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Calling It "Gross Abuse of Power," Democrats Vow to Move Swiftly to Nullify Trump's National Emergency Declaration


Calling It "Gross Abuse of Power," Democrats Vow to Move Swiftly to Nullify Trump's National Emergency Declaration

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

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With President Donald Trump expected to declare Friday morning a national emergency to access funding for "his racist and wasteful wall," Democrats vowed to move quickly to nullify what they characterize as his "gross abuse of power."



Lock him up in a padded cell, the man is nut’s.



Rep. Nadler sez:
“No sensible person believes there is an emergency at the southern border.”

Ah. And how many “sensible” people do you currently see in charge of anything?



Great script David Brock! This should keep Dims voting their identities rather than their realities. I’m going to blame the narcissism of identity voters for creating and enabling Trump, and playing into his game. Turn off MSNBC! It’s no different than Fox. They helped create and sustain Trump. MSNBC is rotting out your brains while pandering to your narcissisms.



58 national emergencies have been declared by Presidents since the act passed in 1976. This means on average 1.35 per year. A good number qualify as “a gross abuse of power”.

For example, why was the outcome of the elections in Belarus deemed “A national Emergency” ?

Here the thing. It in fact a gross abuse of power by Herr Trump , but the outrage expressed is faux outrage unless the persons expressing that outrage did the same with at least some of those 53 others.



Hey Jerry and the majority of the rest of Democrats: How come you think a border wall for Mexico is racist and wastful, but sending huge amounts of money for similar purposes in Gaza and East Jerusalem is not only perfectly acceptable, but it should be illegal for me to question it?



And, there is always plenty of faux outrage to go around. It seems to work like a charm.



Yes and that what really eats at me with this “Politicians”. Something like arming the Saudi’s to slaughter poor people fine when it done under Obama, all of those voices for peace and removing the authorization for that war unheard among that group and of a sudden a new President in charge and it “an outrage”.

Genuine voices for peace like Medea Benjamin and Kathy Kelly speak up against war no matter which Political party in charge. The rest are frauds.



To be fair (err, that might not be the best word,) most of the Dems were ok with Trump selling arms to KSA to slaughter Yemenis, up until Khashoggi was killed and they realized how politically advantageous it was for them to distance themselves from Trump’s uterly hearless response.



The moment of truth…will there be a consolidated opposition or more smarmy hidden behind-the-scenes complicity and collusion with the most despicable, destructive, overtly racist and bigoted, and clearly insane pathological liar prez ever?! With all the critical issues before our nation and the world, this POS focuses on This in his ignorant ego and criminal insanity!? The entire extremist trump regime is a blight on all humanity!

Not one fuckin dime for the racist ego madness inhabiting this criminal White House! Either the people stand together, and our so-called “leaders” change over-night, or we are all lost.

The “goddamn piece of paper”, as GW Bush called it, that is our Constitution is still a document for the people and Common Good, even tho it has not been used to its full potentia and used to serve the Common Good rather than common greed! The Ginger Pig is wiping his odious posterior on thet “piece of paper” and I have yet to see the mass opposition from our Congress members with few exceptions…most in thrall to the status quo of rule by and for the uber-wealthy, racism of one form or another and gross dereliction of duty, honor and wisdom, ignoring their Oath’s of Office!

Make America CARE Again!



Like skeptictank and a few others, you have a gift for asking rude questions. Keep up the good work.

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The one “emergency” that does NOT demand immediate action is trumps racist border wall! With so many critical things/issues that do need and demand strong action, this is what trump focuses-on? The insanity and stupidity, the ignorance of this action, as so many others, is representative of trumps insanity and ego-driven stupidity and narcissism that ignores millions to serve his own ego madness!

Where are the “opposition” voices? Where the Joseph Welch of today to say openly and forcefully, with honor - “Have you no sense of decency sir, at long last have you left no sense of decency?” McCarthy was exposed to stand naked as the threat and mental political fraud he was by those few words of honor and truth, and we so very much need from voices with the spotlight to expose the odious threat trump is to our republic and world - to see him stand naked as the insane disgrace he is!

We sorely need that past generations education, wisdom, honor and sense of duty that has nearly vanished from our government! Today’s “leaders” are but a weak shadow of what came before!



If this flies, a Bernie Sanders-type president could push a LOT of good legislation.

Expanding public education
Addressing climate change
TBTF bank-takeover by the government
Providing Single-payer healthcare
Establishing a living wage for working people

I’d rather have good policy come out by legal means in the House and Senate; but, what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Right?

Unfortunately, tRump appears to have now ticked the boxes on all 10 signs of fascism.

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I’m agreeing with our nation’s founders: they were totally against establishing political parties.

Instead of advocating for a third-party, we can get Americans to vote for Americans - instead of the DLC/RNC forcing us into a “sophie’s choice” that has almost always ended with a lesser-evil winner.

I want to vote FOR someone.



dang! even your typos ring the chime today…

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don’t forget 70% tax on incomes over …

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Chuck Schumer is busy drafting a strongly-worded letter.

And Lindsey Graham is figuring out how to explain his tweeting this about a national emergency declaration back in 2014:

“This overreach by Pres Obama is breathtaking, and every American shld be unnerved by the implications of this decision. The executive action is unprecedented and tramples on the concept of constitutional checks and balances.”



Actually, I was hoping to see this play out. The only source of those kinds of monies------billions of dollars-----would have to come from the military appropriations which have reached astronomical proportions thanks to Obama and the Bushes before him. The continuation of global domination in the name of corporate economics has spent itself.
Prez Trump is pro military and now faces a delimma-----to take money from the military to satisfy his ego. I suspect this was behind his closing out the military force in Afghanistan.
The policy behind endless funding of war is simple economics. Without the endless dollars spent on endless wars, the faux economy would collapse. Prez Trump would prefer not to see this altho Congress understands this economics all to well.

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I wonder if that is why even the corporate Dems are suddenly more riled up than usual. Maybe they know that if Trump does call a National Emergency it will create a precedent that will end up screwing the corporatists. I suppose that is a silver lining at least.

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there are tons of ongoing national emergencies that need to be cancelled as well, and a few that need to be declared such as the climate issue, continued unfair elections, and the domination of the federal government by organized crime, and the continued subversion and undermining of constitutional and federal law by national security organizations.