACLU announcing it would file one of several lawsuits against the Trump administration over the "blatantly illegal" move.

The organization noted in a statement that the president openly admitted the national emergency declaration, which he made to obtain funding for a wall at the southern U.S. border is unnecessary—bolstering the ACLU's case.


“Thankfully, our founders also knew that the seizing of legislative powers by the executive was, in the words of James Madison, ‘the very definition of tyranny’ and made it unlawful,” she added. “It’s unlawful here and we look forward to the courts upholding our framers’ vision.
*And that’s the rub. The fat one has been restructuring our legal system to support him and the rest of the fascists. He’s been putting right wing party hacks into virtually every vacancy that has occurred in the legal system.
*Hitler did the same thing in Germany. He is reputed to have said that, to truly control a country, you must first control its courts. Then, whatever you do is legal, whatever the opposition dies is illegal.
*When he fired the real jurists from German courts and replaced them with Nazis, the lawyers were protesting that taking people from their homes and putting them in concentration camps was illegal, amongst similar actions. They were told, “The law is what the fuehrer says it is, Heil Hitler!” And there ended true law in the Reich.
*The fat one is hoping that the same thing will happen here, dealing with the lawsuits being brought into court for his illegalities.
*I hope not, but I wouldn’t make book on it.


But I thought he was Putin’s Puppet! My lizard brain that is hooked on MSNBC can’t think otherwise!


Do you know if anyone is suing the government for the loss of our first amendment right to BDS Israel?


One question. While I think it is great that the ACLU and others will sue, do they have standing? W/O standing, their suit would fail. I am sure they have researched the matter, but that doesn’t mean the judge will agree.


Are saying that Donald Trump is as devious as Hitler? Don’t give him that much credit and we are very fortunate for it - he is just a narcissist with money, which make him dangerous, but not Hitler.


Perhaps Trump himself isn’t as devious as Hitler but he sure does love to surround himself with cabinet members who like to act that they are as devious.


The guy should be in jail. Pure and simple.


Very proud to be a card-carrying member of the ACLU for many years. They are always there when we need them – or even before, they obviously had this one waiting in the wings.

Just try and imagine where we as a nation would be without them. I urge all CD readers to read their history –


and join them, or send them a contribution. You’ll be hated by all the Right people!


If THIS does Not get rid of Trump, we should all hang it up.


Need To Impeach.com


The 2020 election is one year away at least.




There are THREE ways to REMOVE a president which are available to us:

  1. Impeachment and removal.
  2. 25th Amendment.
  3. 2nd amendment.
    It’s time to choose one, and we better get to it asap…


Does democracy work? It does given a chance and when it isn’t polluted with all kinds of kinks and quirks. Rome and Greece tried it but only for the few elite. With twist and turns we have arrived, by excluding large segments of our population by gerrymandering, exclusionary education and real estate based on economics,. super delegates and the electoral flaws written into the constitution itself. We have eroded our inherited democracy to a point that the founders would not recognize. Go to an airport and check out the billionaires’ lounge if you can or a hospital where the wealthy are housed. Even white privilege has its layers. Why do the wealthy don’t much care about infra structure? Because they travel by Leer. The ACLU tries, god bless em, but they are sorely under funded and much ignored by the class they serve, because that class is busy wrestling garbage cans. They have little time to deal with a black girl shot to death in D.C or one that is found hanged in her jail cell, there because some goon arrested her for a bad traffic signal. Why is there a national rage?.


Ho Hum. There will be much huffing and puffing, legal suits and hearings but the Dems gave this power to the president decades ago.


Too many are hooked on neocon narratives and many are unable to discern fake crises from real ones.


He has to get a war going with Iran very soon, because, after the next election he is out of office. National emergency powers give him the ability to do that.


It took Hitler about a year. June 30th, 1934 the job was complete. Ernst Rhoem was removed, then murdered, and Himmler was put in charge of the SA. Then the SA was renamed the SS and the military spending, in violation of the treaty that ended WW1, began. Soon the German economy was looking better, but alas, a major catastrophe was. on the way.

They decided to keep the name “National Socialism” for propaganda purposes which worked, and you can see it confusing people even today.

This is how Hitler saved capitalism. Capitalism is always in danger of slipping into fascism when there is a economic downturn. Marx, and many of the economists of the early 19th century, pointed this out, as they tried to understand why industrialization was causing distortions in the, until then, agricultural concepts of economy and property ownership.


The ACLU defended the Nazis’ right to march in Charlottesville. The fact that they changed their policy afterwards was, I imagine, cold comfort to Heather Heyer’s family.