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Calling for Ten Million More Voters, a Few Billionaires, and a Just Congress

Calling for Ten Million More Voters, a Few Billionaires, and a Just Congress

Ralph Nader

About 80 days separate the people from the November 6th Congressional elections. Judging by the past midterm turnout, at least 125 million age-eligible voters will stay home. Too many people say: “Can’t be bothered;” “politicians don’t care about me;” “all politicians lie so why should I be part of that game;” “I’m not into politics;” “Nobody I like.”

YES! YES! Thank you Ralph Nader-----there is LIGHT at the end of the corporate money funnel! There is a way, and I know Bernie likes this way, just like so much of our early history leaders did: Eugene Debs and Mother Jones did too. And at Common Dreams, I am reading thoughts from plenty of non-fossil voters too. : )


Here is the best way to increase voter turnout:

Cellphone voting with Blockchain.

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Many people cannot seem to make the connection between politics and their own lives. Also, many people feel that since they only have one vote and millions are voting their vote doesn’t matter.

Debs and Jones wouldn’t have touched the capitalist democratic party with a 39 1/2 foot pole.


Many people have made the connection between voting and their own lives. No matter which of the 2 capitalist parties win, their lives keep spiraling downward.


Hi EVD, but Debs and Jones would not have let it get that far after the 1st Gilded Age. Besides, they spoke to people and that’s how, even being in jail , Debs still had a ton of votes. Speaking to the people and being on the front lines is how Mother Jones got her army.
That was my point, they would have been with us and against them ----(capitalist dems) —and people had that power once-----but too many thought the government we once had is the one we still have------I think they’ve started to notice that we don’t have what America advertises that it is! That’s the People power Nader addresses. : )

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Yep, just a few billionaires and the D-party will start caring for average Americans.

But hey, thanks for the Romneycare.


I appreciate your wanting to improve the process but does it also improve the knowledge and awareness of those voting in these easier and secure ways? Doesn’t there need to be a way to accomplish both? One without the other will not remedy the grave problems we face.

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Ten million non-voters becoming voters in 2018 is a good idea.It is doubtful that half a billion dollars from a few billionaires will provide the inspiration to get these citizens to the polls- and what options do they have when they get there?

Big Money Democrats or Big Money Republicans.

Neither of those choices will lead to a just Congress. So the whoever it is that can find the way to bring ten million or so to the polls in November has to not be the Big Money Democrats or Big Money Republicans.

Since the benefit of increasing the turnout of informed voters is a more enlightened Congress then Ralph should inform voters about the current opportunity to mobilize some of the 20-30% of voters that vote in presidential election cycles but don’t vote in off year elections to participate in One Demand in 2018 instead of not voting.

These are citizens that are already registered and vote. All they have to do to participate in 2018 is sign up at www.onedemand.org that they will be participating and vote in November.

By signing up to participate now they will be making a commitment to vote for candidates that finance their campaigns only with small contributions and letting other citizens know they are making this commitment so participants and potential participants won’t feel they are acting alone. If there are no small contribution candidates on their ballot they commit to writing in their own name to register a vote against the Big Money candidates and to create and demonstrate demand for small contribution candidates in 2020 and future elections.

This something that Ralph says he already does- using a write in vote when there are only the current major parties on his ballot. Why not use the same strategy to build support for small contribution candidates?

It provides a reason for these citizens to vote in 2018 instead of wasting their vote by not voting.

Just one third to one half of the 20-30% of off year non-voters participating in this approach in 2018 would total 10-20% of the total vote in 2018. This could inspire more citizens to participate in 2020.

But Ralph needs to inform citizens about this opportunity now. This opportunity to mobilize off year non-voters will not come around again until 2022.

There is still time for this to be effective in 2018. The Women’s March was organized in about two months and required a lot more than getting people to sign up on a website that already exists and people that are already registered to vote.

And just a note: 5 million people contributing 100 dollars to get out the vote for this approach would total half a billion dollars. Much more likely to inspire citizens to participate than half a billion dollars from a few billionaires.

To encourage Ralph to inform citizens about this opportunity please sign the petition, get others to sign it and contact Ralph at the Ralph Nader Radio Hour website.

What? I don’t believe John Kerry did lose Ohio in 2004. I assume Ralph is just quoting the official number to avoid meandering off-topic. But much was written about it at the time. Is it really that far down the memory hole? I remember it because it was the last time I got fooled into voting for a Democrat. I remember Kerry conceding the election before the votes were all counted, literally an hour after John Edwards gave a speech reiterating their campaign promise not to concede before all the votes were counted.