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Calling Out 'Crisis of Leadership' Under Trump, Ex-Obama HUD Chief Julián Castro Enters 2020 Presidential Race


Calling Out 'Crisis of Leadership' Under Trump, Ex-Obama HUD Chief Julián Castro Enters 2020 Presidential Race

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Julián Castro, former mayor of San Antonio and Housing and Urban Development (HUD) secretary under President Barack Obama, formally declared on Saturday that he is seeking the Democratic nomination for president in the 2020 contest—an announcement that's been expected since he launched an exploratory committee last month.


Where were all these clowns when Bernie was advocating for Med4ALL in the 2016 primary?


“There is a crisis today. It’s a crisis of leadership.”

The crisis IS leadership, instead of democracy.



Another piece of Third Way scum.
Nothing to see here (or vote for)


I would not be surprised if this democrat/republican is running to take votes away from whomever true progressive might be doing well in the future. Both parties are sneaky and I wouldn’t put it past them that he’s their plant. Or am I just being paranoid?


This Circus has come to town including the Side show of Freaks and the 3 Rings loaded with Klowns and dancing Bears. Guess what? Admission is Free! Should be a packed house for great entertainment. What a shit show this will be. Can’t wait to read about it every single day for the next year!!! Hope they have Fire Eaters and Elephants too!


What are we living in … LaLa Land? Sheep Dog Castro’s job is to hold certain sheep in his pen until the ‘official’ wall street selected democrat is waltzed out for the big dance. See 2016 election for how this process elected Trump … the democrats most winnable presidential race in history.


Liquid democracy. That’s a parody right? Why not call it “liquefaction of democracy.” That means destroying the social/political fabric of our society and then molding it into a form of oligarchic-mob rule. Trump did the first “coarse breakup” of the sociopolitical system. The finer-granular destruction is coming soon, probably through the DNC. It’s the Neoliberal way.


I want a President who understands that the national treasury, every yuan that Congress can borrow, is not a slushpile so that we can prop up the world oil-stealing market with bombs.

So who is this guy?


I immediately though, he’s in there to provide an “identity” based distraction from serious progressive candidates. Like a Cory Booker.


So who is this guy? Well, if you lost your house to foreclosure in the great bailout … he and Obama sold your house to a hedge fund for pennies on the dollar while your family moved into a 1988 Astro bailed out from General Motors.


I think you are right on the money. The DNC needs a few Trojan Horses in the next campaign.



Oh.   No wonder the DNC wants him to run.


Every Democrat with outsized ambitions and a hugely inflated view of themselves coming out of the woodwork now. it’s almost like an ad telling you who to avoid.

And HUD was so effective during Obama’s reign. F**king neoliberals. They’re like herpes.

I almost wish King Sheepdog would announce already to discourage this crap.


I hope you will read about liquid (delegative) democracy with an open mind.


Julian Castro would be doing a huge disservice to his party if he run for president.
Here is a reality check: Trump won because the majority of whites are ignorant bigots who hate brown and black people. It is “that” simple. For a brown person to run for office, let alone someone with the name “Castro”, will only add insult to injury as far as the ignorant white trash goes, and Trump will win beyond any doubt.
Democrats, if they expect to ever do better, must be sensitive to the bigotry and ignorance of their fellow white citizens. If they are not and challenge them with a brown candidate (or a Muslim or a woman or a homosexual candidate), all they will get is a hateful reaction from the white blue collar filth.
As long as the Electoral College stays in place, this is the reality they face.


I’m going to make a prediction that I hope is wrong.

We’re going to end up with such a crowded field that no one is going to develop any real name recognition and no one is going to garner a majority of the primary votes. Therefore:

  1. No one will go into the convention with sufficient votes, in which case someone from the old guard will end up winning a brokered convention; and,

  2. Therefore, the left of the party will be even more disgusted than was the case when the set up / takedown of Bernie happened.

This will lead to the re-election of His Orangeness.

Call me Cassandra, I don’t want to see this happen, but I fear it is too likely a scenario.


Cassandra, I’m afraid you are absolutely right.


Highly unlikely. There is a limited pool of high-end donors to either party, and campaigns float only as long as donors permit it. Sure, there’s going to be 30 candidates at first. And after the donors get through deciding who does or does not get funding–and this includes the input from the DNC–then that list is probably 3-5 when things get serious early next year.

These early candidates are trying to pull an Obama–see if they can get into big donors early by doing a smashing audition. Most will fail, either because they favor the wrong policies (50% of Tulsinator) or they’re just a crap variety of a stronger approved candidate (Castro).

With Warren in play, the bar’s pretty high to get into this game, so thee announcements are generally dart-tossing by the ambitious to see if they can get lucky when being a candidate is still dirt cheap.

It won’t be like this a year from now. Problem is we’ll still have to suffer through the beauty pageant of the recklessly ambitious until power sorts them all out.


In the end, the big money will be evenly paid off to everybody but Bernie, and nobody but Bernie will get any primary votes. We’ll see if the Democratic Party’s hierarchy is any less corrupt this time around.

We’ll see if every element of the corporate-owned press blacks out every possible second of Bernie again. Last time if I remember it right, one study of tv networks found 80 minutes of coverage for Mr. Trump in primary season, about 40 minutes of coverage of Ms. Clinton in primary season and a whopping 20 seconds of covering Bernie in primary season, a truly amazing comparison.