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Calling Kavanaugh a 'Five-Alarm Fire," Progressives Reveal Action Plan to Defeat Trump's Extremist Nominee


Nice piece of slander. Totally false.

Maybe the politicians on the Right don’t care about living babies, mostly because they have pandered to the Pro-Life crowd and used us as suckers for decades, but those of us who are “in the trenches” do care. I have met many people who have given great deals of their time, treasure, and talent to supporting life after it is born. I know one couple in Pennsylvania who run three houses for the poor. They have poured every cent they have had into keeping these houses running (with the help of volunteers and donations). Yet when they put out donated food on tables in front of one of the houses in the city, the city forced them to stop. I guess when you want to rule over people, you can’t let anyone else help.

There are over 7,000 ministries in the United States that are designed to help women and children in need, feed the poor, help the sick, etc. The Knights of Columbus regularly donates money to help those in need. When the hurricanes flatted New Orleans a few years ago, the Knights sent $1,000,000 for flood relief. What did you and your Leftist bunch do to help? In history, the modus operandi of Leftists is to destroy everything and then let the survivors live in the ruins, like Mao’s China. In Socialism, the living wind up envying the dead. That’s your paradise.

As for your slander of God…you shouldn’t try to do theology. You just make yourself look bad. In Hosea, God is not the author of the violence that will happen. He is giving Hosea a prophecy of what will happen because of leaving the protection of God. You know, kind of like having a gang of kids who want to beat you up, but they can’t get to you because you have a big and mean brother who goes everywhere with you and protects you. But if you leave that brother…you are vulnerable to whatever the gang will do to you. As long as Israel stayed close to her Lord, they were safe. When they left Him…whammo!!! Bad things happened.

It’s really kind of sad watching how angry you are, both at the world, others, and especially God, who never did anything to you but give you life, breath, blue skies, green grass, and all the good things of this world.


So what if your conscience thinks that it is okay to serial rape women? To molest little kids. To steal money from the bank.

Your statement assumes that all people have a good, functional, and working conscience that understands right from wrong. Yet the merest glance of history and our civilization shows that this is not so.

So what do we use as a moral guide?


The God of this fool tells me that I am to respect all life, to care for the poor, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the sick and in prison. He tells me that I am to be kind to others, to try to put myself in their shoes, even when they are doing wrong.

I don’t do it perfectly, but I strive to do those things when given a chance. Your hatred of God has blinded you to all the good that Christians do and strive to do. You would rather hone in on those who fail to live up to the high standards set for us because it supports your hatred.


Hey, I posted an article. I didn’t write it. I know it’s two heads of the same monster. Anyone who doesn’t at this point is working for the DNC or RNC.


Removed post.


Pretty much. It’s the rich, the elites, the “impawtent peoples” who are in charge. The Democrats AND Republicans are just carrying their water like good little drones.

And we the people suffer.