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Calling for 'Climate President,' 500+ Groups Demand Next Administration Take Immediate Action

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/09/calling-climate-president-500-groups-demand-next-administration-take-immediate

Some people will nevertheless say that Americans are dumb and ignorant savages. Some people will call these people Murikans or some other such infantilism. I call these people fellow Americans and I am proud to stand with them and all the other good people around the world who have joined in the fight against catastrophic climate change.


If not Bernie then all this can be forgotten…PERIOD!


I doubt your pessimism. I think regardless of who gets elected or selected to occupy the WH there’s going to be change stemming from the grass roots. This is a global phenomenon and the common folk have caught on. I feel strongly that there is change in the air as there once was back in the 60s.


Why the next president won’t be able to fix the climate emergency, even if he wants to.



“…Natural resources are exploited as if reserves were infinite and inexhaustible. The harmful consequences of deforestation for agriculture and the destruction of useful animals and plants expose the finite character of available reserves and the failure of this type of economy. [US President Theodore] Roosevelt recognizes this failure when he wants to call an international conference to review the state of still available natural resources and to take measures to stop them being wasted. Of course the plan itself is humbug. The state could do much to stop the pitiless extermination of rare species. But the capitalist state is in the end a poor representative of the good of humanity. It must halt in face of the essential interests of capital. Capitalism is a headless economy which cannot regulate its acts by understanding their consequences…Society under capitalism can be compared to a gigantic unintelligent body; while capitalism develops its power without limit, it is at the same time senselessly devastating more and more the environment from which it lives. Only socialism, which can give this body consciousness and reasoned action, will at the same time replace the devastation of nature by a rational economy.” Anton Pannekoek, 1909


Yes, if he gets rid of Capitalism and moves to DEGROWTH… Other wise, for get it… will not matter…

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A climate presidency is a big prize because the President has a veto pen. Congress will have to round up 2/3 majorities in both houses, not just simple 51% majorities in both houses, to pass any legislation.

Climate congresspeople are a small prize. Remember that once in, quite a few congresspeople are going to stay in (or get promotions!), so putting each genuine hero into Congress will be far more productive in the long term than replacing one pond scum with a centrist. Hop over those state borders!

I want to replace “climate solutions” with “THESE climate solutions” and I want that change early on.

I don’t want a “bridge fuel”. I want buildings to store solar-sourced (solar from the roof, usually) heating and cooling, and then I want the buildings to redistribute the thermally stored heat or coolness at night. This is economical and wow does it create local jobs. I want just about all buildings retrofitted with this type of solar. Design it! Why doesn’t DARPA get a real job?

I want 90% renewables-generated electricity including some type of storage for nighttime and no-wind conditions. I see about six different methods. I ask that all six (or more) horses be run in this engineering race until it can be proven that one of the six options will never pan out.

Ultimately transit is probably going to be above-street and automated, like a giant elevator system in three dimensions. I want 300 mpg equivalent in renewable electricity and I’d like to see 3 cents per passenger-mile, far less than we’re paying now for new freeways. I pointedly don’t want to see another billion dollar copy of a 1960s Disney-style monorail system.

The corn ethanol system doesn’t work. Also, no, nuclear power isn’t renewable energy. In fact, it’s more like a giant fossil fuel hog for the electricity that it produces.

The Arctic meltdown can release 1.7 trillion tons of greenhouse gases all by itself. So, humanity is going to inhibit the Arctic meltdown or else the Arctic meltdown inhibits humanity in a catastrophic way. Which would you choose? We need R&D and fast rollout on reversing the tundra’s albedo change, probably by using wind-powered artificial snowmaking machinery, and the Arctic Ocean’s albedo change, probably by using wind-powered pumps to grow more winter pack ice.

We need to be encouraging and rewarding farmers (and all sorts of other land stewards) for sequestering carbon in their soil. Where are the brochures for how to do this?

So, we need an organizing committee for this fast, right now would be good, not as late as January of 2021, or else many humans are going to die, probably of mass starvation. Life or death? What’ll it be, punk? Do you feel lucky, punk?

(Punks don’t care about anything, really, so I’m only speaking to the non-punks. You punks need to take up surfing!)


Yes, so as long as Bernie is the sole Green New Deal proponent, presumably all the people connected with these 500 organizations will loyally support Bernie through the primaries and beyond?

it was too late when Obama took office the 1st time, its hard to accept, but gotta face facts, we dikked around too long.

first there needs to be a new administration, if Trump is still in office we’ll continue to go backwards on all those things. All the Democrats running will do some of things to varying degrees, but a problem for anyone elected is the public’s resistance to so many of the mesasures - e.g putting any kind of power plant near them including solar “farms,” nuclear power plants, hydro transmission lines, as well as anything that interferes with free unlimited driving or anything that slows them do2n (like bike lanes) etc
I also note the omission of reversing the Trump regime’s anti-birth control policies - if we don’t slow the continued human population growth - another billion in about just 12 years, and then another billion… - then nothing else will much matter. But these feel-good climate groups, pandering to religious and ethnic zealots, refuse to face that reality.