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Calling Out Trudeau 'Betrayal,' Water Defenders Mobilize Against Kinder Morgan Pipeline

Calling Out Trudeau 'Betrayal,' Water Defenders Mobilize Against Kinder Morgan Pipeline

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Indigenous leaders, lawmakers, students, and environmentalists took part in a massive day of action that stretched across Canada on Friday to protest the expansion of Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain tar sands pipeline, a project Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said he will "ensure" is completed.

Calling out the prime minister by name, demonstrators hoisted signs and banners proclaiming, "Climate leaders don't build pipelines."


I like what Anna Gerrard is saying, and I like the way she is saying it.

NAMES: Let’s not stop at Trudeau, let’s include the Alberta New Democratic Party leader and Premier Rachel Notley.

I was freaking shocked, after helping vote the NDP in here in Alberta - to see this infatuation with re-election and pandering to what is perceived as the voter base.

I am still in shock, trying to justify in my own mind this ‘strategy’.

I post below a link to a former Canadian pipeline engineer, who actually worked for the putative pipeline constructor, Trans Mountain Pipelines, her opposition to this Kinder Morgan expansion.

First, I quote Romilly Cavanaugh’s words, and I note that she too was arrested:

“I lived in fear when I worked for Trans Mountain, because the reality is that no amount of equipment or people is going to change the fact that in the event of a spill, they will be able to recover very little,” she said. “It’s not that the company doesn’t care. They do care. But the reality is, if there’s a spill into a river or the ocean, there’s very little they can do about it.”

Canada: how a pipeline engineer got arrested in anti-pipeline protest


Politicians always fallback on what they call “reality” to justify their actions.

And just what “reality” do they refer to ?

Who do we believe here ?

An elected official, often with a law degree, like Rachel Notley, or, in the case of Trudeau, a man with limited scientific credentials, or do we believe the top scientists on Earth, and the national academies of science throughout the world, whose profession and expertise is the natural world and the Earth System?

It would be better if one adopted the scientific approach, which is to do your own research and make up your own mind, rather than defer to authority, but this is not going to happen quickly enough to avert catastrophe.

So make up your mind who you are going to believe - and then start spending your free time doing your own research.

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Yes - Evo Morales of Bolivia.

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Maybe not long, with Scheer heading the Conservatives.

I doubt moving is the answer.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the American people, or indeed with any people.

Systems of government - another story.

I have travelled extensively in your country - drop dead beautiful land - and so much variety.

I think the time for sacrifice is here - for all of us.

You have ‘institutional memory’ - a precious resource - an invaluable resource, gained thru hard won experience.

Time to stand and fight.

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Human greed has over taken need no one wants to live with less everyone wants more bigger houses bigger cars . humans will be eating there children if they don’t stop rapping earth . humans hunt animals when population outof control . BUT WHAT ABOUT IF HUMAN GET OUT OF CONTROL AND DESTROYING EARTH?

The nation of Canada reaps economic benefits from over one dozen Canadian pipelines that defile, pollute and damage hundreds of ecosystems as they traverse the United States to transport Canadian crude and oil to ocean ports that export the resources to foreign Nations for the benefit and profit of Canada. People in the United States need to organize along with people in Canada to get rid of these invasive, polluting monstrosities! Oil spills know no boarders. #KeepItInTheGround #WaterIsLife

I sincerely hope the get motivated and take the reins as they are their only hope.

The government is the people or at the very least allowed to be in power by the people.
We have met the enemy and it is us.

Human greed hasn’t changed it’s just that it’s downside has overloaded and stripped the planet.

This was Tocqueville’s point, i.e., ‘in a democracy the people get the government they deserve’.

I think this is both true and untrue.

The first presumption is that there in in fact a functional democracy, which is clearly absurd - study after study finds that the people’s wishes are of virtually no concern or import these days in the United States, and I would include Canada.

Only half the eligible population even votes - a siren call declaring something drastically amiss in self-proclaimed democracies.

I just watched Matt Damon in “The Green Zone”, a 2010 production about the failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq in 2003.

A fanciful Hollywood production - NOT.

I have done extensive research, as have many here on Common Dreams, into the ways and mores of our various ‘wars’ and propaganda campaigns.

I will make a broad statement - no civilization on Earth has ever had a functional democracy.

ALL civilizations are fundamentally and perhaps necessarily hierarchical, and full of specialists to boot - with layer upon layer of complexity which would strain the patience of an angel, presuming there are angels, which I very much doubt.

On the other hand, I myself have often thought as you do - and gotten angry and full of angst at the seeming stupidity and complacence of ‘the people’.

We would do well to remember our history - from whence and where in a devastated Europe we all came, bringing with us enough baggage to sink a Freudian ship of any size.

In fact, five thousand years plus of not living on the land in small bands of ice-age hunters has had a spectacular effect on our physiology and mental acumen, to say nothing of the complete and utter destruction of our tribal ways, to the point where tribal ways are seen by many progressives as arcane and primitive, which indeed they are.

But this much should be remembered.

We were successful in this way of life for seven plus million years, and it could not be otherwise.

In fact, even among the myriad and many hominid species that have ever existed, and there were many, we are the sole survivor.

Then came the affluence of the Holocene - and inter-glacial of surpassing stability and warmth - at a crucial time in our history, as homo sapiens only evolved perhaps 340,000 years ago,i.e., three interglacials back in time or so.

There may indeed have been a ‘leap forward’ when we left Africa for the last time, say 65,000 years ago plus or minus, as our social and technical skills vaulted forward.

Nothing in our way survived, not the Neanderthals, not the megafauna on every continent and archipelago we visited.

Now we are our own worst enemy - warlike, super-competitive and territorial when time and circumstance demands, with hair-trigger tempers forged over millions of years spent amongst animals that were always faster, and more dangerous than the naked ape, until we started making and using sophisticated tools of ever greater lethality, a process which continues to this day.

Don’t be too hard on us - no one has ever, in our long history and pre-history - had to contend with the ultimate predator - us.

Now we are too many and there is accelerating resource scarcity of all kinds, from minerals to water, there really are weapons of mass destruction, but they are not in Iraq, at least not yet.

And soon we will be ten billion, in a world Paul Ehrlich thinks can support at most two billion.

My solution is to become a global tribe - facing an existential threat - something we know how to do - something we have always been successful at - one for all and all for one - Musketeer style.

Robins have pooped red privet poop on white snow since the dawn of Earth’s life. Until the silent spring of 2018.

There is no snow. There are no Robins. Privet berry seeds dry and shrivel in place on the branches. A few lonely crows and an occasional goose honks into the silent spring of 2018.

The last lonely eagles watch and listen forlornly. Eagles hear as good as they see; 2018 is an alert eagle’s silent spring. The last lonely eagles don’t know what to think.

Go outside and listen. There are no birds this year. It’s silent spring.