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Calling Out Corporate Control of US Media, Sanders Campaign Launches 'Bern Notice' Newsletter

Can’t decide whether to move to Canada or Mexico. But as a chronic pain patient and retiree, staying in the US is looking less and less like a good idea.

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But isn’t Trump right? Trump looks at the polling then makes it fit his view of the world. People in this country hate the media-----people may not totally grasp why they hate the media -----maybe because it repeats itself feeding us BULLSHIT!----Sanders, Warren , and Gabbard have not done enough in calling out this murderous gate keeping community called the US media. A reporter for the WP gets killed then we care about Yemen----How many children have died in Yemen with the aide and comfort of the US military??? Sanctions on Venezuela----is this ok???40,000 people DEAD because of US sanctions!!! THE PEOPLE OF THE US HAVE THE POWER TO STOP THIS CRAP!

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Hi pcprincess:
Happy Anniversary!
And hopefully it might also be the anniversary death of that Stupid -Hillary Russia did it scam. : )


My wife says Canada will only allow those under the age of 60, and be able to work and contribute to their economy.

Please research this and I apologize if you find this incorrect.

If it is correct, I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

You may want to research Medicinal Cannabis for your chronic pain. There is no reason for you to be in pain unnecessarily.

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Bernie and his teams educate, from the Latin educare, to draw forth the best in people. Too bad Tom Steyer seems to be all Ego-driven, Every-candidate-for-himself with the Dem(olition) party. Steyer could be using his successful minions and
36 billion to create a new Green People’s Party, M4A, new media, public banking, infrastructure jobs with living wages, free higher education & training, WITH Bernie and his millions who support and are
working toward implementation of his decades-long policies for people, peace and planet, where profits and wealth are actually taxed and put into service of the Commons and of building resilience in communities and the nation.


Having the Koch Bros owning PBS is the most stomach-turning death stench of MSM.


Brilliant and succinct. Why I need a Green People’s Party. Never will vote Dem again, even though many of my best friends are Dem, Goddess Bless 'Em All.

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Anyone here want some motivation to get involved? Imagine the.massive collective meltdown in the corporate media if Bernie were to win. Imagine how lost and unhinged they would become if he won, and the realization that all their propaganda in the end did not mean dick.

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Ralph talks about this issue all the time. He asks just about every guest on his radio hour whether they got coverage from the MSM and PBS.

He has not talked about the path I suggest. The radio hour website has posted it their comments section.

My theory is that it may take more than one person suggesting this approach to Ralph to get him to talk about it and put it into action.

It is a bit of a catch 22. I am often told that ideas like this will get coverage when enough people support the idea, but people can’t support the idea if they don’t know about it which won’t happen if people are not informed about it which requires it being covered before people support it.

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Have you seen this? Hard to photoshop this. The Zoom is wonderful, Look at Chief Roberts face, he is disgusted.

How do I sign up to receive the “Bern Notice”?

Seems that Google can’t find any such thing.

(@qofdisks asked the same question)

It shows up as the second item in Google now. https://bernie.substack.com/p/subscribe-to-bern-notice.

This is the first video with Krystal Ball I’d seen, and I was very impressed. She is not flawless - I think she missed an obvious point in another video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8um85iZ5Fww) where she debated a conservative on M4A and through a lack of a response conceded that profit by health insurance is a thin slice of our medical costs when she should have countered that it isn’t just the profit that is the problem (though it is still an obscene amount in some cases), it is the actual percentage of money going to a completely useless function that is not needed in an M4A system - that is a sizable percentage. Useless labor (and not profit) is still useless.

Anyway, I watched a bunch of her videos and find it very interesting she was on MSNBC and forecasted Hillary’s nomination and general election loss and was then told she had to clear future statements about that campaign with the campaign itself. Her show on HillTV called Rising is slick like something that could be on MSNBC and I would have been absolutely flabbergasted to see that show on that network.

She made a great defense of Tulsi Gabbard at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPNr2CGFIwA&t=64s. I think @LibWingofLibWing might be interested in that one if she hasn’t seen it. If only more of the mainstream pundits or journalists were more like Krystal. I guess you can get full episodes of Rising at https://thehill.com/hilltv. Might keep checking it out for a while. Her co-host seems good as well though isn’t featured that much in videos I’ve seen on youtube.


Skeptic –

Essentially we have no free press that isn’t under control of wealthy –
and that’s been true since at least the end of WWII when CIA took control
of our press.
See: Operation Mockingbird drafted in 1943
See: Carl Bernstein’s report of it in the 1970’s in Rolling Stone
“CIA & Media” http://carlbernstein.com/magazine_cia_and_media.php

Moonves in that article essential makes clear that Capitalism is suicidal –

Would just like to add this link while I’m here to ACCUWEATHER NEWS which
I generally take a look at every day –

Note the articles on the right –

Whopping 18 inches of hail accumulates in parts of Michigan

After record-breaking hailstones fell from the Colorado sky earlier this week, “a snowstorm of ice” left staggering amounts of hail accumulations and damage to some crops.

