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Calling for an End to Corruption, 23 Arrested at the Pennsylvania State Capitol


Calling for an End to Corruption, 23 Arrested at the Pennsylvania State Capitol

David Schwenk

Chanting “Pass the gifts ban, do your job” and “Drain the swamp,” a boisterous crew of March on Harrisburg participants and members of the Teamsters Union jammed the hallways outside the office of Pennsylvania House State Government Committee Chairman Daryl Metcalfe on Monday to demand action on a bill banning gifts to lawmakers. Many of the same protesters later disrupted proceedings outside a committee room buried deep in the Pennsylvania State Capitol.


Real True Americans standing up for their beliefs! My hat goes off for all of you- I hope you all can flush this coward Committee Chairman Daryl Metcalfe out of his comfy office and confront him with some much needed dialogue!
America needs more folks like you-


I think the most important thing that needs to happen in American government state Government is gerrymandering needs to end immediately states need to be broken up into squares districts with no squiggly lines , squares doesn’t matter the population of that square It’s like they’re playing three card Monty with us you know you can’t win it’s a scam this has to end it’s so obviously been taken out of the hands of the people I think organization towards petitions to have bills put up for vote by the people . none of these bills with riders attached at the end of them which negate the bills purpose to begin with . The people need to end The corruption by taking the phone away from the partitions on issues that directly related to the politician. we need to take our government back