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Calling for an 'End to Violence,' Bernie Sanders Becomes First 2020 Democratic Presidential Contender to Criticize Bolivian Coup

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/11/calling-end-violence-bernie-sanders-becomes-first-2020-democratic-presidential


Meanwhile Chump cheers on the overthrow. And the chumpanzees will no doubt sing “Freedom” at the top of their lungs–unaware that it might be freedom for brown people–or “freedom” at the end of a gun–or…


This man is on the correct side of almost EVERYTHING! (I say “almost” because not even Bernie is perfect; although, right now, I can’t think of a thing to disagree with him on, except that damnocrat unity thing.)


He should now go back and rethink his trashing of Maduro in Venezuela. He should have done better on that one.


suggest having an open mind about what is happening there, we shouldn’t be comfortable with Morales’ evasion of the constitution in evading term limits, and the Amazon fires in Bolivia were also concerning


You know the world is f***ed up when Trump calls Morales’ resignation ‘a great day for democracy’.
Could Trumps next move be declaring himself president for life with the backing of the MIC?


The U.S. regime orchestrated this coup, just as it has done so many times.


This video explains the Bolivia situation very well:


The good ole boys at Langley have been taking it on the chin lately with losses in Venezuela, Cuba, Syria, Iran and Lula being freed from jail. The CIA and USAID finally have one to put in the “win” column.

With statements like this, the NYTimes, WaPo, MSDNC, and CNN will go from ignoring Bernie’s campaign with the silent treatment to doing a full on Tulsi Gabbard on his ass.


I agree. Bernie knows that Maduro in no more a “brutal dictator” than was Castro, Morales, or DiSilva. The U.S. has propped up more brutal dictators than you can shake a stick at. What the hell is a leader to do when the U.S. infiltrates to stir up the pot? When Bernie said that about Maduro he lost my vote. He can regain it if he continues to speak up, and if he retracts the bs he spewed about Maduro. The only reason he spewed it was to look ‘patriotic’. He had better come clean in the final debates, or it’s bye bye Bernie. So, you might ask: Would you rather Trump get re-elected? Yes. I would. America’s headed toward a cliff. HRC would have taken us there at 55 mph. Trump has the pedal to the metal. Yes. Better to be very clear that the end is in site, than to eat popcorn and text on the phone as though everything’s ok.


Why do socialist leaders stay in power and not create a real transition of power? One person staying in power is corrupting.

People should check out Warren on Democracy Now -----Warren brings up—NOT ASKED—her number one issue on day one is corruption—and she rightly points out that the progressive agenda will never pass until this major corporate corruption is dealt with.


Social movements are often complex, and it is always important to try to search for deeper understanding than MSM headlines. A good number of indigenous and progressive Bolivians have been critical of Evo Morales’ increase embrace of neo-liberal capitalist practices. However, the fact that the coup has led to Jeanine Anez Chavez, from the right wing PPB-CN, taking over, along with mounting attacks indigenous people, indicates that Bolivia is likely to experience a dramatic shift to the right.


You have a link reporting the Chavez takeover? I haven’t seen reporting to that effect. Thanks.

The Bolivian military should of attacked Northern Chile instead of Evo’s electoral legitimacy. (snark ) Who draw these borders, Mr. Magoo or Dr. Kissinger?
Bolivia’s chances of greater economic development and getting that lithium to the markets rests on the kindness of strangers. And, there’s not many things stranger, than dealing with businesses developed under the thumb of Pinochet and Hitler. Well, maybe the Nixon Adm.
Anyway, Sen. Sanders and AO-C can say the right things and raise awareness of this power play by The Usual Suspects. But, it’s a small wonder Mr. Morales wasn’t murdered in his own home, imo.

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This is the link I found:

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Only under the gun will Bolivia’s government shift to Chavez and her ilk. She and her party have a mandate only to call new elections in 90 days. It’s the equivalent of Secratary Wilbur Ross trying to call himself " the decider ". No there, there.

That’s true. Evo Morales was forced out by the military - i.e. under the gun. While Jeanine Áñez is next in the line of the government power structure, this situation is in flux and, at this point, it is the military that has the most power.


Yes, of course this smells of Pompeo’s CIA and State Dept’s shit. As I heard one commentator say that it was true that Morales had done much for the poor people of Bolivia. Well, can’t have that can we?


What’s most disturbing about progressives light is the faux concern for countries they likely know dick all about…Bolivia won the water fight against Bechtol because everyone went into the streets…the people had 4 lines of leaders chosen for the confrontation, assuming that early leaders would be killed. Moreles was in the first tier. Whatever the problems down there, and I suspect the CIA is one of them, Moreles is a true patriot, and deserves better than this…it’s the lithium the regime change supporters are likely after…and what do leftwing Americans know about that?


The USA has definitely its dirty hands all over it, funded this coup! The USA is not a democracy but a capitalist scum nation full of traitors and trisonist. All the USA is interested in is war mongering, destabilising and topolling true democratically elected governments and replacing them with capitalist hollagarcs scumbags that steal, plunder and destroy this earth for greed. disgusting. I am ashamed to be an American. Fuck the troops and fuck the military industrial complex.