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Calling Out Trump Denial, Durbin Confirms President Said 'Those Hate-Filled' Words 'Repeatedly'


Obviously, Elites owe Biden and they own Biden so for them it’s a good choice.

True, Biden permitted the “Witch Hunt” of Prof. Anita Hill thereby allowing a pervert to
reach the Supreme Court. Perversion is important to Elites as a way of corrupting our
government; similar to drugs.

The really eerie thing is that Biden himself has been exposed in C-span videos of Dem
Party Swearing-In-Ceremonies" with families of Appointees as also being a pervert and
a pedophile. You can see these videos at YouTube.


An asshole for a shithole - how appropriate is that ! No wonder this idiotic loony has pulled out of a visit to the UK - he is shit scared of the reception he will get !


He is both but so are his voters, and so is congress.


Agreed and yet everyone concerned, especially the First Nations People, would have been better-off if the “American Experiment” occurred in England and if these folks had actually practiced their “Christianity”. But here we are and it serves no purpose to regret all this. The only solution that I can see for the USA–and it is owed big time to the original victims of the white supremacists who colonized this land–is for the US to go Socialist to ensure true equality to all. Where original Tribes still exist they must get their lands back and get help restoring the eco systems.


Trump: a certifiable low life surrounded by ass wipes. This rhetoric right out of Steven Miller’s script. I use to be a party loyalist, but this is beyond even me. Susan Collins where are you? This isn’t funny even after five draft beers.



I wholeheartedly agree with you!


Trump was elected to stand up for the interests of white people (to many of his supporters that means establishing a country for whites only) so these remarks are pretty consistent with his political goals. How is someone leading a movement that includes the alt-right supposed to speak? As usual Trump walked back what he said, in this case saying he used “tough language.” These racist remarks of Trump should convince more people that he is a racist and leading a racist movement. The more people who clearly understand where he is coming from the better.


If a Norwegian were crazy enough to want to come here, I will happily take his place over there.


The people who are receptive to his hate speech seem to be varied. They might be wealthy or not. They do seem to respond to his supposed fake “macho” ways.


Good point- but I do not think many are coming.


After all, they are one of the happiest societies.


Facts and statements made during the run up to the “presidential debates” such as the one that went something like I can shoot someone here in the middle of the street and still be elected president verify the stoopidity of the citizens of this country.

Besides having the choices of those two candidates and the rigged election process I am still embarrassed.


Where is the cia when we need them ?




meal –

Interesting post – and I think the question of his backers needs more investigation.

Noticed the other day that evidently “Roseanne” also makes that claim of working people
putting Trump in office - and she is returning to TV evidently in what may be an "Archie Bunker"
reversal as she will play a “Trump supporter” … it will be the same family still struggling to pay
the bills.

Ordinary people are taught to hate and fear people of color, people of other races, religions, females.
These then become class systems of oppression which profit Elites.

Elites are certainly the most involved and active in controlling our two corporate parties and
our elections. (I’m still looking for an article on this which makes clear that take-over as the
electronic voting computers came in … but also new agreements on corporate control overall…
somewhere in my files.)
So there has to have been ELITE backing we may not be aware of.
Besides Koch Bros./John Birch Society… Murray Energy is a very likely backer and presented
Trump immediately with a plan for overturning various regulations on the industry where about
half of the list has been accomplished.

It has been said often that average working people voted for Trump. I find that hard to believe.
I’ve looked at some info on those claims and it seemed wrong, but we’re pretty far from those
claims and times at this moment and I can’t make an argument either way at this point.
Average working people would have put Bernie Sanders into the Oval Office, imo.

Trump’s fake “macho” ways is also an interesting observation.

Here’s something written by a poster here, I think, a few days ago on Trump’s 4th grade appeal…

Quote …

Trump speaks at … Like, a Fourth Grade level
If Trump speaks at a fourth grade level that probably helps connect him with many voters who also I would assume speak around that level. These voters regard people who use big words and complex sentences as being elites and looking down at them. Trump’s “gutter” talk also helps him connect. Everything about Trump suggests he is person of subpar intelligence and would likely have never been heard of if he hadn’t inherited millions of dollars and had a father who prevented him for failing in real estate. His big appeal to voters is his goal of establishing an authoritarian state for the benefit of white people. There is a tremendous backlash against the millions of Latinos who have immigrated here, legally and illegally. The same thing is happening in Europe but the backlash is against immigrants from the Middle East. Any demagogue who can promise a authoritarian state for whites is able to obtain a lot of political support. In the US, by disregarding the Constitution and laws this can be achieved and it appears that Republicans are doing their best to achieve it.


Giovanna – and Nighthawk –

Nighthawk – At this point, I think things would have been better if the British had won, either the American Revolution or the War of 1812! We may then have evolved into something like Canada. Slavery likely would have ended 50 years sooner, without a Civil War, from which the resulting resentments affect our politics to this day.

Granted, I don’t think there was an actual organized “Crusade” or “Inquisition” run on the Native People of Canada as there was on the Native American … but it seems that one way or another Native People were destroyed there as well as anywhere else they were “invaded”?
And, please my apologies for my ignorance on this. I’ll also try to look into that question shortly.

As for organized patriarchal religion/Christianity it underpins Elite Patriarchy.
The Old Testament as well is said to have been written to “cement patriarchy” – a system of
oppression of women. Brainwashed members are controlled by the FEAR these religions spread –
of a violent “god” and of Hell – and of boogey-men invented by them to scare members into obedience.

Wonderful if we could junk capitalism and its evils for democratic socialism …
And we could begin to actually listen to the wisdom of the native people still surviving and restore
their lands and seek their help on restoring eco systems … !!

The violent few among us, however, are not looking for wisdom. They are looking for total control, not
only in Empire but over the citizenry: Mind Control and total enslavement.

We are at a crossroads where we will be begging on our knees or we will begin to act in self-defense …
preferably non-violently.

I will add, however, that Global Warming is the Wild Card no one can guess at –


Immigration was the main issue of Trump’s candidacy for president and it remains his number one issue. This is a populist movement. The more extreme populists want to close immigration to non-whites and deport as many non-white as possible. If the extremist have their way the fate of the remaining non-whites and probably anyone who isn’t from a Christian background would be rather horrible to contemplate. Everyone who wants to support American ideals, democracy, and a country that is for everyone needs to find some way get on the same page to fight this. It should not be opposed with violence, That will only give the fascists an excuse to use violence. The most effective way to oppose this movement is probably through voting. That will require fighting voter suppression, gerrymandersing, and other efforts to weaken the voting power of minorities. And certainly not to quietly accept this attempt to create a white authoritarian America but to strongly oppose it,


Won’t someone please think of “those hate-filled words?” Sniff.
It’s all too easy to point out the obvious, Sen. Durbin. Why not get together with your colleagues and look into how you can end this national (and international) EMERGENCY?
Please spare us three more years of whining and hand-wringing. You are a politician. We are not.
Effing do something.


The AP deemed it a “brash” remark

And the Charlottesville murder was a “traffic accident”