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Calling Out 'Backward Incentives' of Trump Tax Law, 54 Groups Urge Congress to Support Effort to Stop Corporate Offshoring

Calling Out 'Backward Incentives' of Trump Tax Law, 54 Groups Urge Congress to Support Effort to Stop Corporate Offshoring

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In an effort to combat "one of the most egregious problems" created by President Donald Trump's deeply unpopular $1.5 trillion tax law, a diverse array of 54 prominent advocacy groups sent a letter (pdf) on Thursday calling on members of Congress to back legislation that would eliminate the law's "backward incentives" tha

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We’re one of a few countries that tax domestic corporations on profits earned in other countries. The tax laws incents corporations to actually bring money earned offshore back into our country.

I’m teed off that local gas prices have shot up 50 cents a gallon in a months time, more than likely headed much higher. Scumbag Dump and his thieving polluting warmongering oil cronies ramping up again for this nations peoples fleecing. What happened to the Saudi Mohammed bin Salman who wanted higher oil prices and seems to have fallen off the face of the Earth?



Watch what happens as Election Day gets closer.

It’ll probably be at the end of summer, but, watch how the price of gas drops.

Don’t the “54 groups” know that the corporations write the job descriptions for electeds ?

Those job descriptions are very simple: BENEFIT THE 1% AT THE EXPENSE OF THE 99%.


Trump just dumped billions into the Chinese economy, continues to alienate Europe and American continent traders like Canada and Mexico and Wisconsin just paid a Chines company, Foxconn, to build an Apple factory there. Still can’t find an American label at Wallmart in spite of the fact that prices are going up and Trump jumps down on the one innovative company in the country Amazon. My tax cut just disappeared with gas prices, let alone the price of bread. He is right you can’t afford cheap goods if you don’t have a job, but he hasn’t fixed that except to promise more black lung disease. OK so wall street and the banks are happy,. There is a class for the people who still support Trump. The group at minus two standard deviations from the means on the standard bell curve or as President-elect Hillary said “Basket of deplorables”


Its obvious this fake prez works for destruction, greed, exploitation; the rule of profits over people, the environment a thing to be plundered, “ordinary” people thrown out in the garbage, The Wild and animals slaughtered - all animal species on Earth, even the earth itself, at risk from a person of zero morality, conscience, wisdom or sanity! He doesn’t give a fiddlers damn about anything but his own shallow, ignorant and malevolent experience in “business” - his greed and that of his cronies and other parasite scum paramount!

Why would he do anything for the people, the 99%, or protect any other life forms or habitat on earth? He is a human pile of evil corrupt filth, along with his entire Cabinet, advisers, and crime family!

The actions this malignant scum takes are designed to destroy, divide, disenfranchise and exploit - he works for the last voice with access to his corrupt ears as seen countless times. He represents what is worst in America and the world, he wouldn’t know how to process anything for the Common Good if his life depended on it, and has surrounded himself with evil swine of the same rotten ilk…

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These are “backward incentives” …

In the end the Royals who morphed into Elites really don’t want to run
corporations/businesses in order to secure wealth.

They want total control of the US, it’s land and natural resources, it’s wealth.

Don’t know what the final record will show but we have seen that at least one
Bank has closed three branches which seems to signal that the fat cats are
at last on the road to wealth without work.

Do you really think any revenues brought back will actually compensate for the huge cuts that are going to sink the federal government?

If we do not get Democrats in large numbers in the House and Senate to nullify the tax act the country IS going to sink within two years. There will not be money to keep the federal government running. Trump is a grifter and he is going to take the world down with him. Hitler was committed to something similar with Germany. His personality was such as to not give a damn if he sunk Germany.