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Calling on Americans to Vote Trump Out, The Lancet Eviscerates US President Over 'Incoherent' Covid-19 Response

From chart below, it does show that much of Europe (UK, France, Italy) have more deaths per million than the US. Italy and France had severe outbreaks. The UK first settled on herd immunity until the new prime minister was hospitalized himself. (I suspect this was the point when Trump actually took notice.)

The strain of COVID19 from Europe appears to be more severe and was the strain that hit the East coast (NY, etc) while the strain hitting the West coast originated in China.

(For obvious reasons, reporting from China, Russia and undeveloped countries are probably not truly accurate. In the US tests, for the most part, have been given to those with symptoms, while in other countries most everyone is being tested. Then too, there’s the accuracy of the tests, which is beginning to show it’s pretty poor in the US with many false negatives.)


There is, however, no excuse for Trump’s lack of response and attempts to gloss over the seriousness of COVID19 in the US. His grade: F-.

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Conservatism = DEATH, SUFFERING (if you aren’t very wealthy, and certainly if you must work for a living).

Nov 2020: anyone but tRump and the cult rethug party.


From Politico

Trump ousts State Department watchdog

Democrats blasted the Friday-night dismissal as an assault on the rule of law.

President Donald Trump has removed State Department Inspector General Steve Linick and replaced him with an ally of Vice President Mike Pence — the latest in a series of moves against independent government watchdogs in recent months.

Trump informed Congress of his intent to oust Linick, a Justice Department veteran appointed to the role in 2013 by then President Barack Obama, in a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Friday night.

For more:


What we cannot stand is an orange jackass who sticks his nose into matters he knows nothing about, self-importance gone mad. I do not consider that he has the RIGHT to devastate America. I wish he and his minions would just stop doing anything at all, including sneaky behind-the-scenes evil as well as Trump’s upfront self-congratulations for chimpanzee solutions to critical adult problems. Give him and his minions some Play Dough or stinky pig-manure and let them apply themselves there. Cut off all his media-access except for entertainment from now until November 3, election day. Dress him in a pink tu-tu so he can celebrate his loss in front of us all.

I cannot express my contempt for him adequately.


I guess so. But at least they are doing it “up front, transparently”. LOL

Let’s try a little comparison here to figure out what is going on. What is cancer?
** Cancer is a disease that invades a host. Its job is to consume its host until the host weakens and dies. It is hard to eradicate. Great efforts are made to destroy it, but for the most part, the result is that the patient dies and the cancer dies with it. It often spreads throughout the body, the host, until there is little left over for the host’s survival.
** Now, let’s look at the world and the human race. Let’s call Mother Nature the CEO of Earth. For billions of years, Mother Nature has slowly built and balanced life on the Earth. Checks and balances were built in that worked quite well for thousands of years. Take herbivores and carnivores for instance. Deer, moose, buffalo and caribou find plenty to eat and they multiply. Eventually there are so many that the greens are becoming used up. However, Nature has also developed carnivores. Wolves are a case in point. They kill and eat herbivores. as the population of herbivores increases, the wolves increase as well. They cull the herbivores of its weak and sick and reduce the size of the herds. If the wolves multiply until they are eating too much of the herbivores, the wolves begin to starve and get sick, their births decrease. After a time, the herbivores and the carnivores strike a balance and both thrive. This holds for thousands of years and Earth is healthy.
** Somewhere along the line, Earth gets a cancer virus. That virus kills the herbivores, takes the greens that feed them, destroys the wolves it sees as a competitor and throws the world’s balance into disarray. That cancer’s insatiable greed poisons the Earth, destroys the checks and balances that have been built into the plan, and takes everything of value it can find. Nature, like the doctor, realizes that without radical surgery, the Earth will die. Nature has sent lots of warnings to that cancer virus, but it does not listen. It just increases its greed and further weakens the Earth.
** I think perhaps Mother Nature realizes She has made a mistake and the only answer is to kill the virus before it kills the Earth. Disease has always been the court of last resort and seldom used, but perhaps we are seeing the start of the last extinction. When the cancer has been eliminated, the next step is to rebuild the patient’s health. Mother Nature has billions of years to work and experiment and She may find a solution to the problem, and there will be some sort of critters that will survive the extinction. They will be nurtured and developed if the Man Cancer has been eliminated and Mother Nature will be able to continue the plan. Rising sea levels, earthquakes and an ice age or two will remove any evidence that the Man Cancer ever existed. I hope She has learned from Her mistakes and the next occupant will not become a cancer. I remember Mark Antony’s eulogy for Caesar. He said, “The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft’ interred with their bones.” And so it seems to be occurring.



