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Calling Him Only Candidate Whose Plan 'Can Save Our Planet,' US Youth Climate Strike Leaders Endorse Sanders for 2020

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/06/calling-him-only-candidate-whose-plan-can-save-our-planet-us-youth-climate-strike


Sunrise Movement targeted Democrats who have refused to endorse the Green New Deal with sit-ins nationwide on Friday, Sanders joined climate strikers.

Thank you Sunrise Movement and Bernie!


It makes sense given the constraints of the present system to support a “Green” FDR. And more than FDR: Bernie also embodies Eleanor Roosevelt’s humanism.

He not only has a plan but the decades of activism to give confidence. FDR had a lot of challenges and so will he but he will overcome them all.


Sorry Kids Biden and the other “Moderate” Democrats are too Greedy taking Money from Corporate Polluters to save the Planet for the Younger Generation.

It takes the Youth of America to recognize that Ole Man Bernie is the Only candidate that is making the Climate Crisis a major Priority.

Bernie Never stops thinking about the Welfare of people that might be impacted by tragedy, whether it is a Factory Closing or the new pattern of powerful storms that will devastate Homes and destroy Peoples lives.

Thank goodness the Youth of America recognizes that Bernie and his Green New Deal is THE Plan to save our Planet from the onslaught that is coming our way.



Hi SequoiaBison:
It’s wonderful to see the kids out working for Bernie, and actually for the entire planet.
I am so impressed with the youth leaders, and wish that we could lower the age for elections so that those teenagers could vote earlier. So many wonderful ideas----but so
little time. : (


Gotta love these kids. Thank you!

Bernie 2020


WOW! This is pretty big! I’ll bet it’s all over MSDNC and CNN!
Oh…never mind…


I’d agree with you carl, except that I don’t watch those channels, so I honestly have know way of knowing. But I’m sure you’re right.

The propaganda isn’t as bad as Fox of course, but stilted toward corporate power nonetheless.


Leroy, I was being a smart-ass. I don’t watch any of that garbage either; I don’t even own a T.V.! I see them only when watching one of my favorite youtube progressive commentator/political analysts and they show a clip, usually to point out the garbage.


Sadly, a few kids in the street with signs will not save the planet nor as Greta says, reduce emissions.
The ‘plan’ will come about when millions (adult Americans) and tens of millions around the world are in the streets, willing to risk some lumps on their heads, to save the kids …


Let’s not exaggerate what Bernie can do.

Not me. Us.

Keep that in mind when you push for change.


AND THE CHILDREN WILL LEAD US! GO BERNIE AND THE REST OF US! Time for the rest of the candidates to concede that Bernie is the best of them.


Well…as it turns out, every child on Earth is a trillion times smarter than any corporate CEO in America, a trillion times smarter than any republican in American politics, a trillion times smarter than 99.9% of the democrats in America. Must be something in the water causing irreversible brain damage to the American adult population.

Caring about anything besides yourself is Anti-American.

The youth are being heard, now they just have to make sure they vote! Bernie2020

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It’s very inspiring to see these young people getting involved & even leading this movement. They’re having a greater effect than all previous generations combined.

It’s also nice to see Bernie getting the love & support from young people he deserves for his lifetime of advocacy for a better future for all.


At least those who are eligible to vote. They are good reasons for lowering the voting age, but also why the politicocorporate establishment will prevent that from happening.

And Bernie agrees with you.

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Our country’s best hope is our youth and their ability to shape the future of this nation.

Bernie may be the masses best hope for normalcy in our government.

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The vote is rigged, it has been for decades, that’s why all of a sudden the vote never even comes close to matching the exit polls. Now only right wingers get elected, in both party’s. Its always close, even when it isn’t. The real candidates are not even admitted into the damn thing. The danger is democracy to these gangsters, democracy itself. Obviously the fiscal elite cannot have the masses deciding policy, that would make them obsolete, irrelevant.

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