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Calling Foul on Donald Trump


Calling Foul on Donald Trump

Donald Trump and Mike Tyson attend a March of Dimes dinner in New York City in November 1989.
Michael Winship

The president's attacks on football players and the mayor of San Juan are a poisonous mixture of past resentments and racial hate.


From the day he was sworn in, the movement to IMPEACH was underway. The laughable accusations of prejudicial bias are only outnumbered by the citations of impeachable offences. This is a wrecking crew inside a lie about a distortion of a slow motion coup by a failed hijacking of economic stability by incompetent, greedy $#!tbags claiming to be financial elite (make that ‘effete’).

Try a search on ‘IMPEACH TRUMP’ and consider signing an action of choice today.

Oh, and keep in mind that the grammar SS are active - to claim that if your syntax is not white male, you might be a something-or-other.

Duty to Warn - even Depak Chopra speaks to the studied Trump appeal to the shame and fear inculcated by the system - the lowest denominator in the collective psyche.


Mr. Obvious says the Trump is a jerk and he is right. After all, it is obvious. But why is the underlying, the root cause of the rise of the orange headed self-absorbed ego-manic currently sitting in the oval office ignored? That Trump is the direct result of a corrupted failing political and economic system - they are joined at the hip - that must be changed or Trump will simply be another in what will become an ever increasing string of presidential failures reflecting the failures of the rest of the system.


It figures that Trump would be at the “butt” end of Empire.


First things first: make bribery of politicians ILLEGAL again: movetoamend.org