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Calling the GOP's Nuclear Bluff, Dems Rack Up Votes Against Gorsuch


Calling the GOP's Nuclear Bluff, Dems Rack Up Votes Against Gorsuch

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

With the Senate Judiciary committee voting Monday to advance the confirmation of judge Neil Gorsuch, forces on opposing sides of the political spectrum are laser-focused on the handful of lawmakers who have not yet committed publicly to voting for or against the Supreme Court nominee.


What in the world is Cardin thinking?


All of the DINO turncoats more interested in re-election and collusion/compromise than justice and a sustainable future must be held accountable! Shunned, sanctioned, and denied any support whatsoever! Better a real adversary than a quisling that cannot be trusted/relied-on to be there when it counts! This isn't about only "party politics" but what issues one supports or does not! Gorsuch evaded questions and his record of right-wing social, environmental, and economic/corporate power issues case law was not exposed anywhere enough enough for me! The GOP dirty politics denying Merick Garland a fair or timely hearing also should be considered - Dems NOT capitulating to GOP arrogance and dirty extreme partisan politics, rather than their usual "roll-over" lap dog craven weakness!


US Capitol


The question is, what is the traitor's price?

Direct Online Democracy


Gorsuch is also anti handicap children. That must have been embarrassing for him
when the entire Supreme court overturned his appellate ruling......... while he was busy telling Congress
what a kind hearted guy he was.


Standing up because an angry electorate is "lighting a fire" under their sorry butts is more like it...

To all who have been participating in that effort: Compliments, and thanks.


A degraded Senate will fill a degraded Supreme Court seat. The decline and fall continues.


I just got his in my inkbox from Senator Leahy who was previously on the fence:

Dear Ms. Lepore:

Today, in a party-line 11-9 vote, the Senate Judiciary Committee advanced the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to serve as a Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. There are few decisions as long lasting as the confirmation of a Supreme Court Justice. The decisions made by our nation's highest court affect the lives of all Americans – for generations.

After a careful review of his record, and Judge Gorsuch's failure to directly answer the most basic of questions, both during live testimony and in written questions, I have concluded that I cannot support his elevation to the Supreme Court.

I also cannot ignore the dangerous precedent set by the Senate majority, endorsed by then-candidate Donald Trump, to ignore President Obama's nomination of Chief Judge Merrick Garland to fill this vacancy. Now, less than 100 days into this new administration, Senate leaders are threatening to change the Senate rules to confirm Donald Trump’s nominee. The greatest traditions of the Senate -- its role as a check on the Executive -- are at risk.

I do not come to this decision lightly. I have heard from thousands of Vermonters since the unexpected passing of Justice Scalia, which gave rise to this vacancy. In the last few weeks alone, more than 3,000 Vermonters have contacted me, asking me to protect their rights and ensure the Supreme Court remains a neutral arbiter of justice for all Americans. They have asked me to oppose Judge Gorsuch, and to oppose ending debate on his nomination. I have heard from Vermonters urging the opposite, and recognize that they will not agree with this vote.

Nonetheless, and with great concern for the road ahead, when the Senate considers it later this week, I will not only oppose Judge Gorsuch's nomination to the Supreme Court, but I will support efforts to filibuster the nomination. The Senate, at its best, can be the conscience of the nation. And I must vote my conscience, and oppose a nominee who I believe will bring a partisan agenda to our highest court, at the expense of hardworking Americans.


United States Senator


Tell it like it is Patch!


natureboy,I finally looked up what Direct Online Democracy is and it could work here!


Bio, thanks for posting this. This morning I went onto Leahy's senate website. His statement on his changed position was articulate and even moving. I think there was even more detail in that statement than in his letter to you. I felt like cheering him. I copied the letter and sent it to all the folks I'm trying to mobilize to raise hell with Bennett and other senators. Bennett's arguments SOUND rational, but they're not, in my opinion. If he can't find even one vertebra this week, we'll work hard against him and Gardner who's a card-carrying POS sycophant. In Texas, a House rep Beto O'Rourke, who may have been doing a fairly decent job in D.C., is starting a run against Cruz---unless someone shows me awful crap about him, I'll beat some bushes for him.


The word is finally getting out LJ. Change is happening at a geometric pace. And there is nothing as powerful as an idea whose time has come.


Thank you for my soundtrack for the day...


The big picture doth sucks! We have been verily check-mated, as in chess.
Gorsuch doesn't matter. Don't get me wrong. It's good to rid ourselves of this menace to we People Known as Earth. The bankster's bench of tyrants is deep. Similar proxy picks like this guy are imminent and waiting in the wings. VP Pence (or Ryan) as prez is in the planning, seems to me. I see this as the on-going corporate coup, of madmen, engineered by madmen. Most certainly, these untouchables (as in gated communities) have lost all Earth connection.

Corporate media waits like a predator throughout all of this current diversion of diversions from what really is up. The crap over the "Russia thing" or "business thing" or "lying thing" - ALL sideshow consumerism. Even Indy media is falling for this crap - the bandwagon of news. People protest. Who mentions, if at all, about the certain consequences. Let us not forget Trump vrs Clinton2? - déjà vu all over again - a sham of an election. People, we are being played while Mr. Trump stands to make billions - impeachment or no. A cynical joke, at least, on us citizens from the current Oval Office occupiers no doubt. Why do the banksters and their hirelings hate us - so efin much? The answer to this, just may explain a lot.Trump - Pence - Ryan? Greens and Berners - QUIT PLAYIN' AROUND! You Bernie. You Jill. You two need to lead. And I cannot tell you how. But it has to do with Occupy Wall Street somehow, though!