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Calling for Real Reform, Ellison Says DNC 'Rigging' of Primary 'Cannot Be Dismissed'


Calling for Real Reform, Ellison Says DNC 'Rigging' of Primary 'Cannot Be Dismissed'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"The DNC must be an impartial and transparent organization that welcomes all people who share our core values of economic justice and human rights for all."


Ellison’s first loyalty is to his party.

I like the guy, but that party-first outlook sounds like the Republican position to me.


Time to get real. Either the Dems purge the DNC cretins and move on or the party should split with the formation of a Progressive Populist Party.


It should be remembered that Ellison himself, who supported Sanders, was sandbagged in favor of Perez (supported by the Clinton wing) as DNC Chair in another manipulation of the party direction and who which direction it will be allowed to go. Clearly the Clinton Camp wing and the other big-money corporate/banker/wall street profits-over-people players do not want the party to go “Progressive” - to much money to be lapped-up from the trough, being the flip-side of the duopoly scam.

The bottom line is the power players do not want any reform or real “change we can believe-in”, they want the status quo and continue raking-in the cash from the vulture capitalist back-room…and the goddamn front room too!

Reminds me of “One Burbon, One Scotch, One Beer” lyric "She a-howlin’ about the front rent,
She’ll be lucky to get any back rent"


The TWO parties are in danger of breaking up for different reasons. The GOP has its Trumpf wing ( fake populist, KKK, White Nationalists, Russiaphiles & Religious Fundies) and it’s Establishment wing ( Reaganites, Free traders, Libertarians, Real Conservatives) and the Dems. have a Corp wing ( the DNC) and the Left / Progressive wing. The country right now is in the hands of the TrumPutin wing of the GOP and the Corp. Dems . seem to be alright about that for some reason?


Two words are all one needs to sum up this article: Damage Control.


Rep. Ellison is right, of course. The Democratic Party must approach this with a sense of urgency, as the 2018 cycle is nigh upon us. Despite my disappointment with the party over the last several cycles, I am not quite ready to give up on it. There are many good people in it still, and it was a good party pre-Clinton and pre-DLC. I will give it another chance, for it is potentially our best hope in the short term of slowing down the absolutely destructive Republican tsunami.


Yes, he should have never taken the 2 job at dnc.


The DFA’s withdrawal of their endorsement for Northam in the Virginia governor’s race has spotlighted this division. And, created a possible opening for Ed " The Dread " Gee. A race-baiting, mouth-breathing, low rent if there ever was one.
We’ll see if this principled stand, and the other Northam pandering to the union’s need for fracking and pipeline jobs, will tip it away from the Democrats. This is resembling preliminary finger-pointing by the political consultant class, imo.
Lots of DLC-clones are ready with their " I told you so " cheap shots. I hope the Northam ticket wins. This Trump Adm. doesn’t need any help getting up off the floor.


I’m not familiar with DFA. What is it?


If this was that a big deal wouldn’t Martin O’Malley be speaking out? After all he would have been affected as much as anyone. And he is one who first said it was rigged when it turned out the first debate was very late which gave him much less opportunity to get know before the Iowa primary. Maybe he will speak out or maybe he will keep doing what he is doing in what looks like a bid to try again in the next presidential election.


Has it occurred to anyone that Brazile’s “revelation” was a way for the Democrats to acknowledge something that was becoming impossible to keep under wraps any longer? And that by feigning outrage they could manufacture the impression that they are concerned with the way that things went down and will “reform” their system? Watch what happens (or doesn’t) after the cameras are turned off and we move on to other, more immediate, issues.


I think it’s long past time that progressives formed their own party and stopped trying to slander/coopt/take over the Democratic Party because they don’t like the way it’s run. Go, with my blessing.


Martin O’Malley was getting 1% of the vote. What he says is irrelevant.


“Many good people still in it”?

At what level are you referring? Surely not federal or state. For the most part, not the people who run things at the local level, who are, for the most part, hopelessly naive, still believing that the system as it has (d)evolved is legitimate. So where are the “good” Democrats located?


No, it can’t be dismissed. And for those of us who were following the primary closely, this is not news. It’s been out there a long time if you know where to look. And it’s only the tip of the iceberg.
What is says - again - is that the Democratic Party is dead.
Third party is the way to go.


Will you be joining us?


So, then, why do you like the guy?


" Feigning outrage?"

BINGO! That is the one thing the corrupt dems. are really good at.


Are you kidding me? He took the job because that was his role in the process.

When are we going to stop naively believing that the system is anything but one-hundred percent rigged? People, there are TRILLIONS of dollars and complete global power that is at stake here. Does it make sense that these people–narcissistic psychopaths who have the ability to rig the system in their favor–would leave it up to chance or to “the will of the people”?