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Calling for Prosecution of Its Own Source, Washington Post Slammed for 'Towering Cowardice'


Calling for Prosecution of Its Own Source, Washington Post Slammed for 'Towering Cowardice'

Jon Queally, staff writer

Shocked by the "towering cowardice" of the Washington Post's Sunday editorial calling for Edward Snowden to be prosecuted, journalist Glenn Greenwald led the charge against the prominent newspaper for achieving what he described as an "ignoble feat" in American history: being "the first-ever paper to explicitly editorialize for the criminal prosecution of its own paper’s source –


WAPO owned by Jeff Bezos of Amazon dot com.

CIA one of Amazon dot com's main accounts for cloud computing services.

Do not trust corporate media.


Should the newspaper that calls for the procecution of a source of illegally obtained intelligence, be prosecuted themselves for publishing that info in the first place?
Let's put Bezos in irons.


Following on to previous comments: Not a word from Bezos. Publishers historically don't have to comment on their papers' content, they being far more concerned with profit. And it shows.


Trump says Bezos has a "huge anti-trust problem".

I'm never buying from Amazon again.


Why should we be surprised? The Post is just another link in the chain that does the bidding of it's owners and that one side of the Duopoly. Others will surely follow. I feel for those that rely on MSM for their information as many do not have access to the internet and are not aware of the complicity, deceit and failed reporting that is showered upon them.


Greenwald does some excellent journalistic work but.........he's also an exceptional self-promoter.
He hasn't talked much lately about a story that he pushed a few weeks ago. Namely the spreading corruption scandal in Brazilian politics and the impeachment of the president.
Last week Luiz Lula de Silva, the ex-president and Workers Party leader, his wife and 6 others have been charged with corruption. De Silva himself has been labeled a "crime boss."
I suspect that that story doesn't fit into Glenn's narrative.


Here it comes. The heavy hand of the Security State is going to ensure that there is transparency of everybody and everything except what they do. Wake up America or give up Democracy.


Wrong. He has already addressed it, months ago. Nice hack job though. Actually, it wasn't well executed at all.


Already addressed what?
Lula wasn't charged until last week.
Unless Greenwald is psychic?


"[O]ne on whose back the paper won and eagerly accepted a Pulitzer Prize for Public Service.": If Obama can receive and keep the Nobel Peace prize then the Washington Post receiving the Pulitzer prize should come as no surprise. Despicable.


Actually their US gov't operations, which includes the CIA, IRS, ICE some military, and several other agencies, is not that large. They have a lot of corporate accounts that are considerably larger than all the US Gov operations combined, probably the largest of which is Netflix. Admittedly it's not a small account, but it's not as important to Amazon as you think. They could lose the entire account tomorrow and still be profitable at the end of the quarter.


And Trump will also pardon Snowden, right?


WaPo sez: " ... according to a unanimous, bipartisan report by the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence."

I liked it better when it was called the House Un-American Activities Committee.


Greenwald has already written about Lula's corruption months ago and fully supports his prosecution for any indictable charges - as opposed to Dilma, who was impeached on sham charges.

As a guy with "libertarian" leanings, Greenwald has no particular ideological love of the PT aside from support for the democratic process that gave the PT a strong mandate.


Whoops! Are you going to apologize for this?


Yeah, you could say "HUAC" and people knew what you meant. HPSC doesn't work at all.


Glenn is informed. The Intercept ran an article comparing the cronyism of Lula's government with the current neoliberal government, which is far more dangerous, that took control through the recent coup.


Just sent this to Fred Hiatt, Washington Post Editor ( fredhiatt@washpost.com ):

Mr Hiatt,

Shame on you for calling for the jailing of your own source, Edward
Snowden, the person whose leak enabled the Post to win a Pulitzer Prize.
Good luck getting any whistleblower to give the Post anything
worthwhile in the future. You have just ensured the Post's reputation,
going forward, as official stenographer-in-chief. Presumably, you'll be
handing back your Pulitzer? I remind you that it was the Washington
Post, hiding behind it's prized first amendment freedoms, and not Edward
Snowden, who actually published all those damning secrets.

Did I say "Shame on you"?


Thanks, i think i flipped it:

Amazon is the largest provider of such services to the CIA.