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Calling for 'Corridor of Life and Culture,' Indigenous Groups From Amazon Propose Creation of Largest Protected Area on Earth

Calling for 'Corridor of Life and Culture,' Indigenous Groups From Amazon Propose Creation of Largest Protected Area on Earth

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Alarmed by rampant destruction in the Amazon rainforest and the long-term impacts on biodiversity, an alliance of indigenous communities pitched the creation of the world's largest protected area, which would reach from the Andes to the Atlantic Ocean, at a United Nations conference in Egypt on Wednesday.

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From the article:

“We are integrated with nature—it runs through our lives and we need rights to defend it.”

Rights are important, but small arms up to about anti-tank level might be useful as well.

Just sayin’…


This kind of story makes me weep.


As the consequences enter intensified stages of compounding damages from practices of insensate greed, otherwise presented as modern capitalism, for which democracies are rendered lap dogs by bizzarre delusions behind decisions like Citizens United, the power to change our choices is getting goosed.

We need to proactively support co-ops and local businesses and boycott practices - vote with the pocketbook and sting the abusers:.

This is what it is coming to:
Flagstaff, AZ: Indigenous Peoples Denied Access to Sacred Site as Ski Area Opens with Sewage Snow


The newly-elected fascist leader of Brazil has vowed to destroy the Amazon basin for profit.
It was already happening before him. China has bought the right to put hundreds of dams on the Amazon and its tributaries.
There’s a war against the indigenous people and environmentalists in South America, with many good people murdered ever year.
Human population growth and the worship of consumer capitalism makes it inevitable that every beautiful, wonderful intact ecosystem will be ruined by our species as we march towards committing planetary ecocide.
I intend to visit the region and am bringing this very handy book with me:


These are courageous people. More power to them. Environmental defenders are being killed in record numbers globally:


Just as long as they are calling for vasectomies and planned parenthood as well, that’s a great idea.

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As a retired professional environmental hydrologic engineering professor who can tell you with great confidence (and perhaps arrogance) about the detailed calculations and decisions that went into this BONE-HEADED idea, all I can say is:



The Amazon is one of the jewels of Mother Earth, irreplaceable. It is a “weather engine” that generated stable weather patterns for millennia, that now are being altered to destruction and carnage on an extinction level, along with the climate change crisis. A fragile world and environment is ripped apart, burned and planted to palm oil plantations by exploitation that spells doom for far more than is recognized. The destroyers do not care or even understand the enormity of what they do…the crime they commit…they are totally consumed by greed and ambition and the insane extinction model of vulture capitalism that places paper wealth above the wealth of a stable healthy diverse Mother Earth, Gaia.

The home of unique and fragile lifeforms, tens of thousands not even known outside the indigenous inhabitants…the guardians of the forest…and likely the entire planet! If we do not collectively demand that places on earth belong to all humankind and our ability to survive we all will sooner than later pay the highest price.


Her kids will suffer from her myopia.


You two could do your community a service by parking yourselves at the exit of your local grocery store and paw through everyone’s groceries and let them know what they should and shouldn’t have bought. It’s for their own good after all and you guys certainly know better than they even though they are the ones who know the needs of their family and the circumstances surrounding them.


It’s not only rightist gummints that wear the black hats here

It’s imperative to oppose iniquity from any and all corners.

Jezus h. Keerist…I didn’t know about that. Thx, Goat.

Awesome! Thx. Greenpeace has this?

All the destruction is being done by and/or for countries with stable, or even declining populations. Capitalist economic growth and population have nothing to do with each other.