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Calling on Brian Kemp to Resign, Jimmy Carter Says Being a Candidate While Also Controlling Election Process Violates 'Most Fundamental Principle' of Democracy


Calling on Brian Kemp to Resign, Jimmy Carter Says Being a Candidate While Also Controlling Election Process Violates 'Most Fundamental Principle' of Democracy

Jon Queally, staff writer

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, who has also spearheaded election monitor in countries across the world for decades, has called on Brian Kemp—the Georgia Republican who is running for governor while also serving as Secretary of State—to resign from his post in order to ensure integrity of the state's upcoming election.


Oh Jimmy, The republicans gave up common decency and certainly fairness long ago.


Please explain. I am unaware of any examples of secretary of states tossing registrations and ballots like Kemp. Of course, I am aware of progressive myths about the New York City Board of Elections—I read the AG’s report—and I am aware some folks at the DNC said mean things about Bernie. Neither of those are the same, even the first was not intentional in the way certain progressives claim. CNN would appreciate your both-sides assertion though.


Carter sez: “In Georgia’s upcoming gubernatorial election, popular confidence is threatened … because you are now overseeing the election in which you are a candidate.”

Even the Village Idiot delegated that work to his brother and his local campaign chair in Florida in 2000.


The conservative middle-class US (and for that matter, Canadian, and Brazilian, and Australian, and German, and Polish and Hungarian, and British), voters are, deep inside, actually radical leftists who want radical leftist leaders with integrity, bit because the Democrats (or NDP, or PT,or Labour, etc…) don’t offer radical leftists as candidates - and there has been some cases of corruption in the Democratic party (but nothing major since Daley and the Chicago machine days 50 years ago, or maybe, Marion Barry in DC a little later). So, instead they (and Canadian, and Brazilian, and Australian, and German, and Polish and Hungarian, and British) prefer to vote for utterly corrupt right wing extremist leaders instead.

As I wrote, earlier, it is utter nonsense, and recent elections around the world prove it is nonsense. Yet even if the face of all of this, Glen Greenwald pretty much repeated this ridiculous narrative from Brazil on DN this morning.


Kemp does not need to resign from his position as Secretary of State, he needs to withdraw from the race. If he does not, then he should be disqualified by the state election apparatus. His actions, if not eventually deemed criminal, certainly disqualify him for the office for which he is running.


To most honorable President Jimmy Carter;


Same thing is happening in Kansas with Kobach.


If Kemp will not resign, the people of Georgia must remove him by force if necessary.


If Georgia voters don’t vote against Kemp on November 6 there is zero chance they will “remove him by force”.


You could go back to Jim Crow if you need to. The reality is that there is one side, in modern times, that is intentionally using all “legal” means to suppress votes. I’m not going to play games about it, issue MSM-type stand-above-the-fray both sides blather, much less lecture people about the “duopoly” as an excuse to avoid reality.

There is one party that is doing this, and it will continue to do it if it sees its efforts succeed this election.


By force? I’m sure you advocate that from a very safe distance.


Is Andrew Gillum part of this party you speak of, or Stacey Abrams? Abrams has run voter registration programs, after all, and Kemp has done all he can to slow her advocacy organizations from registering voters.

What I think is you need a convenient excuse for accepting Trump and his friends, just like you did in 2016, when you wanted to “bring things to a head” (remember that?). I am working to do something, knocking on doors to get a real life person elected in my district. I’m proud of this, hope we turn my red district blue, because I care less about philosophical excuse making, but actually affecting things for the better. Life isn’t perfect, but it can be better than it is now under an unchecked Trump.

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Force by numbers.

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True, but so did the democrats, but they are still fooling many, many well meaning democrats that their party is the party of common decency and fairness.


Sorry, Mr. President, but when you admonished Dims not to go too far left (in other words, follow Christ’s teachings through humane policies) you lost the high ground.

Apparently you, too, are an establishment Dim, even though the establishment considers you a pariah.

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IMHO, voters of both left and right want “Leaders with Integrity”.  Unfortunately, modern politics requires selling one’s soul to even get on the ballot – much less actually win – which has rendered “Leaders with Integrity” into an oxymoron.  You’re about as likely to find a Leader with Integrity as you are to find an Honest Lawyer.


Jimmy Carter was our last hope of a liberal President. But the government was set up by the money-power to be ruled by conservatives by default, a fake democracy.


I would imagine Carter realizes that as well. I would assume he is playing a card where some in Georgia who might not have voted otherwise would go and vote for Abrams. Given it’s a razor thin election, who knows, Carter could have a positive impact (I don’t see a negative impact - but I’ve never lived in Georgia).


I know, it is so weird for people to want their political system and political parties to actually implement policies that are net-benefits to them. We have had decades of stagnating wages, massive growth in inequality, crumbling infrastructure, on and on, and it cannot be said that the center and the right has any actual answers. Now, if you can provide me some actual solutions emanating form the likes of those running the DCCC and if you can explain how those solutions are actually going to be implemented when the Democratic Party is still heavily reliant on donors that oppose needed structural changes, please do so. Seems obvious that when this particular globalization was created (which you have defended here numerous times, although never really moved by anything you have said), it was obvious that this is where we would be headed, because this particular globalization was created to explicitly undermine the ability of democracies to control the rich and capital the world over. Those powerful interests created the WTO, and they are the ones with a seat at the table when deals like NAFTA (which you think is okay and no big deal) were created. Well, guess what, that stuff has benefited the groups at that table far more than anyone else. Shocking, right?

So, what solutions do you see Yunzer coming form the non-left? What vision do the Democrats have to really change this context? What sense of urgency do you see from people like Pelosi? And what do you have to say about the fact that the current quasi-fascist entered office with support of only 25% of the voting age population? Who votes far less than the middle class and the upper class? The poor and lower income voters, which the political system has de-politicized and ignores. Who votes far less than white people? People of color, who have been destroyed by both these parties and their policies. Who has voted us into this position? The boomers, and who votes less than the boomers? Young people. God forbid we start to try and appeal to those that don’t vote, and ask ourselves why turnout is so massively low, and why polls show that people are now questioning every major dominant institution in the country now. Surely those that have been running the show got this all figured out. Silly leftists need to go to Yunzer to get a good finger waving. Even though they have had no power what so ever, and have been right about most everything going back decades, they somehow are really the naive children in all of this and are the ones at fault.

Oh, and of course don’t pay any mind that the public actually does agree with the left on almost every major issue, even with the left barely existing politically at the national level until very recently. Surely no problem in a democracy when there is such a huge gap between what people want, and what the state is actually doing. And what it has been doing has been a smashing success.