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Calling for Overhaul of Nation's Food System, New Campaign Seeks Ban on Factory Farms

Calling for Overhaul of Nation's Food System, New Campaign Seeks Ban on Factory Farms

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Farmers, environmental advocates, and community leaders came together in Des Moines, Iowa on Monday to launch a national campaign to outlaw factory farming, in conjunction with a new report that outlines the long list of negative consequences tied to housing hundreds or thousands of animals in crowded spaces.


How about it doesn’t work for the animals that have to endure the disgusting and inhuman conditions they’re forced to live in. It’s time everyone steps up to the plate and takes down corporate power.


Even waste water treatment would not remove the antibiotics but, it is the first thing that should be required.

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First I objected to the additives in industrial food products but learning about CAFOs forced me to adopt a meatless diet.

Delighted to see this movement in Iowa and want to see it become national.


What about the millions and millions of animals who suffer? Why don’t you mention them in your headline, Jessica? A true progressive would.


Mary – LOVE your post – !!

All of those involved with stopping torture of animals and those fighting
for cleaner food and ending “factory farms” should be working together –

The fastest way for all of this to happen is a REVOLUTION where truly the public
comes to understand the damage being done to them by animal eating –
the lie and myth of it – and STOP eating animals.

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…and it sure as hell “doesn’t work” for the animals. Go vegan.


Further information/reading: “Big Chicken” Maryn Mckenna

Maybe “animal farm” will become reality.

The fact that there is no mention of the suffering that animals endure in these nightmarish places is indicative of the shame and guilt that most decent people feel about where their meat comes from. There is a collective taboo against even mentioning animal suffering in these articles. Any acknowledgement of it forces people to reckon with the truth, if only for a moment. This is what drives efforts to enact ag-gag laws. Meat eating is embedded in a culture that values power and domination over nature and “lesser beings,” animal or human. A society capable of treating other living beings as though they are nothing more than widgets on an assembly line is capable of anything.


Good to see this story coming out of Iowa of all places. Factory farming and CAFO’s are huge problems in North Carolina and other states as well.

The corporate model is dead and should be buried. Good if the article pointed to the alternatives - small farms producing a diversity of crops, using organic and sustainable practices. Better for people’s health, better for the environment.

Even if one does not care about the plight of animals, there is still the fact that factory farming produces toxic food. If one cares about their own plight, then they should help to ban factory farming.

Some meat is humanely raised:


Grass fed and finished beef is also high in Omega 3 much like salmon.

It doesn’t matter how “humanely” they are “raised”. Humans have domesticated these animals for the sole purpose of murdering them, then eating them. Homo sapiens (like our chimpanzee relatives) are not carnivores. Take a look at the PETA website to see what atrocities are visited upon these innocent creatures.

Not so much:


BTW those are wild cattle roaming free. They cull a certain number each year so they don’t overgraze the island. If they didn’t the cattle would end up starving to death. The island is not particularly suited to other forms of agriculture.