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Calling Kavanaugh a 'Five-Alarm Fire," Progressives Reveal Action Plan to Defeat Trump's Extremist Nominee


Calling Kavanaugh a 'Five-Alarm Fire," Progressives Reveal Action Plan to Defeat Trump's Extremist Nominee

Julia Conley, staff writer

While President Donald Trump said Tuesday morning that the nomination process for his Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh would be a "beautiful thing to watch" over the coming weeks, progressive advocacy groups say they will leverage their collective political will—and the tens of millions of their outraged members—to stand against the president's far-right and extremist choice.


A “beautiful thing to watch” will be 45’s last day as Resident of the White House, as he is walked out the front door in handcuffs and ankle chains to the paddy wagon taking him to his next residence.



Keep dreamin’ Ace.


It is going to be fine entertainment watching the Left lose their minds over this appointment.


Well here we are the ranch is burning and there’s no water to quench the flames. Really there’s not enough votes to stop his placement and usher in the end of liberalism we’re had over the last 60+ years, hard fought battles all to have more liberal civil rights may all be undone by right wing religious zealots living in the early part of last century. Same with other rights as well such as marriage equality or LGBTQ rights. The environment will take a few more hits and just may not have enough reserves to keep from collapsing entirely. Same with the economy businesses will get their way. Net neutrality will vanish; there was a slim chance to get it back but Kavanaugh doesn’t like neutrality. Need I say more? We’re screwed, toss in the towel. The only way to stop this is to get a few GOP’s to defect and that’s not likely, sorry. Pence again may be the deciding vote.


One minor edit. “right wing religious zealots living in the early part of two millenia ago.”

Otherwise, I’d say you pretty much nailed it. Packing the Court may well be the only thing we can do to save ourselves and the planet. It will be a moral imperative.


Alright Ladies, let’s hear from you. I seem to remember some time back in the 60’s women had had enough of some issue and cut all men off from sex and the issue was resolved over night. Duh, I wonder why. So now, do you have a boy friend? a significant other? a husband? cut them off from sex. Demand action on your terms, you’ll more than likely get results that way because your vote and your protests are going nowhere fast. Just say no.


You must have a big portfolio or you are just an American sucker.


i say demand vasectomies for all men if birth control for women is changed due to religious reasons from this hand picked court


Well done Jackye. I totally agree.


My guess is this guy was picked because he is young so he can inflict Wrong Wing judicial activism for the longest possible time.
The other short listers were all in the same old.


Take your guns girls. This is war.


I’m placing bets on the latter.


Kavanaugh - anti-net neutrality, friend to corporate deregulation


We have moved to the right on economic policy for decades now, and everything is falling apart. The judiciary is fully in the pocket of the rich and corporations, and they want to create laws basically that allow them to create massive costs, which they can then pass off onto society, the environment and future generations. It will be fun watching all of this continue and watching the country continue to collapse from the stupidity of the policies you all support. We have lowered taxes on the rich and corporations, estates, carried interest, dividends, and the income taxes of the rich. We have deregulated finance, have multiple investor rights agreements like NAFTA, which undermine our ability to implement environmental, labor and financial regulations. Unions are weaker, we have gotten rid of capital and price controls, mass privatizations. Given the rhetoric of people like yourself, you would think that this would be a huge success. The data shows it has been an utter disaster for all but the rich. Decades of stagnating wages, and explosion in inequality and private debt, a massive infrastructure gap and our infrastructure has a grade of D- from the American Society of Engineers. The costs of things from healthcare, education, and housing have been far outpacing wage growth for decades. So, that slow moving disaster will further spread and deepen. You are deluded if you think only “liberals” will not like what is coming. Anyone not rich and anyone that is sane will not like what is coming, just as they don’t like any of these policies now. The left might be the most vocal in opposing this, but don’t delude yourself about how unpopular what you want is. It will help the left grow, just as is it now. Corruption though, in the Democratic Party and the system on the whole, could save you and your shitty ideas. The only people that want this are those that don’t know how damaging these policies have been (so puppets) and the rich that pull their strings. Which one are you? You a religious nut to boot?

Even on abortion, religious nuts like you are the extreme minority. Not in a single state, not one, does a majority of voters agree with you. People like you, with your shitty and failed ideas, win because of utter corruption, because the only party opposing you is the pathetic Democratic Party, and because turnout for most elections is so damn low. The system is so corrupt, and the policies that people want are not offered by either party, and so people in large numbers don’t even bother to vote. So politicians enter office with support from 15%, 20% of the voting age population.

Here’s polling on abortion: http://www.pewforum.org/religious-landscape-study/compare/views-about-abortion/by/state/

Again, if you think that only “liberals” are going to hate what is coming, you are deluded.

By the way, does your silly ancient magic book or your invisible sky god mention anything about taking care of the poor? Does Jesus say anything about that? I think if Jesus were around, he wouldn’t flip over the table of the money chargers, he would instead hire a good lobbyist and out-competed them in the free market after they got some nice laws passed. And if there wasn’t one, he would have railed at the temples and other public offices for violating his individual liberty and freedom, and all that bullshit.


Yes says Edward A Hara! You “liberals” take that, cause only “liberals” will be negatively impacted by that. Bible fearin’ right wingers will benefit from destroying the internet as we know it. God will wave his magic wand and will reduce his internet bill and will provide them, and them only, quicker internet service.


you had me until you spouted off about a sky god. there are those of us who believe in God, Jesus or the Holy Ghost, whomever you choose, and are not religious. if we were to go by the teachings in the Bible there would still be abusers. this is about corruption and now i am prepared for your very sharp tongue


I have no problem with religion or people that believe in god. I am just sick of this poster and am lashing out at him and his justifications for supporting monstrous policies. I think the religious right are some of the most immoral people in the country. Whatever their god is, they can keep it. The post-modern types talk about subjective reality, that one person’s terrorist is another person’s freedom fighter. Stuff like that. Seems to me, and most of the country, that the god of this fool is what most of us would consider the damn devil. I meant no offense to you. If I did offend you, I apologize, and I realize that there are some really good parts of the bible too.


Sadly as much as I would wish otherwise history has shown that presidents, no matter how horrible they are, leave their jobs straight to luxurious retirement. I think what is more to likely happen that even if Trump gets charged with a crime the next president will just pardon him.


Just heard on the local news, the dean of Harvard Law School praising this guy - let the propaganda begin …