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Calling for Real Reform, Ellison Says DNC 'Rigging' of Primary 'Cannot Be Dismissed'

Agree pretty much with what you wrote, but you overlook the main point here that animates Bernie Supporters (like me): Bernie Sanders, for the last year and a half (most recently validated on August 25, 2017 in a national poll) has easily been (by more than 10 percentage points) the most popular politician in America and could easily have been elected President of the United States if the Democrat National Committee were actually interested in promoting the interests of the citizenry – which they currently are not.

The Democratic party is interested in electing for president someone who will promote the interests of Democratic Party MACHINE, whose interest are different than the interest of the citizenry of the United States. Every incoming president appoints 4,000 members of his/her administration, 1,200 of which require senate approval. THIS IS THE BIG PRIZE OF WINNING THE ELECTION. These people all interpret the laws of the land and make policy. As you can see from Trump, they have the power so start and continue wars, stop immigration, reverse interpretation of environmental rules, withdraw from treaties, and on and on.

Since the DNC is owned by corporate America (as administered by Clinton), the people’s interests are not counted as important as those of corporate America, which includes the health care industry, the wall street upward income redistribution industry and the gigantic warfare promotion industries. The problem is not so much that the DNC actively promoted Clinton (because Bernie was probably going to lose after the first round of primaries locked up the south for Clinton – since Clinton never really stumbled in the Democratic Primary race) but because of the back-room deals years before the election wherein the DNC decided to promote Clinton as THE candidate for president in 2017. There was plenty of malfeasance in the DNC and Democratic party in its insider support of Clinton via Debbie Wasserman Shultz and Donna Brazile, but the courts ruled in August 2017 that this type of thing is not illegal.

And your last comment that “This stuff about the DNC . . . [has] little to do with the outcome of the election” just plain misses the forest for the trees – it is exactly the DNC’s insistence on insider selection of Corporate Candidate Clinton in the year before the primary cycle that meant we democrats get don’t to have broad conversation about issues that Americans really care about – like health care, $15/hr. minimum wage, ending budget-busting wars, wall street legal reform, and is exactly why we end up losing the election to a man who reminds everyone of a cross between P.T. Barnum, a boxing match promoter and Scrooge.

And what you get when you don’t fight against the oligarchs is Trump Scrooge as president whose unabashed emphasis now (via the proposed new tax policies) of taking from the poor and giving to the rich by giving gigantic tax breaks to Corporations which means wealth goes directly to the 1% via their stock holdings and away from the 99%.


We need a new party. The Progressive Party. New ways of funding the ridiculous costs of a campaign. Those old dogs in the D, won’t change

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Ultimately you miss the point, as always.
It isn’t merely Sanders or O’Malley that were cheated, it was the millions of us who thought we were participating in a fair primary.
If, as you claim, you supported O’Malley, then you should be outraged as well.
HRC agreement gave them the power to review any mailings relevant to other primary candidates- how is that for control of a message.
Laundering all the money that was supposed to go to state parties, was not only illegal, but gave HRC much more money than she would otherwise have had. And she still lost!!!
Not to mention the actual vote-rigging, as evidenced by the exit polls.
Glad Brazille brought up what we who paid attention already knew. But there’s so much more. That’s why the Party is DOA from here on out. People like you will make sure it doesn’t clean up. So the rest of us will go elsewhere. And there’s more of us.


Only a People’s Party will succeed. “The Times they are a Changin.”

Here, here. Ignore DNC trolls like BWilliamson, who has been trolling for the Clinton-wing since early 2016. Yes, by all means, there is no need to create a new third party when the Green Party stands for everything progressives want and already has ballot access in 22 states and DC. However, they could lose a lot of that access if they don’t do decently in the 2018 and 2020 elections, so please join us in making the Green Party the true home of the progressive movement! #Demexit to the Green Party 2017!


Vote rigging? Really? And the money did go to state parties. Look at when the major breathless story everyone sites was printed, in May 2016:

They weren’t supposed to use the money prior to the nomination except for limited things (hiring communications per the MOU). But they did release the money after and here’s an example:

You can look at more here if you want:


This myth won’t die.

Yes, I noticed. I also noticed that my Senator, E Warren, stepped up to the plate on the same day. She’s one hell of a progressive if you listen to what she says. If you realize what she doesn’t say…not so much.

She’s positioning herself on the fence, ready to jump either way

According to http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/358557-dfa-announces-end-of-direct-aid-for-northam-in-va-gubernatorial-race, Democracy For America (a progressive group) never technically “endorsed” Northam, but changed their mind on campaigning for him based on his current language about sanctuary cities in VA.

