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Calling on Americans to Vote Trump Out, The Lancet Eviscerates US President Over 'Incoherent' Covid-19 Response

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/15/calling-americans-vote-trump-out-lancet-eviscerates-us-president-over-incoherent


Trump has claimed that the reason that the US has the highest number of COVID cases is because they have run more tests.

I thought it worth a look to see what is the ratio of infected persons versus total number of tests in a number of given Countries (On a per capita basis there are many Countries that have run more tests than the USA.

In the USA for every 7 tests there one person that shows up as infected.
In the UK for every 9 tests there one person infected.
In Canada for every 14 tests there one person infected.
In Russia for every 24 tests there one person infected.
In New Zealand for every 144 tests there one person infected.

It should be pretty obvious why Trump wants to stop testing.


Arizona is keeping its case numbers low by continuing to be 51st in number of per capita testing among the states and DC.

The Lancet labeling Trump, Moscow Mitch and their organized crime syndicate’s response (the GOP is 110% bought into the response) “incoherent” is a charitable characterization…try hostile to humanity response.

Removing Trump will simply put Ayatollah Pence in charge. Pence’s response will be a little different but no less hostile to humanity and Moscow Mitch will continue to lead the infantry.


For years we’ve heart from the MSM and from Congress and pundits that we can’t afford it; it being anything that helps out ordinary Americans. Sure, it’s a good idea but we can’t afford it? How can we pay for it?

What we really, truly can’t afford is having this same irresponsible idiot re-elected in 2020. But there probably is a better chance of that happening than anything that will substantially make conditions better for the typical American.


Every time Dump comments on anything to do with the Corona virus, it always sounds like something he just pulls out of his ass. Whether it is bleach, or some existing drug that sounds great to him as a solution, his comments like, “What have you got to lose,” sends chills down my back like fingernails on a blackboard. The guy certainly has no clue about anything relating to the seriousness of the pandemic, which was evident when people started to die in the US and he was telling the world the virus would be gone very soon. Most recently, some magic bullet will end the virus in the country and we’ll be back to normal in just a few months, no vaccine required. He never relies on his advisors, instead getting rid of them as he disagrees with everything they tell him.


Is malpractice something tRump can be impeached for? It seems suitable in this case.


Voting Trump out and voting for Biden are nowhere on sensibility radar.

A new story will be written in November. It will have a kicker intro, something like;

Nobody won. Now what?


Sadly, no

First in Italy, then in New York, the bug has luxuriated in CHFO’s, or Concentrated Human Feeding Operations, where such abundant concentrations of prey abound that on-the-fly evolution gets supercharged for the virus. Mutations of unknowable future deadliness emerge. That’s the problem with CAFO’s or CHFO’s – where green pastures openly await as concentrations of confined humans, here in USA. This is a pathogenic threat to the whole world. Naturally Lancet is apprehensive.

Our first case in USA is recorded for January 24. From there to yesterday, May 14, is a full 16 weeks.
A brief history of USA’s COVID-19 outbreak (CDC stats):

> WEEK    14 DAYS             CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   2.  02/06/2020          10          10
>   4.  02/20/2020           2          12
>   6.  03/05/2020         151         163
>   8.  03/19/2020      15,055      15,218
>  10.  04/02/2020     224,060     239,278
>  12.  04/16/2020     422,433     661,711
>  14.  04/30/2020     402,095   1,063,806
>  16.  05/14/2020     349,675   1,413,481
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The CDC has suffered “corporate capture” for at least the last 30 years, its complicity with the opioid industry being a prime example.

It’s not just “conservative policies” and defunding that crippled it.


So does this mean the UK is interfering in US elections?

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I note in a passing article today that 63% of Americans in a poll said China should be made to pay for the harm it caused in the US.

The poll says less about the virus and more about the mentality of Americans. With the help Trump gets from the Pelosi Democrats ($8,000,000,000,000 for the already filthy rich) crumbs for the rest, I rate the 2020 election a toss up.


For instance, a NY CHFO called MDC:

Among the most explosive elements of Venters’s report was his contention that MDC is destroying medical records as part of a deliberate effort to obscure the scope of coronavirus infection at the jail. Until a recent court order, jail staff were shredding the paper sick call requests that incarcerated people are using during the current lockdown because of the limited access to the computerized medical request system. Venters suggested that the shredding practice constitutes an unconscionable destruction of medical records. Without the information on those slips, he noted, there is no record of how long people are waiting for medical care — or of whether the care they eventually get is even appropriate to their original complaint. Especially important during a pandemic, the destruction of that information also leaves jail staff and everyone else in the dark about the spread of coronavirus symptoms.

Detainees at a Federal Jail Said Their Coronavirus Symptoms Were Ignored. The Government Is Fighting to Keep the Records Secret.

This is a pathogenic threat to the whole world.


Um, lots of us want him out, but is Don supposed to care about what “The Lancet” says?

Would think that the UK (majority) prefers Don.

That is news to me. Do you have any links you’d be inclined to provide?

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The Brits at least still think science is a good idea. When US corporate- owned news media can’t seem to speak out, I’m grateful for this response from overseas.


“But the CDC, once a “national pillar of public health,” has been “marginalized” and”

Maybe if the CD would have focused on viruses and disease instead of flavored vapes we would be better off now?

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In a country of stunning mediocrity, incompetence is embraced. Expect a close election.


He has an aid who helps him pull stuff out of his ass, because he couldn’t find his ass with both hands.