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Calling Kaepernick 'Son of a Bitch,' Trump Urges NFL to Fire Protesting Players


Calling Kaepernick 'Son of a Bitch,' Trump Urges NFL to Fire Protesting Players

Jon Queally, staff writer

Civil libertarians, social justice advocates, and NFL players from across the league expressed outrage overnight after President Donald Trump called on owners of professional football teams to fire players who express their political views.


Is it patriotic to close a factory and send jobs else where to maximize profit? Is it patriotic to hide profits in off shore tax havens and not pay your fair share to society? Is patriotic to go bankrupt four times and leave many holding an empty bag?


I’m going to quit standing for both the National Anthem and the Pledge (I have long chosen not to say “under God”) and see how the right likes that. Super militaristic patriotism is a fascist value, not an American one, although we are being taken over by the fascists.


I guess that line went over big in the “Heart of Dixie”. Welcome, all of those who helped put this kind of thinking in the White House, to the C.S.A. 2.0 His “rallies” look eerily like lynch mobs.


I admire your courage. Be prepared for the reaction. Good luck!


How typically, and sadly, UN-American Trump’s position / attitude is. However objectionable Kaepernick’s actions are to some, his right to do so IS the bedrock of real Freedom that is touted as being what the USA stands for!! So whether or not I would sit during the National Anthem, I will always respect his and other’s right to do otherwise.


Right! And, is it “Patriotic” to “shoot someone on 5th Ave.” and smugly assume you can get away with it? That’s a criminal thug, not a “patriot”.


People of conscience and true “patriotism” know who is the SOB and who the person of integrity and courage…hopefully this weak cheap-shite attack by the ginger chimp will push some NFL owner of courage/integrity as big as Kaepernick’s to sign him!


I’d like every player on every team take a knee. At least once.


Substitute dogma for freedom and the cruelty and stupidity of men has no bounds.


Why again is the national anthem played before the game? Winners at the Olympic hear it after…


Trump plays to his base.
That’s called smart politics.

The Ds call for bipartisanship after decades of getting no cooperation from Rs.
That’s called crapping on your base.

Which one works?
Check the Ds track record in recent elections.


Would be interesting to see what the reaction might be —
and when you said this, I realized it’s something we all should have
been doing a long, long time ago!
Great post!


Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

In loving memory of Mohammad Ali


Why do military jets overfly before football games?
Of course the symbolism is that the military protects our freedoms, and allows us to have such frivolous pursuits as NFL football. How proud we should all be?
As the Roman leadership realized, all the people want is violence to feed there ego’s. They built the Colosseum and feed people to the lions, now it is much more civilized but the intent is the same. Keep them entertained, and they will allow us to pillage at will.


I think it is the moral duty of all athletes black, white brown green etc…athletes to join in protest against police killing and racism.


Now there was a man that had the courage to stand strongly for what he in believed in and paid a heavy price at the time.
As you said,“In loving memory of Mohammad Ali”…


Politicians are the first to use the idea of patriotism for Nefarious reasons.


I think the American flag has been hijacked by the corporations, the white supremacists and the elites. Flag burning as an expression of free speech was banned by Bush I and should be reinstated.

The flag has become our sacred cow and a symbol for worship and a club to hit the progressive intellectuals over the head. The cops basically use it like a cult symbol as Nazis did the swastika.

The pentagon use the flag to recruit the poor, it has become the symbol of racism, hatred and intolerance. With the old glory doing the job more effectively who needs confederate flags statue or symbols anymore.


Many of our local Trump supporters are nationalists, just like most of Hitler’s supporters were.

Ignoring corporate undermining of Murka, Murkin nationalism is more superficial and selective than Nazism was back then.