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Calling President 'Pathological Liar,' Sanders Bemoans One Year of Trump That Felt Like 16


Calling President 'Pathological Liar,' Sanders Bemoans One Year of Trump That Felt Like 16

Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Candidate Trump promised many things before taking office. "He lied," says senator from Vermont
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.),


Note to Dick Durbin:

That term, “pathological liar.” You were too polite or too chickenshit to use it last week.

You might want rethink the terms of engagement.


Rot in hell Debbie Wasserman Schultz!


Tell it like it is Bernie!


Welcome to what a year of Obama felt like. Just sayin.


Dear Stephanie Ruhle:

Don’t pay any attention to Niall Ferguson, the quasi Brit…, with a borderline cockeyed accent is a Stephen Miller apostle. These people would apologize for the devil… and the most gross behavior no matter how vile. It was only recently that he advocated selling our interstate highway system to China. We have already done too much of that.


I love you Bernie and supported you because you always had a reputation for SOME integrity and what a travesty! We now have a “pathological liar” who belongs in an asylum for the criminally insane instead of you.

Just asking: Bernie, why did you allow the corrupt, DNC to throw you under their bus when from my perspective, you were the far stronger candidate than HRC? I blame the corruption of the DNC for contributing to the election of the “pathological liar”. You were correct when you said: " WE CANNOT ALLOW TRUMP TO BECOME POTUS" !


The fish always rots from the head down!


the coverage of this dude feels even longer. again today, 8 of the first 9 pieces I see on my screen are all, “Trump”.

Like his predecessor, Trump is successfully preventing anyone else from addressing the systemic problems with America. Everything is now a causal relationship stemming from Trump personally.


Dearest Lord I wish we had elected this man president. Why can’t we fix the flaw in our election process? 3 million more votes for Clinton and 7.6 million votes for the spoilers; Stein Johnson and other? And we end up with Mr. Shit hole? We are a global joke.


Yeh sure they are all equals…REALLY ?


Although every POTUS since Saint Ron is guilty of serial lies, the biggest difference with Trump is not Trump, its his base.

Hearing Trump supporters continuing to tell interviewers they continue to like Trump because he “is honest and tells it like it is” would be laughable if the consequences were not so grave.

None of the interviewers this week have asked any of these Trump supporters how paying hush money to Trump’s porn star pal squares with “honest and telling it like it is”.


“Just ask a trump voter” etc. Yes it is extremely frustrating to discuss the state of the world and this country because most people are in denial or just do not care. But I think it is very important to try to make some type of dent in this total lack of understanding and apathy. My sister who lives in Texas voted for t. After a comment about North Korea, I told her how the country had been totally destroyed in the 50s by the us and is just now recovering and therefore the people of that country have no interest in WAR. And the conversation want on with more facts. I hope that I caused here to at least think about something other than what is parroted out by “the media”


24 hour a day coverage of our so called president.
The MSM loves trump .The more insane trump gets, the higher their ratings go.
As the CEO of one of the major channels said…“Trump may be bad for the country, but he’s great for us”.


She was only taking orders from Hillary, who was the one who really controlled and ran the DNC. Clinton and her obsession to be the next president no matter what is the one who should rot in hell along with all her minions. Hillary was not a viable candidate after eight years of Obama the neo-liberal corporate shill, being one herself, and she has as much to do with Trump winning as anyone.


Hey, only three more years to go!

“We would rather be ruined than changed.”
-W.H. Auden


Don’t see this at all.
Sanders is to blame for Trump: Riiiiiight.


Bernie clearly doesn’t get what making America great again means. He is not looking at all the things that Trump promised and are actually happening. For one, there is the Muslim ban. Not as comprehensive so far as Trump promised but this is just his first year in office. And then there is deporting 11 million undocumented immigrants as Trump promised. Bernie failed to acknowledge the increase efforts of the ICE police to make this happen. He never mentioned the raids of 7-11 Eleven stores. Bernie didn’t mention the large sweep promised in California. Bernie wants another Denmark but that is not what Trump promised. He has promised something more like Nazi Germany. While Trump is moving nowhere near as fast as Hitler did, Bernie should acknowledge that he is making strides in that direction.


Trump even lied repeatedly to poor Stormy Daniels.

He never got her that slot on The Apprentice like he promised. So she let him put those tiny hands all over her for nothing.



omg your post is hilarious … if it wasn’t so serious, but … still laughing my ass off