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Calling It "Gross Abuse of Power," Democrats Vow to Move Swiftly to Nullify Trump's National Emergency Declaration


Not so far. Who’ll help me to differentiate the goose and gander? I can’t seem to tell them apart.


Thanks to people like Susan Coillins, the supreme court will rule 5 4 in favor of Trump. Did injustice Kennedy plan this and RBG is close to give Trump another vote. How does 6 3 sound folks. Ain’t democracy great? OK so it ain’t Democracy anymore…


The military budget is one of several areas where there truly isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between the two sides of the 2-party farce. Military spending is a jobs program, necessary to defend Israel, and vital in keeping oil in the hands of oligarchs (see Venezuela and Iran, next up).

As such, the cup of money funding war will always runneth over – and as a bonus, spending on programs that actually help average Americans will be deemed too expensive because deficits.

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Emperor Trumpius is following the same path to full-on Empire as Hitler did in 1933 with the ‘Enabling Acts’:

Jonah Goldberg really dug himself and the “National Review” a grave on NBC’s “Meet the Press” when he said:



Yeah, he is passionately concerned about something that he doesn’t actually want to be committal on. And, look, I think it’s an atrocity. I don’t like these enabling acts, which is what they really are, that these national emergency laws are.”

By calling what Trump did “Enabling Acts” Jonah puts Trump in league with Hitler — since the “Enabling Acts” in ‘33 were what Hitler and his Nazi Empire employed for all subsequent war crimes:

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