I’d be very curious on what Elison really means when he says “DNC must be an impartial and transparent organization that welcomes all people who share our core values of economic justice and human rights for all.” I happen to think we should be careful to form a set of values that can include most of the non-corrupt democratic party. It shouldn’t be a full on progressive platform that many won’t qualify for. Now I still want progressive’s to win elections and ultimately prevail, but something like sanctuary cities or even Medicare for All doesn’t belong in this core value set. That undocumented immigrants should be treated with dignity as they have not commuted a violent crime can be a value (though an automatic right to not be deported should not) and a statement about how some means of providing health care to all Americans is required and our current system isn’t getting us there (though a pledge for Medicare for All which I support should not be a core value either).

I don’t know Northam at all, but I agree with you that VA and the nation won’t be any better off if the R wins.

This is at least the 3rd story on the same topic and it perhaps begs for some top of CD poll on what type of reforms some of us have in mind (since Warren and Ellison have not elaborated yet). I tried to contact Ellison with my ideas, but his house page only accepts email from people in his district, so I guess I’ll send my list to Ted Lieu (CA) instead.

The most important thing about reforming the DNC is that it be in the open - not in smoke filled rooms (the whole problem to begin with). What will it take to break open some transparency in the DNC? I’d let them know I’m withholding denotations - but I never give them any money anyway (I have donated to individual democrats in the past though and that money sometimes makes it to the DNC).

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I only mentioned Bernie’s unused agreement because the article mentioned it. If NBC is going to imply there could be a comparison, they should provide more information. The NBC article you cited didn’t mention Biden, etc., only the Sanders and Clinton campaigns.

The fact remains that Clinton had control and undue influence over decisions that created an unfair advantage for her, during the primary.

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The DNC joins Bernie Sanders movement!

When I email and then back it up with a call to the DNC, then is when I know they’re listening. They did not even respond with one of those Generic Tom Perez emails on “join us in electing democrats.” SHOW US THE CONTRACTS. Transparency is not something Hillary has ever endorsed in her own life - talks with Wall Street, for example. I am never going to give one red penny to the DNC until they prove they have turned over the Hillary appointees and given those slots to REALLY PROGRESSIVE LEFT DEMOCRATS who will fight for PEOPLE POLICIES over CORPORATE Agendas. GIVE BACK OUR PARTY NOW! No more super Delegates. NO MORE!

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Get rid of the Super Delegates before the next election.



As always, I respect your opinion. I know that you are sincere. I agree with most of what you write.
I was not a Clinton supporter. My immediate motivation was/is to prevent takeover of our Government by the extreme right. I am hopeful of seeing the Democratic Party return to the party of FDR, JFK, J. William Fulbright, Paul Wellstone and many others I could name. Over the course of American history, third parties (and 4th, and 5th) have not been very successful. I just think that there is a better chance, at least in the immediate future, of a “course correction” by the Democratic Party than there is of a 3rd party victory at the national level. I wish we had 15-20 years to build something better, but I am skeptical, given what is transpiring now.

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Mr. Ellison, please come to the light; for, the death star ( republicans, democrats) is crashing. You Tube, Lucid Dreamer.

What are you talking about? Every single thing that Brazile said was in the MOU and more (the parts about advanced viewing of materials that feature other primary candidates).

Yes, but the MOU is specific, it applied the the activities with respect to the general, with the exception of hiring communications in 2015, the notification regarding mail during the primary, and the special project portion. Howard Dean noted it was like previous agreements he’d seen, not that I’m asking you to take his word. But the Post is specific that Bernie’s campaign was informed about it and quotes the DNC’s attorney’s emails (we haven’t seen Bernie’s agreement or his correspondence, at least I haven’t). Also, Donna herself appears to have done a similar thing when Gore established a JFA with the DNC in 2000.

The MOU is what made the agreement, a legal contract, operative. That stipulation regarding preparation for the general can’t be waved off as much as folks might want to, and it’s up to Brazile to explain whether it was or wasn’t. If she’s asserting it was, then that may or may not be a contract violation (MOU’s may outline how a contract or agreement becomes operative, though they may not be legally binding in themselves depending on the agreement). She’s already walking back the “rigged” element of her story, notably, and added some other flares that appear not to be accurate.

That said, I do see the DNC being reliant on a single candidate for funding as a problem now, even if in terms of appearance. And I am uncomfortable with mail notification stipulation in it since it was specific to the primary. On the other hand, after having read through a ton of old articles, it’s clear to me the MOU was developed because DWS had brutally mismanaged the party’s finances. Clinton did not want to let her manage infrastructure for the general.

“Rigged” just means unfair advantage so I don’t get the issue with that term since it was definitely true. They had control over all senior staff hiring - and notification about mailings featuring primary opponents - and the Clinton campaign had to be consulted on all decisions about strategy (and basically everything) - and any issues that arose about the MOU could be singularly decided between DWS and the Clinton campaign.

The agreement with the Sanders campaign had none of those provisions(it its now online). Also my understanding is that the Gore JFA only related to financial matters - but that is pretty irrelevant anyways since it occurred 14 years before the McCutcheon Supreme Court case that made these Victory Funds important.

not quite dead but horridly corrupt and that is obvious to everyone with eyes. time to move out and move on. put lipstick on a pig and it is still a pig