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Calling Kavanaugh a 'Five-Alarm Fire," Progressives Reveal Action Plan to Defeat Trump's Extremist Nominee


That’s fine, it is just hard to tell the tone of another through text alone.


We are on the fast track to becoming one of the dirtiest human rights country on the face of the earth along with China Russia and North Korea, This guy fulfills all of the Trump Campaign promises from punishing women for abortion to doubling down on torture. A reincarnation of Genghis Khan.


“Let us be clear,” in Sander’s statement, “Kavanaugh will be a rubber-stamp for an extreme, right-wing agenda pushed by corporations and billionaires.” The coming Senate debate over the replacement of retiring Supreme Court Kennedy is about Roe v. Wade , campaign finance reform, Voting rights, Worker rights, Health care, Climate change, Environmental protection and safety." It concludes, “I do not believe a person with Kavanaugh’s views should be given a lifetime seat on the Supreme Court. We must mobilize the American people to defeat Trump’s right-wing, reactionary nominee.” Well then, how about that? And whatsoever doesn’t happen doesn’t, I guess?


Their “christianity” has become the new Devil. Organized Religion breeds intolerance and has nothing to do with spirituality.


Agreed. To some of us, at any rate, “god” is not a sky fairy god but one’s own conscience and consciousness and these evolve overtime. Does anyone have the right to interfere with the individual right of conscience and consciousness as Edward seems to think they do? Given the environmental crisis we face globally aggravated by overconsumption and more people the ecosystems can sustain maybe a new morality is in order. Certainly in a secular nation this should not be a question.


For the reform minded: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Australian_referendum,1977(Retirement_of_Judges)
Also: Citizens voting directly for Constitutional change - too novel for the ‘world’s greatest democracy’?


Your life matters as all life does. When we consider just how many children, especially children of color, languish unwanted in foster care and institutions maybe it is time for a new morality. Why bring more children into the world when so many can’t find homes? For me, when I was a young woman, it was deliberate choice not to bring more children here because of these unwanted ones even as I attempted twice to adopt (an older child). It was a tragic but educational experience as to the bourgeois nature of this society that it would rather keep unwanted children institutionalized than have some one unconventional adopt one. Money, at bottom is the bourgeois “god” and foster care is big business.


What he misses is that there are many ways to kill people and not just the yet unborn.

For myself, “foundational”, at least as it applies to the USA built on stolen land and lives by a group claiming a “christian” ethos and as yet to rectify this original injustice, is the foundation of all the monstrosities committed by this nation in their endless wars of profit, leveling other global communities of color.

Edward will have to come upon information himself to expand his narrow, self-righteous viewpoint.


women have had the “pleasure” of dealing with birth control forever, if men want to be the director of birth control then it should be up to them to have the honor of dealing with it. i for one wish little boys came with penis’s that couldn’t do damage until 30 and then all of a sudden presto they can become fathers. not something that’s gonna happen but oh well


The whole Pro-Life and anti-abortion stance is pure propaganda. The proof is that they don’t give a shit about that “baby” after it is born. They don’t give a damn that that “baby” doesn’t have adequate healthcare because the parents cannot afford the most expense healthcare in the world. They couldn’t care less that that “baby” doesn’t have access to a constant nutritional diet because the parents cannot afford the quality foods that provide a proper diet.

These fake moralists will fight day and night against abortion but won’t do a damn thing to fight poverty – a major cause for having an abortion. These people make me puke! They are the most immoral and psychopathic grouping of cells that ever lived with the exception of their off-his-rocker fake God. Just one example is provided below from the Bible:

Hosea 13:16
Samaria shall become desolate; for she hath rebelled against her God: they shall fall by the sword: their infants shall be dashed in pieces, and their women with child shall be ripped up.

In fact, I am totally convinced that they masturbate over the children that die from illness and/or nutritional starvation because the mothers didn’t have access (or reasonable access) to an abortion.

These Pro-Lifers are a gleaming example bullshit morals. It’s totally okay to them that the “babies” die AFTER birth. The death of these children is only wrong when the death of a fetus dies before birth. May they and their heirs – for generations to come – reap what they was sown.


Being anti-male does not see the big picture - oh well with all the devisions we are doomed.


John Woo visits them regularly, while the left goes out in the street and yells we don’t like it.


Yep, you just have to stand up where ever you are.


i am not anti male, it is more about being anti woman. when the men have babies they shall have the right to say about their bodies, they have no business telling a woman if she can have an abortion. and these religious freaks are basically saying no birth control. as in 3rd world countries where they have no access and the kids beg in the streets and run in gangs. this is what the far right drools about and will happen here. they seem to think they will be lifted up into the skies before it gets really bad, i got news for them. they have been far too judgemental to make it to heaven on a cloud, they will have to face their maker just as a woman who has had an abortion will have to.


The threat of a future vote against these now serving members of Congress is meaningless.
By the time of the response, they are likely well paid off and well settled in new corporate positions
reaping their abundant rewards.

Calling Trump’s nomination of Kavanaugh a “five alarm fire,” NARAL Pro-Choice America, MoveOn.org, Color of Change, and other groups announced a mass mobilization against the right-wing judge’s confirmation, including a nationwide day of action planned for August 26.

Shouldn’t it be the Democratic Party and its leadership calling out the nation to respond to Trump and his nominee?


You obviously miss my point. Most of the people I know who are against abortion happen to be women. I am just suggesting that you should not generalize if you want change. I totally believe in all forms of birth control be available. It is a women’s choice to have a baby and a man’s obligation to respect that choice. By the way, there is no heaven.


I posted another link here today on this guy. He’s a Koch pick.

Definitely worth reading on this guy.

Really, we should all be against what is happening.


For most that’s just the massive RW propaganda at work. If you believe the unborn has a soul why don’t you believe it will go into another person? Or, what the heck is it you believe? Do you eat eggs? Quit eating the unborn. I’m vegan myself.


I don’t know what kind of monstrous healthcare system the Right wants to create, but I do know that ours is severely broken and archaic. I had to deal with it when my first wife spent four years dying very slowly from COPD. I had to deal with incompetent and crooked insurance companies, doctors whose only “cure” was to throw more drugs at her, and a nursing home that was dirty and unsanitary because it was overcrowded and understaffed. Yeah, I do have a personal knowledge of how broken the system is. My own bout with HEP C almost killed me because the “treatment” to cure HEP C costs $84,000 here in America, as opposed to about $9,000 in India. Same drug, different countries. Maybe someone can 'splain that to me.

You don’t know me. You don’t know what I do for the poor, the letters I have written, my opposition to our war machine, etc. The only thing you know is that I oppose the killing of the unborn, and for that, you think I’m a bad person and a hypocrite.

We will see if the Supreme Court does indeed “give everything” to the corporatists. You are probably correct inasmuch as no one in Washington DC has had the never to put a stop to Monsanto destroying the planet with their poison. I am hopeful that they will do better, but time will tell.


QUOTE: "Restoring democracy in America begins with cleaning up the corporate kleptocracy that now runs the country through dark money, front groups, a corrupted Federal Court nominee process and an insidious political campaign financing system. Instead of looking at just Russian interference in our elections, all of the above belongs before an independent special counsel. "

Agreed. You do realize, however, that BOTH SIDES do this, right? Why is it that it is okay when George Soros funds stuff that is obnoxious to us Christians, but you howl when the Right does the same thing to you?

Fact of the matter is that neither side is Simon pure…taking sides is like choosing between Satan and his sister…you lose either way.