Yes, well look who appointed Mr. Linick:


There are obvious problems with the metrics. A number of Doctors in the USA have claimed that the count of those that died in the USA to COVID is likely an under count. Indeed they have found after autopsies after the fact that the first deaths to COVID in the USA were earlier then first reported. Just as you claim Russia and China not truly accurate , I doubt those from the US are.

Now the amount of infections per test test done is important for that reason.

If the USA is seeing 1 positive for every 7 tests that suggests there a large number of people not being tested that have COVID. It unlikely that only people that decide to go to a hospital for a test have the infection. Added to that persons with symptoms in the USA are much less likely to go in for tests due to the possibilities of costs. In most Countries people with symptoms do not face the possibility of a bill when they go in to hospital . This includes China and Russia.

Now that people are likely dying to COVID and it not being counted as such likely happens in other Countries as well. I read an article on Italy where they claimed this likely the case as once they had their lock down there were people living on their own that died and they were not necessarily counted as a death to COVID.

What is most important , and here the EU is a best example , is that some countries out performed others. Yes the European strain might have been more virulent but Countries in Europe that border one another saw some Countries performing well and some poorly. I do not as example think Austria fabricates its numbers and Spain does not.

The difference between Spain and the UK and italy is I have yet to hear the leaders of those Countries claim that of all Countries in the world they have done the best job or that all other countries look to the USA to see how it should be done. The only person making these claims is the President of the USA.

The Country of New Zealand did a remarkable job , but I do not see Jacinda tweeting that this all due to her leadership and greatness.

If you look at the numbers overall , the USA is in the top ten countries that performed the worst

Yes but his target is his base and the fox audiences, they buy all the bull shit he spews

It would be an interesting study to see WHY they do that.

There was a poll done in Canada just a few weeks ago to see which groups of professionals were seen as the most trusted. They had Doctors , Nurses and Scientists off the charts as far as trustworthiness goes while down in the USA there a huge percentage claiming the Scientists and Doctors are lying. I recall a photo of protestors in the USA carrying signs saying it was all fake . One truck was painted with “Jesus is my Vaccine”. Some would suggest that it Religion that leads to this with all of those (over 90 percent of all televangelists are in the usa) but might it be that Religion is just another symptom of something else just as a distrust of science is? It really hard to say.

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Superbly explained, thank you! We have been multiplying and devouring the planet at exponential rates. We are the virus that is destroying the organism that is our planet. However I am not sure covid-19 or any other corona virus pandemic will be effective in reducing human population significantly besides it is inhumane. My hope on the other hand is self regulation and a peace deal with mother earth.

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I agree, Trump is not the problem; the whole fascist, organized crime syndicate called the Republican Party…IS THE REAL PROBLEM!


“Americans must put a president in the White House come January, 2021, who will understand that public health should not be guided by partisan politics,” the editorial reads.

I agree, but the only way that can done is if Bernie was nominated for POTUS and of course! That has no chance.

Correct. You will appreciate this story i believe:


How a “real” leader acts.


Better to say “Americans must put a president in the WH”, period.

Oh yes indeed a great observation by you, thank you! I totally agree and add that throughout many decades of propaganda and trivialization of science where it serves the interest of big business to exploit the brains of the fundamentally very decent american population, the common people have been very successfully “social engineered”. It is my belief that mass consumption of factory foods since the inception of the canned food and TV dinners processed to death plus multitude of environmental factors contribute to causing severe cases of mostly un-diagnosed or treated cases of widespread ADHD and other what i call designer diseases. Many of these diseases did not exist before the 1950’s. Most Americans have as a result lost their ability to concentrate or think deeply, constantly changing brain channels like the TV adds they are exposed to. I invite you to experiment this by engaging in conversation let’s say a German or a Scandinavian or even a British or Canadian person and you will notice that they have a lot more depth of thought. We are what we eat or rather what we’ve been fed. In america People have been systematically deprived of their land and their own food cultivation, food production is controlled by a handful of huge conglomerates that produce very low quality and harmful products unfit for human consumption. But since it takes the work of cooking a meal from scratch it is almost universally the preferred choice. Mass migration of people from rural areas to big cities, leaving the agrarian way of life behind, deforestation, factory farming and mass production/consumption of unhealthy but cheap foods have contributed to over population, deliberate oversimplification of intellectual content in education or duming-down, and other health crises we are witnessing today specifically in the United States of America.

Add to that increased violent behavior again directly attributable to diet

My Nephew, who moved to New Zealand after he protested the shocking and awful Bush attack on Iraq with no avail, and said he simply could not stand what the U.S. was doing in his name, says that was one of the best moves he ever made in his life, emails that Jacinda is doing a remarkable job, but humble about it.


I would put her with the leaders of Iceland and Finland and Norway as in the top ten leaders the world over. 4 women.Hmm. Thatcher and Hilary notwithstanding, the world could use a few more.