Even more shocking –

Scientists make troubling discovery in rain falling over portion of US

The recent finding was “purely accidental,” one scientist said. Meanwhile, a similar phenomenon was observed in Arctic snow leading another scientist to describe the discovery as "a real shock"

Plastic has become more than just a part of humans’ daily lives; it’s now a part of the environment. Scientists in two very different places have made similar, startling observations in precipitation that demonstrate how plastic is finding its way into every facet of life on the planet.

In the Rocky Mountains, United States Geological Survey (USGS) scientists took samples of rainwater and accidentally found particles of microplastics. They originally had set out to analyze the samples to study rainwater for nitrogen pollution levels. Instead, they found something much more tragic.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), microplastics are pieces of plastic debris that are less than 5 millimeters in length. NOAA explains that microplastics, microbeads and microfibers pose a dangerous threat to aquatic life.

If these particles are ingested or marine wildlife get entangled in them, the plastics can cause injury, alter behaviors and drastically impact important populations. This could throw the balance of the entire ecosystem off kilter. (More at link)

Of course, we’re already used to ACID RAIN
Acid rain is a rain or any other form of precipitation that is unusually acidic, meaning that it has elevated levels of hydrogen ions. It can have harmful effects on plants, aquatic animals and infrastructure. Acid rain is caused by emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide, which react with the water molecules in the atmosphere to produce acids. Some governments have made efforts since the 1970s to reduce the release of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide into the atmosphere with positive re

And when nuclear weapons used to be exploded in the air, the debris
came down with our rain –

The Reckless History Of U.S. Nuclear Testing, In 55 …

However, so far, atmospheric nuclear testing alone is believed to have caused 2.4 million deaths through cancer. This is the legacy of the Nuclear Age. This is the legacy of the Nuclear Age. The U.S. has blasted itself more than 1,000 times and killed more than a million of its own people — and only ever launched two nuclear bombs at its enemies.

Also –

The United States’ Nuclear Testing Programme: CTBTO …
*www.ctbto.org/nuclear-testing/the-effects-of… *
*The United States conducted 1,032 nuclear tests between 1945 and 1992: at the Nevada Test Site, at sites in the Pacific Ocean, in Amchitka Island of the Alaska Peninsula, Colorado, Mississippi, and New Mexico. The Nevada Test Site. Between 1951 and 1958, around 100 nuclear weapons tests were conducted in the atmosphere at the Nevada Test Site (NTS). *

Here’s a search page if anyone is interested in more info –


Joan –

Thank you –

“And anyone pretending that Bernie is like Trump because they both critique the media is not trying to be serious. There is a difference between critiquing a free press collectively and critiquing corporate domination of the media. Orwell and Chomsky critiqued the corporate domination of the media, and there is a reason why you never see Chomsky (the most influential intellectual on the left in the world) in the corporate media. Fascists critique a free press. People that don’t know the difference are just ignorant or mentally lazy, so called “centrists” are often both.”

The dollar bill is an artificial creation which needs to be uninvented –
If you can accumulate dollar bills, you can accumulate power over others - dominate/control.
Yet we have a right wing Supreme Court which has not been challenged in the least on
supplying proof that dollar bills are free speech – and can be used to buy our government.

Before Royals/Elites morphed into corporations . . .

Long before what we call “media,” communication – whether books or periodicals/bulletins –
was originally in the hands of and circulated by the Vatican; too often taking the form of hateful propaganda in its religious writings in the Papal States and later wherever the Catholic Church
had a presence. 90%+ of the public couldn’t read or write and they were reliant on information/
news circulated by the Vatican.

That influence has been long lasting – we can still point to the era when the RCC had a great
deal to say about what movies the public could watch – and great influence over our governments
(and still today over governments) in its support for Elites and Patriarchy.

That influence over governments prevented access to contraceptives/birth control for women and families. And still today the church is very active in the campaign to overturn Roe.
We can still see this influence over governments in many nations today.

And we can see the shocking use of that influence by Trump using GAG RULES to shut down
United Nations programs to supply birth control to women around the world and information
on abortion. We are not at all free from this influence today. The Boston Globe almost 20
years ago made clear the strong influence of the Catholic Church that prevented Boston
newspapers from reporting on sexual abuse of children - or even understanding the truth of
the numbers of victims and offending priests there. The RCC’s influence on our free press
and our governments is something we still live with today – and is little reported or even
commented on.
See: SPOTLIGHT, the movie and/or Boston Globe reports on pedophile priests

There are two other important tie-in’s which effect what we should be able to understand of
this RCC influence over our press – one is what isn’t reported – and the other is the CIA …

The War in Spain always puzzled me because I really always felt that I didn’t understand the
reasons for it. I understood fascism, certainly. But not what brought about the war until I came
upon an article by George Seldes who makes clear that it was peasant uprisings against the
Catholic Church in Spain over 75 years where peasants were burning Catholic Churches
because of the Church’s support of Elites/wealthy against the interests of the masses. Finally,
in response to these peasant uprisings, Span declared itself a Republic – a democracy with
Separation of Church & State and immediately stopped funding the Catholic Church there.
As a Catholic myself, I had no difficulty understanding the fascist nature of the Vatican and its
religion and that it is the underpinning for Elite/Patriarchy around the world.

