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Calling Out Corporate Control of US Media, Sanders Campaign Launches 'Bern Notice' Newsletter

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/15/calling-out-corporate-control-us-media-sanders-campaign-launches-bern-notice


The more time goes by, the more it becomes apparent that the Democratic Party and the corporate media would gleefully settle for a second Trump administration in lieu of a Sanders presidency.
Of course things look better and better for ‘ol uncle Joe these days, as Trump seems to be fucking up at the speed of sound. Trump is now one war or one recession away from losing a Goldwater type landslide, even to leering Joe. And the DNC knows it. That’s why, no matter what idiotic musings or old man ravings leave Joe lips on the campaign trail, the DNC will stop at nothing to keep him in the race.
But just like three years ago, if the black Democratic voting block back Joe, and the Hispanics stay home during the primaries again, Biden is shoo in.
At the end of all this however, Sanders is absolutely correct to wake war on the media. There are no liberal voices remaining in the main stream media these days.


It’s great to be an American where we have the freedom of the MSM smear press. I am also glad we have WAPO where the writers and editors are free to publish anything Bozo approves of. But we can always turn to DNCNN or MSDNC as an alternative for the truth. I hear Joe is leading in a poll of Republicans 65+ …


You can go all the way back to when Bernie was running against HRC and the photo evidence of crowd size tells the real story. I trust photo’s more than any news outlet or poll. Seeing is believing.


Thank you, Bernie!

Now, to get the word out to all those who do not have twitter or Facebook accounts or even a PC. Let’s find the candidates to whom this corporate press makes donations and expose it widely and creatively.


I make a point these days of watching Rachael Maddow and listening to what is projected . Over time it can be shown that she is the mirror girl for transnational oligarchic / deregulation/ usurpation scam operation that is intensifying into a parallel “reality” designed to utterly confuse and disempower.
The bloviation on Russia is deflection from a globalization coup in progress - downshifted by the actor-puppet Reagan, popped clutched by Bush I, pedal to the metal by Clinton, chittychittybangbanged by Bush II and ohsosonicfloattyfloatie by Obama. Trump is intended to be just that: the trump card on a stacked deck.

One of my questions is: If Russia is f#!&*ing around with elections, then WHY is the federal government not empowering states to set up verifiable paper ballot system with UN election verification?
This is not a redundant question


Feel the bern and be prepared to hold his feet to the fire by working locally


Adding to that, why is it that the Carter Center has never been allowed to monitor elections here?


You’re spot on there. I was just talking with someone yesterday about what is obviously the cyclical nature of America’s second gilded age. It started with one dumb puppet in Reagan, who’s only job was to be the faithful front man as GHW Bushs acolytes began to implement the John Birch society/Powell memo vision of the post Vietnam takeover of the USA.
On the other end we now have Reagan II, in the form of yet another dim carnival barker, Donald Trump. His job has been very similar to Ronny’s as he is supposed to go out in front of the media and the people every day and say the most bat shit crazy things that come to mind, all the while the final fleecing and privatization of the American government takes place in the shadows.
Short of a New Deal type revolution, we will never recover from these years. And maybe not even then.


Bernie’s move to step up his counter attack on “the media” is late but crucial. we just donated to him again along with Tulsi. Both have been targets. Attacks against her have been more vicious but the biais against Bernie has never stopped since 2015. One important topic for Bernie is to abandon the Russiagate garbage which will continue to eat away at Democrats and serve as a potent weapon as Trump reminds voters of how the Democrat “media” pushed Russiagate. Sanders must repair his “Russiagate” position if he wants to appeal to indpendents and people who have not drunk the Russia hating koolaid.
Meanwhile, Gabbard is off doing National Guard training, don’t be surprised if the DNC attempts a final deathblow to her campaign by announcing she is not allowed in the September debates. They were severly rattled by how she exposed Kamala Harris.


