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Calling for End of 'War Against Nature,' Greta Thunberg Arrival in US Brings Swell of Attention to Global Climate Strike

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/29/calling-end-war-against-nature-greta-thunberg-arrival-us-brings-swell-attention


Sailing to The Lions Den, welcome Greta. As the headline below this states something about t___p gut fracking regulations so we can have some more methane on our plate for supper.


I admire Greta, and it’s great to see the phrase “war against Nature” in the headline, because that’s the biggest war our species has been waging for at least ten thousands years.
Now we’ve won the war, and Nature is dying. The mass extinction event, caused by us and driven by population growth and by killing animals, native flora, and entire ecosystems, is irreversible but can be slowed down.
The slowing down involves worldwide free and safe abortions, vasectomies, and contraceptives, along with acknowledgement and action based on the core principles found in the book Endgame, and in deep ecology.
Unfortunately, humans have advanced in numbers, technology, and power, but not in morality, so we won’t do what’s necessary to slow down anthropogenic mass extinction.
The war against Nature was won, and in winning it, we killed our only home.


the Swedish environmentalist galvanized young people who are eager to take to the streets and force political leaders to act on the existential threat posed by the climate crisis

Sounds good. I also like the part about holding fossil fools accountable. “Standing together” cannot coherently mean standing with the predators. It means taking a stand against them. That’s the only interpretation of this message which makes sense, but my cynicism coach Jeffrey St. Clair thinks Thunberg is allowed an M$M megaphone because she doesn’t name the enemy.

I’m in neither Thunberg’s nor St. Clair’s camp, necessarily. In fact, we should remember from time to time this thing isn’t about camps and leaders, and we really don’t need inspiration, only liberation to advocate on behalf of a future for Life on Earth, and especially to name and depose the predators draining Earth’s lifeblood. This isn’t cumbaya time, here. We’ve got good reason to be royally pissed at those stealing the most precious posession of children: their future.


Sucks, doesn’t it? My dogs stare at me like I’d better put my shoes on to commence some Earth massage, padding about with our ten feet (4 + 4 + 2), and meanwhile I’ve lost track of how many stages of grief there are supposed to be, and which one I’m currently visiting.

Our unexpected challenge: making the best of a bad situation. I’m haunted by that film On the Beach (not recommended, as you’ll never recover from the Waltzing Matilda earworm.)


Looks like we found our world leader: courageous, persistent, informed.

Everyone out on the streets-September 20.


For sure, many of us are in mourning about the death of the biosphere.
Endgame and other books predicted it. The species was unable to heed the warning.
On the Beach is a great dystopic goodbye-world movie.
I have a feeling Mad Max is also going to be a predictive scenario, along with Idiocracy and They Live, minus the aliens.
I hope you and the doggies are able to enjoy what’s left, as Trump and his gang rev up the death machine.

And if you haven’t already read/seen it…check out “The Road.” The movie scared the crap out of me. The biosphere was so severely depleted, that Humanity was reduced to nomadic tribes of cannibals, feeding on the weak and defenseless.


Cormac McCarthy is a fascinating novelist, from Blood Meridian to The Road.


Has the “twitterer” in chief commented yet? Or is he too busy finding new ways to kill what’s left?

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We are safe! Greta is here and will tell us what to do.

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What is the Trump administration trying to do with all the environmental allowances to corporate polluters, trying to make America like underdeveloped world countries racing to the make America like them?

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The Road movie and book are prophetic.
Although the precipitating event wasn’t anthropogenic mass extinction but instead nuclear winter, the results and what it would feel like are the same.
Brilliant, depressing story.
Cormac can always be counted on to vividly show the dark side of humans and society.
Blood Meridian, All the Pretty Horses, and No Country for Old Men are all worthy of Nobel Prizes for Literature.

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Trump and the ghost of Epstein are fantasizing about grabbing little Greta, as he did to LolitaVanka when she was the same age.

I am very surprised that Greta and crew passed through customs and were allowed to enter USA. Trump is losing his touch.
Anyway. I greatly admire Greta, what she started and stands for. She speaks truth to power. I can’t wait to hear her speech before the U.N. and I will be out in streets for climate action now.


I thought the same thing about Customs, then realized they’re white, so the door is open.

IMO the 1% realize this young lady poses no threat to them and their extraction businesses, no matter how many people she motivates to take to the streets. Morality’s not going to move this group to stop.

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Many people say that having children is irresponsible in this day and age, but i say they are the ones who will show us the way. Thank you, Gretta.

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Greta: " Lets do it now, we cannot wait any longer"


"The determination and perseverance shown during your journey should embolden all of us taking part in next month’s Climate Action Summit," said Guterres

That’s António Guterres - of the United Nations - the only sanity amidst a plethora of predatory nation states.

Somehow realizing they were predatory, The League of Nations was formed after WW I - then, after the debacle of WW II - the United Nations was formed. Bit by bit we come to the realization that ‘united we stand, divided we fall’ - which is exactly what this young climate activist has chosen in her opening remarks upon arrival in New York.

Greta has a genius which I very much appreciate - a modern day Lawrence of Arabia. It is not just a genius for theatrics, but her words - her deep instinctive understanding of a complex system - the physical Earth System, and the even more complex social system of homo sapiens sapiens.

One in 7 point something billion.

Welcome to the Americas Greta ~

The trump once boasted he could murder someone outside his NYC hotel and wouldn’t lose his loyal voters. The truth is, he is murdering people; not pulling the trigger, but instigating murderous violence others commit upon refugees seeking asylum or fleeing natural disasters. Trump knows catastrophic climate change will be the death of tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions. Trump relishes the part he plays in making it happen. His belligerent racist animosity toward those who aren’t as fortunate as he, the poor and people of color, is his means to murder.

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