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Calling for 'Unprecedented and Urgent Action' to Solve Climate Crisis, Four Organizers Shut Off Valves at Enbridge Lines 3 and 4

Calling for 'Unprecedented and Urgent Action' to Solve Climate Crisis, Four Organizers Shut Off Valves at Enbridge Lines 3 and 4

Julia Conley, staff writer

Condemning "the imminent and irreversible damage being done to the climate" by fossil fuel extraction, four Catholic Workers took non-violent action to help stem the climate crisis on Monday in northern Minnesota, shutting off valves at Enbridge Energy Lines 3 and 4.

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This is bravery in the face of Facsism.


Viva, la revolucion


Not a SINGLE word about this in the news. I even Googled it on the Google news feed - nada

Now I have to go out on Facebook and see what’s cookin’…


To the four valve turners…Thank you for Being.

Make no mistake, this is an action Jesus would take. What would Jesus do?, what was done here. I am not a christian by any stretch of the imagination but there was a time when I was taught to act in this manner, to be Christlike. I hope this example servers others well. Be kind.


And then after protecting the perpetrators of child molestation, the leader of the Catholics went onto say this about having more children.

These Catholics have a problem with cognitive dissonance.

Will the Valves stay closed permanently? Somehow I doubt it. This part of the effort was non violent, which proves nothing. When they are turned back on, then what will the people affected by contaminated water do? Don’t tell me another St-In. That worked great last year didn’t it?

We need to slow down the carbon cycle to slow down the overheating part of climate change. It is technically feasible to capture carbon dioxide and use it as fracking and heat transfer fluid in enhanced geothermal systems. This should help some in slowing down the carbon cycle by storing some carbon dioxide out of the way.

Uh no. There is no science showing that this is possible.

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Nonsense. We need to STOP fossil fuels, and return as much carbon as we can to biomass (soils, forests, etc.). And we need to REDUCE TOTAL ENERGY USE.

Your pandering to technological fixes – for continued fracking, for the love of life! – is just laying more bricks on the same road we are on. That road leads to ecological collapse. We need to go in a DIFFERENT DIRECTION. And FAST.

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Huge props to the valve turners! More, more, more! Mass action, more people to the front lines! Our lives ARE on the line! These people get it! More, more, MORE!

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Yeah, but people can do what appears to be to right thing, for all the wrong reasons.

Their church has some serious problems with sex education, human rights, and ecological damage.

And rape


Look up the Catholic Worker Movement. They are independent of the church.

Well that begs the questions, why use the word Catholic at all?

Why not just be nice people?

Have you ever actually read the Bible? Jesus was not some happy go lucky, nice person. He said that women should shut up. He condoned slavery. He condoned violence if people did not believe in him.

And that’s just the New Testament.

And most anything in the bible is contradicted at some point. Making it a “believe what you will,” tutorial.