Meanwhile, the CIA has been another mystery of fascist operations, including coups around
the world – sadly, to overturn developing democracies and democratically elected leaders.
Nations which have spoken out against Capitalism and made clear its injustices and tried to
correct them. The full agenda and activities of the CIA are mainly still hidden because the
investigations of the 1970’s by what remained of liberals and moderates in both parties in
Congress came to an abrupt end – and the full details of the investigation by Frank Church
have never yet been released. What the investigation did reveal was hugely shocking to the
American public, but likely what was revealed was the least of the horrors.
Later the NRA seems to have been used by the CIA to target any other members of Congress
who might move for future investigations of the CIA.

The Vatican appeared to have been neutered more or less with the disappearance of its armies –
but I very much want to bring to the attention of all here that according to John Stockwell - CIA
Whistleblower (whose videos have a number of times been shown on C-span) the CIA is
referred to outside of the organization as “Catholics In Action” – and within the CIA, as well.

Coming back full circle, it is undeniable that the Catholic Church has engaged in extreme
and bizarre measures and teachings based in controlling the most private functions of their
members’ lives – i.e., normal human sexuality.

Strong clues to this obsession with reproduction can be found in the Vatican’s oppression of
women, in the Church’s teachings which deny members the right to decide for themselves
whether or not to use birth control/contraception and whether or not to have abortions which
for the most part have been illegal in the US since the days of the “Witch Hunts” here – and
up until the Supreme Court made contraception legal in 1960s – and then abortion legal in 1973.

This ban on abortion extended even to cases of rape of women, and incest where very young
girls suffered pregnancies. This week we are seeing this same fanatical obsession from Rep.
Steven King who proclaimed both events as a source of population.

We should all also be aware that it was the Vatican/“Christianity” which invented
Capitalism when Feudalism was no longer sufficient to run the Papal States.

Further proof of this Vatican/Capitalism connection and concern was made clear when
the Italian Pope made a never before appearance before the Italian Parliament to push
them to work in the interests of having Italian women produce more children – as he
made clear – as labor to be supplied for economic interests.

We should also note that it is the Catholic Church which produced the licenses to exploit
nature in “Manifest Destiny” and “Man’s Dominion Over Nature” – which have led to suicidal practices of not only exploitation of Nature, Animal Life, Natural Resources – but religiously ordained permission to exploit other human beings according to various myths of 'inferiority."

Elite/Patriarchy requires backing – it doesn’t exist on it’s own – it requires authorization.

That backing/authorization can only come from organized patriarchal religion and/or government.

Without an invisible and unaccountable god’s “say so” to white male-supremacy it would not exist.

George Seldes
The Vatican Propaganda Machine: The Spanish “Civil War” Lesson

From George Seldes, the “dean and granddaddy of investigative reporters,” when it comes to issues important to the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, “… there is no free press in America.” Seldes’s extensive study of the Spanish Civil War and the related control of the American press by the Catholic hierarchy is exceedingly instructive for all who are concerned about this freedom.

In 1931, Spain became the Republic of Spain, a liberal democracy that separated church and state, ended State monetary support for the church and adopted the principles of Freedom of Conscience, Freedom of Religion, and Freedom of the Press. The Vatican feared for the Church’s very survival in Spain. There had been four insurrections since 1835, and it was the Spanish people, the poor workers and poor peasants, who burned the churches because they blamed the hierarchy for having persistently backed the upper class. The latest uprising against the Catholic Church took place throughout the country in July, 1936. One historian described it as “the work of masses of common people, a spontaneous uprising.” The Vatican feared that the liberal democracy with its freedoms would spell the end of the Church in Spain.

Lincoln Assassination

And –


ROME, November 14, 2002 (LifeSiteNews.com) - In the first visit of a Pope to the Italian Parliament in over 120 years, Pope John Paul II called on Italian parliamentarians to encourage openness to life among Italians. The Pope called the “crisis of the birthrate, the demographic decline and the ageing of the population” a “grave threat that bears upon the future of this Country.” In some of the strongest language he has used on the topic the Pope warned: “Raw statistical evidence obliges us to take account of the human, social and economic problems which this crisis will inevitably impose on Italy in the decades to come. Above all, it encourages - indeed, I would dare to say, forces - citizens to make a broad and responsible commitment to favour a clear-cut reversal of this tendency.” The Pope assured the politicians that the Church would contribute to this needed development with promotion of openness to life. However, he stressed, “there is also ample room for political initiatives which, by upholding recognition of the rights of the family as the natural society founded upon marriage” which “can make the task of having children and bringing them up less burdensome both socially and economically.”
See the full text of the Pope’s address: http://www.vatican.va/holy_father/john_paul_ii/speeches/2002/november/documents/hf_jp-ii_spe_20021114_italian-parliament_en.html
See BBC Report BBC NEWS | Europe | Pope urges Italians to have children