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Calling Out the True Gods of America: The Freedom To Read, Also Think


Calling Out the True Gods of America: The Freedom To Read, Also Think

Given our skittish, twisted political climate, we offer a rowdy tribute to Banned Books Week and this year's timely theme of diversity. Historically, many books in America were hidden away because some God-fearing, right-thinking white guy detected profanity or blasphemy or S-E-X; in today's changing times, the same gnomes are objecting to nudity, "anti-family" sentiments, and gay and trans S-E-X. At the root of both: fear. The solution to both: Read, aka think.


This brings to mind something I wrote during Vietnam as the US was carpet bombing North Vietnam with B-52s.
* "Bombing can destroy property, but it cannot destroy ideas."
* I said the same thing again when the US began doing the same thing to Afghanistan.
* Galileo was forced to recant in in 1633 to avoid being tortured to death. What he had discovered lived on despite the church.
* "You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself."
* "I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use."
* Galileo Galilei
* 1564-1642


The first book banned, burned, ridiculed, buried and dismissed in American history was/is Thomas Morton's 1637 "New English Canaan." Morton was an educated Elizabethan outdoorsman and attorney who came to Massachusetts Bay in 1624 and did very well---not far from the sanctimonious and self-frustrated Pilgrims of Plimoth---because he was open to close relations with Native Americans. By 1627 he and his fellows raised a Maypole to celebrate their intercultural prosperity, generating America's first poetry in English in the process---and of course he was arrested, burned out and banished by the Holy Pilgrims and Boston Puritans as their first order of business. Yet Morton had his winning day against them in court and wrote his book as a 3-part homage to Native peoples and to American beauty---and, as a scathingly funny satire on his foolish evangelical neighbors. So Morton's book became the first "notorious" but true account of where America was already going wrong, and his humanity still sings today in those pages. Lots of multimedia to enjoy about Morton and his "Merrymount" at Ancientlights.org .


I guess some snowflakes need "safe spaces" and "trigger warnings".


Gee, I wonder if it's the same type of people banning the books, as Flagging the Progressive search for Truth.


What Is God?

What is God? The Illumination Conspiracy shall explain what the true nature of God is and how he relates to evolution. In this article of The Illumination Conspiracy we shall also discuss the inner workings of the universe and how to become God.

There are two definitions of God - based on the perspective of religions. There is the God of Being (which abrehamists worship and believe is ''God'' - Absolute, exists without need of the cosmos) and there is the God of Becoming (which Illuminists believe to be the true God - God of reason - The ultimate evolutionary potential of the universe, exists within the cosmos).

The God Of Being:

Believers in a God of Being are making the claim that God existed prior to the universe, that he has always existed and that he created the universe out of nothing. This God has no need for the cosmos, since he is creator of the cosmos and can exist outside of the cosmos. Therefore this definition of God means that no one can ask who or what made God, how he came into being, what substance he is made of, what are his origins, how he developed intelligence, why he felt the need to create the world. If he is a psychological - spiritual being, then why did he create the matter? If he created all things, why did he create evil? The advocates of this God want to shut down debate, however despite their efforts they cannot escape these logical questions.

They can never be credibly answered because the reality is that there is no such thing as the God of being. There is no logical stance for the God of being to exist. For millennia, billions of people have worshipped a non-existent divinity, a God who cannot have the qualities claimed for him. That is humanity's supreme tragedy.

                                            * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The God Of Becoming:

The God of Becoming on the other hand has a more rational and logical stance. He is entirely different from the God of Being. He did not introduce the universe. The universe introduces all things. The universe is eternal, there is no beginning, no end, it is absolute. God however did have a beginning He did not create the universe. The universe created him. His consciousness, his intelligence, his power: They are all the fabrication of the evolution. The God of becoming evolves from and immature state - Physical entity - into a God -state or God - mode.

Therefore God is the ultimate evolution of which the universe is capable. Any atheist who accepts Darwin's theory of evolution can accept the existence of the God of Becoming because God is nothing other than the final outcome of evolution. He is foundated by science and logic, not faith. However the tragedy of atheists is that they are so disgusted by the lack of logic presented by the God of being that they no longer support any notions that any divine being exists in the cosmos.

The True nature of God:

God is not external to the universe; he is the fulfilment of the universe's evolution. He is not the creator of the universe; he is its highest creation. He is the supreme work of art of the cosmos. He is not beyond the universe, he is the universe, and yet greater than the sum of its parts. He transcends the universe that gave birth to him. God is like the maturing child. For eons, he was unconscious, incapable of recognizing himself. It is only when the dialectic had unfolded sufficiently was he able to see and comprehend his own reflection in the mirror of existence that he himself had created for the purpose. This is the very essence of God. The very essence of the Universe - the absolutum.
What are the prerequisites of God? Is it Surpassing intelligence?, Godlike Powers?, Ability to manipulate the physical world?, Transcending Death?, Ability to engage in astonishing acts of cosmic creativity? The God of Becoming possess all of these qualities. The Illumination Conspiracy will now go into further detail.

Abraxas, God of Becoming - The God of the Pythagorean Illuminati might be referred to by some people as merely some sort of super-being or super-intelligence rather than a true God. Yet the God of Becoming is the supreme expression of the potential of existence. There is no force that can transcend him, except the act upon his own will.