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Calling for End to 'Economic War,' Rouhani Says Iran Will Rejoin Nuke Deal If Biden Agrees

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/15/calling-end-economic-war-rouhani-says-iran-will-rejoin-nuke-deal-if-biden-agrees


In your faces Trump and Pompeo. F#€k you.


I’m expecting Pompeo’s resignation any day now, he’s done as much damage as he can do, so time to scurry off like Barr, both being the cowards they are.


Lift the sanctions:



Like rats leaving the sinking ship.


We can’t hug our children with NUCLEAR ARMS!


and thus the healing begins…


Think of all of the horrible things we have done to Iran since the 1950’s (you don’t have to like the government to acknowledge this). Think of what we have done in recent years, or what Israel (and likely us) did days ago to their scientist. And they are still willing to do this.

Now, listen to how the media, in particular the right wing media, will discuss Iran and this situation. Manufacturing consent, manufactured ignorance. I dislike Obama, more so now than when he was in office, but the deal with Iran was at least a step in the right direction. We owe Iran far more though.


Yes indeed…the international Iran deal was one of the few Obama actions that landed in the positive column on my Obama score card. Other than Carter and Obama, no POTUS has made any progress in repairing damage inflicted by the western powers on the Middle East.


I do recall the candlelight vigils in support of the US after 9/11 that were common in Tehran. But I also recall the way Iran manipulated Iraq and helped make US policies there (many of those policies I abhorred frankly) less productive.
Lets start by rejoining the world in supporting the treaty Trump summarily withdrew from.

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I sent an email to the Iran News Daily asking them to let the Iranian people know that many of us in the U.S. are delighted to hear the U.S. will rejoin the JCPOA and Iran will comply. We want Iranians to be healthy and safe.


I appreciate the measured tone of your response to this but let’s not lose sight of the fact that Eye-ran must not be allowed to exist as an independent nation per historical US bipartisan consensus on this. Even if Obama had a third term, any “progress” regarding lifting of the unholy economic sanctions would have been scuttled, most likely violently, by baked-in-beltway clauses that every last one of our Senators and Congressmen support.

I hope that I am wrong and so shall eat my hat - and yours - and gladly ask for seconds if I am but, the jaded old man that I am now, I’d personally bet on only two things:

  • The love of my puppy and
  • AIPAC’s potent veto in Congress and Senate.

At least I could see Trump coming and I give him credit for this here. Not so regarding the feckless posturing of The Anointed One, Drone King of Syria and Emperor of Yemen, aided and abetted by John Kerry’s affected gravitas certainly made them adorable to us all during the “crafting” of the JCPOA.

When it comes to our country’s treatment of Eye-ran, the rot is deep to an extent that would make Satan himself vomit. The rest is merely theatre for the uninitiated.


And, it is going to take a long long time, if at all, for Biden to undo the loss of confidence in the United States, that has developed in Europe, because of these dopes.



Except the biggest rat of all says the ship isn’t sinking!


I keep on hearing how Russia or China are controlling all these politicians (and not Wall Street, pharma, insurance companies, oil and gas companies, etc.). But, the far right invited the prime minister of Israel to speak to the government in order to undermine Obama seeking out a peace deal with Iran. Israel openly controls most of these hacks, and Saudi Arabia can cut up a journalist in their embassy and nothing is done. Nothing was done after 9/11 when we knew there was heavy Saudi involvement. And of course, the right likes to drone on about Venezuela (none of them know a thing about that country’s history or economy), and yet the neighbor of Venezuela (Colombia) is the largest recipient of US foreign policy aid in the hemisphere in the post WWII era. It is a human rights horror show.

Like everything else, there is money to be made, in this instance in war. What we have done to both Iran and Venezuela is inhumane and indefensible. We are talking about Iran, I think Biden may be better than Trump with Iran. He will be horrible in regards to Venezuela, and the left will be hesitant to speak up on that because leftist politicians are weak. Whatever we think of Maduro or the Bolivarian Revolution, what we have done to Venezuela is a crime against humanity, and the country never did anything to us.