When Bernie Sanders speaks he educates and give hope. We are entering an era of lateral power. We no longer want the hierarchy forced upon us by the media entertainment business. Bernie educates, uses terminology and strategies people can understand. Bernie Sanders is a problem solver because he faces problems head on. We need to move to the third industrial revolution were “power” will be in the hands of the people. Bernie Sanders knows how to tap into the creativity of the United States citizens and enlist US to do the hard work needed to transition. Bernie is not angry because he can teach US how to ask for what we need, want, envision for our children.


One of the main keys to the banker/corporate/fascist coup, is rampant propaganda and pablum masquerading as “news”!

In any state dedicated to the Common Good, the citizenry/people MUST be truthfully and fully informed.. The American Fourth Estate, so critical to any “democracy” has been bought-out and its teeth pulled by corporate masters serving their own and like-minded entities.

The fraud of media/press “telling both sides” of an issue is an especially infuriating deception! One “side” is the truth, and the other “side” bald-faced deception, lies, and fantasy - intentionally packaged to confuse and deceive - definitely not “all the news” and not “fit to print”.

The small collection of corporate media outlets and their vapid lap-dog pretty-faces all delivering essentially the same daily serving of pablum, diversions, lies and propaganda, are complicit to ALL the filth and destruction the trump regime has done - especially massive free air time lavished on his mindless blather!

What should still be the peoples airwaves now serving-up “both-sides” verbatim talking points, not truth or news.
We must take-back the people’s airwaves gifted/sold to highest-bidder corporate entities by a complicit corrupt Congress for campaign-contribution bribes Those independent airwaves re-dedicated to provide real news and truth, not propaganda lies, jingoism, and diversions to serve the oligarchy and war-machine! Peace!


I remember shitting my pants when Trump brought out his “Fake News” mantra. It really put the kibosh on the serious introspection that this country needs regarding the fourth estate. Whether or not Bernie can overcome this at this time is a wild card, particularly with corporate media, clearly lined to the gills with marching orders against him, confounding his campaign at every turn. Bernie 2020!


It’s not that they aren’t allowed, the Carter Center refuses to monitor U. S. elections because as they say, they do not meet basic international standards for openess, fairness, or transparency. How can they when local boards of elections are totally controlled by the two major parties who decide who is eligible to be on a ballot, which ballots are valid, and generally deny third party officials access to ballots they declare to be “spoiled” so they can be challenged? We have nothing in this country even resembling a real representative democracy, and until we do, and do it by wholesale reform of the system, nothing is going to significantly change.


The DNC is doing the same thing they did in 2016: rigging the primary to get a candidate who will work for their clique:media, wall street, military/cia, corporate.
Hillary’s people started Russiagate as the core of their coverup that they were subverting Sanders. The irony is that the Republicans stole the election from her through voter supression which succeeded in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. Clinton could not call them on it because she had just stolen the primary from Sanders!
Hence, Russiagate!


Bernie is absolutely correct in his analysis of the US media.

" “The truth is, a knowledgeable and informed electorate is essential to a working democracy, and the work of journalists in this country and abroad is absolutely critical to our communities and to maintaining a free society,” said Sanders. “It is my sincere hope that we can spend more time talking in-depth about the issues facing the working people of this country and less time covering the latest scandal or political gossip.” "


Sanders will need to stake out a clear position on the ‘fake news’ label which the media will tar him with and attempt to tie him to Trump just as they did to Gabbard. This “feel the Bern” newsletter looks good as it appears to be an ongoing rapid response which will continue to counter the many misleading comments/articles which ammount to ‘death by 1000 cuts’ if not constantly rebutted.


Taking on the media worked wonders for Trump. About time the Dems woke up.

Now take on the corrupt DNC and maybe he’ll get elected…


Ironically, a large measure of the success of “Bern Notice” will be how often it’s mentioned in the mainstream media, favorably or unfavorably.

Why unfavorably? Ask Trump about the power of publicity.



Now about all these candidates:


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