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Calling Out 'Crisis of Leadership' Under Trump, Ex-Obama HUD Chief Julián Castro Enters 2020 Presidential Race


Natureboy, a form of delegative democracy was practiced for many centuries in the Holy Roman Empire, where the Emperor was elected by an Electoral College on which the nobility “delegated” their voting powers. That Electoral College was very small (seven people) and very well informed. It is a great from of democracy which could be adapted to modern needs. Unlikely, though.


So who is this guy?
He’s running as a democrat, that tells you almost everything you need to know.


Thanks M but that sounds too much like what we have now, not like modern liquid democracy from the grassroots. Anything today is an improvement though.


Liquid democracy from the grass roots is a very tribal form of democracy and defeats the purpose of delegation. That is what the tribes of Central Europe had before the Romans. Be careful with attributing “wisdom” to the grass roots. The killings of Salem were an example of what happens when the “common man” rules. The lynchings of blacks were also “grass-roots” decisions (by whites).
Trump’s rise is also an example of grass-roots rule and “almost equivalent” to liquid democracy (since the Electors were a carbon copy of the Trash). Nothing unifies views like ignorance, that is why the Trash are very uniform in their support for Trump.
Liquid democracy works when the “people” acknowledge they are too ignorant to decide wisely, and delegate the decision on people who are “better” than themselves - it is the “opposite” of grass roots.


Amen natureboy. I’ve been insisting that your point about leadership should be front and center, for a long time now. Everything that constitutes progressive change starts with sound leadership. imho.


I’ve noticed that cable pundits list the dems front runners and omit Bernie. What’s up with that?

It doesn’t matter who gets on the ship right now because when the first big wave (primaries) hits, the ship will list and many of the deck chairs will crash onto the rails rendering them null and void.


Hey, now, wasn’t Barack Osama’s middle name “Sadam Hussein”? :wink:


Studies show that when people escape poverty their average IQ goes up 13 points. That’s one reason I advocate for a Universal Unconditional Basic Income as well as Liquid Democracy. But even considering bad grassroots decisions, studies also show that democratic decisions almost always benefit the most people.


[quote=“natureboy, post:4, topic:59297, full:true”]
“There is a crisis today. It’s a crisis of leadership.”

The crisis IS leadership, instead of democracy.

By which I meant that we depend too much on leaders and not enough on democracy that beats autocracy every time.


I am happy you bring this up. Hussein was Obama’s middle name, if it had been his last name there is NO way he would have won.
Also, Obama’s middle name was “never” mentioned during his inauguration. For the first time in recorded world history, there was a concerted effort to NOT pronounce the middle name of an elected President. If you review the videos of the inauguration, you will find Obama was called Barack “haitch” Obama, amazing but true.


The perfect demo…rat for the 2020 dog and pony show!