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Calling Out Trump Denial, Durbin Confirms President Said 'Those Hate-Filled' Words 'Repeatedly'


One has to wonder if Trump said this racist expletive in public, what must he say in private! I have never been so embarrassed and ashamed of being an American!


Trump is one person. I’m a bit more embarrassed to be associated by citizenship with enough people of a similar mentality/bigotry/stupidity/belligerence to have successfully elected him.


Damn good answer!


Trump is the BAD will ambassador to the world. I think we are at a point already where Trump has burned his bridges with the rest of the world. How can he continue in the role of the number one ambassador to the world and other countries with such a bad attitude?


One thing is crystal clear: Trump is an unstable racist/sexist. Maybe that’s what he meant to say.


Words, words, words, I’m not surprised at the amount of vitriol directed at Donald but WHERE was the outrage when the lying village idiot ILLEGALLY invaded two countries and slaughtered hundreds of thousands of civilians. Wars based on deliberate lies.All the while torturing people to give himself justification for the murders. The zionist media said NOTHING in the wars for Israel but now comes the onslaught.


An ignorant a-hole president refers to a couple of continents’ worth of nations as “shithole countries” in a closed setting.

His political enemies – constantly warning us about the harm Trump is doing to our position in the world – needlessly broadcast what he said in order to score cheap political points, even though doing so tells us nothing we don’t already know about the miserable current occupant of the Oval Office.

(Yet more evidence that these people don’t actually care about damaging America’s global reputation… and that there’s no shortage of a-holes at the top.)


We got what Republicans wished for and the problem is the typical problem with such situations. They got what they wished for but now they may regret wishing for him as he has become President “shit hole” to the world, that bad will representative of America to the world.

The government of the corporations/ rich, by the corporations/ rich and for the corporations/ rich hopefully will perish. Downward spiral into a crash and burn? Trump would richly deserve it.


Exactly! And my shout-out to Pelosi was all about that “impeachment is off the table” idiocy, and I love your

as one is not being moral if they fail to stand up to injustice!

*Running a government is messy, and in some cases, cannot be successful without getting in the muck and hammering out the injustice – remember the battles over Lincoln’s demand that the slaves be freed? It was messy, and contentious, and almost deadly (most of them carried guns) but in the end that injustice was defeated (can’t say removed b/c we are quickly sliding back to the ‘jim crow’ days) … not wanting to bicker just signals the issue isn’t important enough to stand up for – remember that when this years’ midterms are nigh!


So do the likes of the Koch[suckers], Mercers, and Waltons … is there any way we could arrange for them all to be in the same space when the ‘crash and burn’ happened???


Words do hurt, but the bombs we drop actually hurt even more. Where is the OUTRAGE over year after year after year of destroying people’s lives, families, homes and countries?

Maybe we could try to keep it real. #StopTheForeverWars


I presume you are referring to The Lying Son-of-a-Bush.  How many Senators who voted FOR the A.U.M.F. (FOR invading Iraq) are still in power?  How many of the War Criminals who lied us into Iraq are still walking free??  SFAIK, torture-justifier John Yoo is STILL teaching law – LAW!! – at U.C. Berkeley, and the murdering mercenary Eric Prince, instead of serving a life sentence in prison, is a consultant to Shit-Hole Trump.  I naively voted for O’Bummer in '08, thinking things would improve.  HA!   Wasn’t it our Fearless “Leader” and his crony Pelosi who said, “Look to the future, not the past.”??  And some who post here wonder why I don’t trust the DamnocRats?   SHEESH!!!


Truly, could anything better have come along to resurrect that all-but-dead D-Party than President Trump?

And even now, the Dems have to pray for a recession to guarantee a wave election.


It is the same old, same old rut we are in. That’s how we ended up with a $20 trillion national debt - wars on the other side of the planet with countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, etc… And when you get done morning the loss of $20 trillion, just think of the American troop lives were lost and how many disabled vets we got out of these wars. And now Trump is picking a fight with North Korea and Iran. He wants to be “duh man” that becomes a war president that kicks butt somewhere on the other side of the planet in order to strut around. There is actually a psychological diagnosis that fits Trump, a narcissistic sociopath. That type of personality is not renowned for diplomacy at all. The result is now we have a “shit hole” White House.


Is there a cure for chronic diarrhea of the mouth…??


I see the Dems are floating a Biden nomination.

He wrote the crime bill.
Screwed Anita Hill.
Has extremely close ties to Wall St.
Voted for the AUMF.

Not seeing much self-reflection by those DamnocRats, are we?


All hail, President Shithole! His son, asshole! and his son in law, shitface!


Quite obviously, Trump is accustomed to speaking this way with people who will cover for him.
Maybe he forgot which group he was speaking to?

And who are these people who are so receptive to his HATE speech?

A “Thank you” to Sen. Durbin and all others who have confirmed Trump’s HATE speech.


Skeptic Tank posted a link on this Common Dreams article that I talked about in my other comment: #ShitHoleDon Rises After "Shithole Countries" Remarks Take Trump's Racism to New Level


Stuff that mouth with a sock and keep it there until said #shithole shuts the phuq up??? :thinking::hugs: