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Calling Promotion Betrayal of Planet, Groups Denounce Schumer for Giving 'Fossil Fuel Servant' Joe Manchin Top Spot on Energy Committee


Calling Promotion Betrayal of Planet, Groups Denounce Schumer for Giving 'Fossil Fuel Servant' Joe Manchin Top Spot on Energy Committee

Jake Johnson, staff writer

At a time when people throughout the U.S.


Schumer is nothing more than a neoliberal Reagan Democrat… in other words, a Republican pretending to be a Democrat. It’s sickening. It’s corrupt. It’s why the Democratic party is shrinking into the Republican party.

Trust The Intercept to tell the whole truth.


The Good Ole White Boys network, is alive and well in the Democratic Party.


Manchin is actually a Republican hanging out with the Democrats because he can get more perks. If he was a Republican, he would not have the ‘seniority’ for top positions … when it comes to the policy of raping the world, there is no party. Think of it in the terms of the wall street bankers …“she’s with us”.


Which energy committee is he a part of? There are lots of different energy committees.


Manchin is the betrayer of Humanity that refuses to take the 30 pieces of silver.

He demands 3 million.


What else could have been expected from the timid Quisling chucky schumer?

One CD headline reads: “Trump guts protections for 60% of nations waterways (and wetlands) in gift to polluters”.- A second reads: “Schumer betrays planet, giving DINO fossil-fuel servant Manchin top spot on energy committee”. The fact Manchin is the worst example of a rep that is never there when needed most, evades schumers thinking, as he clings to a failed “strategy”.that still dominates the corrupted DP, even when all data, analysis, and wisdom shows the path to overthrow the R’Con trump & co regime, bring victory and a new day of principled leadership that serves the people, planet, and Common Good is dawning…the coalition of forces grows that will unseat such soldout reprehensible figures, and see the rise of people of moral compass and integrity, who will represent Progressive/Independent, civilian priorities and issues - none as critical as environmental!

The entrenched DINO wing of the DP cannot help themselves or the nation, continuing the utterly failed “strategy” employed by the DLC centrist/neo-liberal sellouts and corporate-whores - the Clinton/Obama, et al camp. schumer and pelosi must change utterly, or be dragged kicking and screaming from their seats and “leadership” positions they consider secure…they are NOT, and the opposition to their craven complicity and collusion will only build to an overwhelming strength to tear-down their betrayals and “compromise” that equals complicity.

Strong Green New Deal and BDS against the subversion and warmongering of israeli extremism and supremacist mindset, NOW!


Two Corporate Fossil fuel cronies are fossils themselves. That they need to go is obvious. They are truly criminal in their selfishness.

Contrast them to Greta Thurnberg:


The Intercept is bullshitting you again though for clicks and outrage. Here’s the deal: Stabenow and Bernie are both ranking members of other committees that have as much or more tenure on Energy as Manchin. I wrote the other day that it is them who need to be pressured, not Schumer. If they exited their ranking positions on Budgets (Bernie) or Agriculture (Stabenow), then Manchin could have swapped. Wyden is not going to leave Finance, and it’s dumb to even pretend he should.

Unless a swap happens, the Committee on Committees—made up of caucus colleagues—not just Schumer, won’t unseat a ranking member just for giggles. Truly, Stabenow and Sanders are as much to blame as Schumer, but of course, the redirect to Schumer is clearly needed in progressive world where everyone is a victim and sellouts/neoliberalism are to blame.


I wouldn’t worry about this. The DNC will clean up the mess.


Chuck, your performance yesterday wasn’t THAT good. You almost started to look a little creepy yourself.


Can we leave Anti semitsm out of these comments please??!!??


Johnson sez: “… Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) decided late Tuesday to betray his constituents and the planet …”

A ‘betrayal’ requires an expectation of an opposing behaviour by the one(s) being betrayed. The word is commonly misused in articles and opinion pieces addressing the actions of politicians.


And Schumer and the Democrats continue to show their colors too. Blue is the new Red. Red is the new Libertarian.


And this is why the Democrat party won’t save us. The leadership doesn’t care about the people or the planet. If they did this position would be given to a progressive. No, the Democrat party has and always will be evil and are not worth support. I wish the best of luck to progressives who think they can take over the Democrat party but frankly I don’t see the party changing before we all die from climate change.


Anyone who bucks the Dem party vote-line as much as Manchin doesn’t need to have a seat on any committee, much less the chair. Strip him of all privileges, what’s he gonna do, become a Republican? He already votes with them 90% of the time, let W.V. elect an actual card-carrying Republican to replace him. We don’t need any blue dogs (like most of the Democratic congressional leadership), especially blue dogs who think they are Alphas, under the banner of the people.


if this does not tell you who the damn democrats running the party really are, do not know what else you need. They could care less about how we vote, the health of the planet, and on and on. We need a new party that represents the will of the people, which we have not really ever had in this so-called democratic country. NOW IS THE TIME. The french people have finally awakened, let’s follow their lead. enuf is enuf.


One way to contrast the difference is most of the " corporate fossil fuel cronies" with Greta Thurnberg is they are a lot older than Greta so besides being selfish and greedy sell outs to fossil fuels and planet devastation, they could care less about Greta’s future because she is only 15 and they will probably be dead a long time before her!


You couldn’t be more wrong about The Intercept. My favorite example of Schumer brilliance:

“For every blue-collar Democrat we lose in western Pennsylvania, we will pick up two moderate Republicans in the suburbs in Philadelphia, and you can repeat that in Ohio and Illinois and Wisconsin.”


Since you brought this up…The only comment on this thread that even obliquely resemble the gist of your plea seems to be mine, that in the very end mentions the BDS movement…hardly “anti-Semitism” by any stretch. If you take offense or find fault with my including the BDS movement in my comment, remember, schumer “slammed” the BDS movement in his annual address to the AIPAC! "Senator Chuck Schumer at the policy conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (Aipac) in March, where he said: "Let us call out the B.D.S.movement for what it is. Let us delegitimize the delegitimizers by letting the world know when there is a double standard, whether they know it or not, they are actively participating in an anti-Semitic movement” - Chuck schumer has been in the pockets of Israeli extremism as he has been in other special interests, NOT in the interests of the American people!

That said, chucky schumer has been a dependable stooge for the neoliberal DP faction, a friend to exploitation in many guises, servant of the banking, wall street, securities, lawyers, insurance and lobbyists…as well as a primary friend of extremist/racist Israel, among those putting the agenda and interesta of israel ahead of American, as he is in this case a stooge for the fossil-fuel conglomerate, putting the interests of the fossil-fuel industry ahead of environmental interests, by elevating manchin to a position of power…as is claimed/charged, and not working for real change!

He deserves little or no respect for his current (lack of) leadership or his craven servitude to a foreign power against American interests and open discourse!!