With respect, it is backhanded, disingenuous statements like this that unmistakedly separate us from the rest of humanity and clearly define us as 'Muricans.

Erm, for Eye-ranians to “manipulate” Eye-raq, they just have to walk across the border. Maybe they just went to say “Erm, hey, fellas, not sure how exactly to tell you this but the Americans don’t really regard you as human beings, OK?” After all, wasn’t Madeline Albright such an inspiration to us all when she said, without any sign of remorse, that the murder of half-a-million Eye-raqi children via our economic sanctions were a bargain in terms of fulfilling our duty to AIPAC … sorry, I meant the United States?

Now, for us to manipulate Eye-raq, Eye-ran, Syria, et al, takes a whole lot of effort in terms of bombers, McDonald’s rejects or, as they prefer to be called, “soldiers” and a nationwide helping of manufactured consent “special sauce”.


Iran did no such thing. We not only invaded Iraq, we did Bremer’s 100 orders, which effectively did to Iraq what Pinochet did to Chile. The Iraqi population was entirely opposed to that. Bremer and the CPA said that Iraq at the time could have a democracy, but their democracy couldn’t reverse his orders. In 2004 when Bush and Kerry debated, they both agreed that Iraq should privatize its oil. A poll at the time showed over 80% of Iraqis opposed this. Our war state didn’t care. We set the country on fire, destroyed its economy, dropped depleted uranium everywhere, created one of the largest internally displaced populations in the world and created a context where ISIS could grow. What would we do if some horrible country did that to Mexico, and Mexicans were fleeing as a result? Beyond that, did Iran manipulate Iraq in the same way we manipulated Iranian democracy in the early 1950s? How about us giving Saddam chemical weapons so he could bomb Iran, then provided cover for him at the UN?

We are not in a position to condemn Iran, and we owe them a lot given what we have done to them.


I unfortunately must agree with you here - unfortunately, because you are correct and the truth is sickening, even more so than the fact that the rest of America is purposely blind to this 'cause Pastor Jerry said that Eye-ran is evil or otherwise couldn’t be bothered to look up from their mocha lattes.

On Venezuela … sigh … I remember working in and around KY, TN and WV, the Christmas of 2018. If I’d asked back then, not one soul in the company would have been able to find Venezuela on a map … and these were people with college degrees (albeit largely in gender studies and criminal justice, whatever the hell those things are). Fast forward to February or so of last year and they all knew Maduro by name, with one of them - an Eye-raq “vet” - saying “Man, Venezuela’s blowing up … we gotta take out Maduro!” And then the church fund raisers began, catalyzed by Fox and CNN … . I only wish that I was making this up … .


They tried to take out Chavez, did a coup, funneled massive amounts of money to far right interests through the NED, USAID and the CIA (along with a wide range of private groups, like the Atlas Network). Eva Golinger demonstrated all of this in her book The Chavez Code. We have stolen their assets, not allowed them to renegotiate their foreign debt, not allowed them to access international markets, cut off exports to Venezuela, we have supported far right Colombian paramilitary groups in the country, and we recently supported a NED, USAID puppet who just declared himself president. We supported groups that steal goods from stores that are subsidized by the state and sell the goods at a markup.

I mentioned Colombia, which is among the deadliest places in the world for journalists, human rights workers, union organizers and indigenous groups. Our own government has acknowledged that the Colombian state is wiping various indigenous groups off the map, it is a paramilitary state, has among the highest internally displaced populations in the world (and had millions of people seeking refuge in Venezuela a few years ago, check out CIA net migration data), and I could go on. Human rights organizations have demonstrated that most of the extreme violence has come from from right wing death squads (who tried to kill Maduro too). We support those death squads and helped to set up the paramilitary network. How often does the media talk about the human rights horror show in Colombia. And how would its economy be doing if we did to it what we have done to Venezuela?

The inhumane criminality of this government, both parties, BOTH, is disgusting. We should be ashamed of ourselves, but we’re too ignorant to know what we should be ashamed of.


i agree, I don’t see US standing in the world ever elevated to past levels again in my lifetime. and with the destruction we have brought on to the world, I’m not sure it ever should.