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Calling Out Trump Denial, Durbin Confirms President Said 'Those Hate-Filled' Words 'Repeatedly'


Calling Out Trump Denial, Durbin Confirms President Said 'Those Hate-Filled' Words 'Repeatedly'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"To no surprise the president started tweeting this morning, denying that he used those words. It is not true," said the Illinois senator.


Is trump fully delusional or just a pathological liar?

How can a person continue as prez when they are so divorced from reality and truth? Can we just end this obscene and dangerous charade of an idiot racist extremist child influencing/directing our future?..please!


Anyone who hangs out with Trump supporters knows that’s how they really feel.

Direct Democracy


Why don’t we start calling Trump the “shit hole” president? Everyone should know that he uses such words to endear himself with the White Supremacist, racist supporters. They are among his most loyal base voters. Among that sub culture in America he would be getting high fives for that blabber mouth quote. Make no mistake in judging Trump, he is racist to the point of White Supremacy.

Why don’t we take in more refugees from Norway, Sweden, Denmark etc…? There economies are doing very well and if it comes to refugees it will be Americans migrating to those countries.


Durbin sez: “To no surprise the president started tweeting this morning, denying that he used those words.”

Reichsminister of Truth Rove sez: “'We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality.”

In a postgraduate-level display of cognitive dissonance, Chump’s hard-core base will simultaneously applaud his choice of verbiage and believe his denial of having spewed it.


At this point, I think things would have been better if the British had won, either the American Revolution or the War of 1812! We may then have evolved into something like Canada. Slavery likely would have ended 50 years sooner, without a Civil War, from which the resulting resentments affect our politics to this day.


Our fugly #shithole prez needs to be removed, like, yesterday; and any shithole elected terrorist who isn’t actively working on that – this means you, Nancy Pelosi – needs to be FIRED!


So how many others were in this meeting? Lindsey Graham is as worst as they come so I would not expect anything from him or any other republicans. Were there not other dems in the room who should be speaking out?


That’s funny, and then of course, morbidly sad.


As the USA continues to sink down into the grand shithole prepared for it, for us…


Some commenter posted an article about how many immigrants are employed at shithole-a-lago – what a shithole retarded hypocrite!


Trump is very multi talented and can be a delusional pathological liar racist who is sucking up to billionaire individuals and corporations as their president.


ShitholeDon, the resident, whose mantra is,

“Yes I Con.”


Remember “impeachment is off the table”?

They seem to be claiming the moral high ground by “looking forward, not backward” as Obama put it. They want to seem superior by being the ones to end the bickering.

How on earth do you claim the moral high ground by refusing to stand up to injustice?


You go Dick Durbin! This man has been (more often than not) on the correct side of so many issues for so many years now. He is one Senator who deserves to be in the Senate. I’ve followed him for a long time–from the point when I lived in Illinois, to even now, when I live in Seattle. He hasn’t been perfect, but he’s a good guy. I’ve always thought he should be one of the men in administration in the White House. I just hope his speaking truth about Trump doesn’t land him in a bad spot.


Speaking of Shitholes – what about Washington, D.C.?
A cesspool if ever there was one!


A new tack is required, as the wind has shifted nighthawk.

Countries exist to organize and project power - so it has always been.

I think we should get up out of the muck and focus on space.

From this vantage point - we will gain perspective.

With this perspective - everything will fall into place - what needs to be done - the much sought after ‘paradigm shift’.

And we do space well - it is also our natural inclination - we ‘wanderers’ (Carl Sagan).

Since nothing we have been doing is working - lets try something else - let’s go to space - get behind it - cheer again !

Going to space means secularism and science on the ascendant, unless I very much miss my guess.


It’s good that Durbin called Trump out, but neither he nor any (still silent) Dem nor Rethug challenged him in the meeting nor walked out in rage. This noise too will pass because the Dems need Trump more than the oligarchs and plutocrats that he represents need him, Rethug and Dem alike. The Weapon of Mass Distraction plays his role to a T, while the empire burns.


One has to wonder if Trump said this racist expletive in public, what must he say in private! I have never been so embarrassed and ashamed of being an American!


Trump is one person. I’m a bit more embarrassed to be associated by citizenship with enough people of a similar mentality/bigotry/stupidity/belligerence to have successfully elected him.