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Calling Out Trump's Refusal to Hold Big Banks Accountable, Warren Unveils Plan to Overhaul Two-Tiered Criminal Justice System

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/20/calling-out-trumps-refusal-hold-big-banks-accountable-warren-unveils-plan-overhaul

And, as if to make the point . . .

Not exactly a novel revelation. The CEOs don’t go to jail …The fossil fuel industry doesn’t pay for the destruction they set in force. Epstein and especially the et al.

Finally, someone who is concrete about the bankers’ privilege and what to do about it.

But . . .  But . . .  'Beth — The Golden Rule has been in place for millennia:  Them what’s got the Gold makes the Rules.   How you gonna change that??

Is this the same woman who embraced the Queen of Wall Street Bankers (AKA Hillary Clinton) in 2016? I had always been a Warren fan until she rejected Bernie in favor of the Clintons. Can’t have it both ways.

A topic deserving discussion, proposals to fix problems and adoption of (best) proposals to fix problems.

On the first half, decarcerating the poor, it is worth asking why they have been incarcerated. Some part of that, for example, is for theft and robbery. We could get the worst sort of socialist remark concerning that: “There is inequality, and theft and robbery is direct action to redress that.” - (We should not be surprised then that poor neighborhood are economic deserts, where anyone who could be robbed has already been robbed and doesn’t have anything left to rob.)

On the second part, there is a lot that could be discussed.

I bring up regarding Sen. Warren’s specific example: “And I’ve proposed new certification requirements for executives at giant financial institutions so that we can hold them criminally accountable if the banks they oversee commit fraud.”

There is already a certification requirement in the Sarbanes-Oxley Law, and I read several years ago an opinion after 2008 that several CEOs could be prosecuted for certifying as correct what was wrong. Yet no prosecutions happened. So we have to look in ourselves and at the people in government who rule us and supposedly govern and represent us for our greater good “What happened? Why weren’t these criminals prosecuted?”

I’m starting to intensely dislike Elizabeth Warren for the same reasons I developed an intense dislike to Hillary Clinton in the last primary: the co-opting of Bernie’s platform for political gain because it is popular, not because it is based on long held beliefs. I started out as a Hillary supporter but as I learned about Bernie I decided I liked his ideas better, as did a lot of people. So what happened? In no time at all, Hillary was claiming the same ideas, presented as her own. No matter what Bernie said, in days Hillary was claiming credit for the same ideas or plans, bigger and better. As well as claiming to be a progressive. Ha! Progressively a bigger liar maybe. Now it’s deja vu all over again with Elizabeth. I can’t wait for her bigger, better Green New Deal. There will be one, I guarantee, now that Bernie has presented his. Why does this bother me so much? Because Bernie is the first politician I’ve seen since the Kennedys who earnestly and sincerely wants a better world for ALL people and has never in his long career stopped working to make that happen. Opportunism and personal ambition or pandering to the party powers are not in his tool box, unfortunately for him, and us. And he is not a woman, which is so very important at a time when this country and planet is in so much danger. Politics is disgusting!