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Calling Total Bulls&%t on Allowing Guns in Schools


Calling Total Bulls&%t on Allowing Guns in Schools

Steven Singer

Next school year, I may be able to bring my gun to class.

The Pennsylvania state Senate voted 28-22 today to allow school employees like me to start packing heat.



Greart Article!!!!!!!!!!


Some excellent points.


Great piece, Mr. Singer! May we all learn to follow your example and call out these wacko Republicans on this craziness.


Here in Lawrence, Kansas, you get to carry guns on campus at Kansas University. I can tell you what it accomplishes. It accomplishes the overthrow of the right to a civil society and that an education means to learn how to accomplish the will of the state and mandates that the police state will enforce the will state. No joke. The banking/military/corporate state has taken over the educational system and it's going to make the rules. Plus... they're the only one's that can cut you a paycheck. They own all the money and they run the Federal Reserve.


In Texas and Florida, concealed carry permit holders commit misdemeanors and felonies at a rate that is one sixth that of law enforcement officers. CCW permit holders are the most law abiding citizens in the country. Should we disarm the police?

Guess what, us CCW holders are almost everywhere! And somehow we aren't shooting up every place we go. Actually, the only places you won't find us are gun free zones which "coincidentally" happen to be where EVERY SINGLE mass shooting occurs.


The dude who shot the Congressman at the baseball park in Virginia really enjoyed and made wise use of that state's open carry laws. Maybe if he had held a concealed carry permit, he wouldn't have actually shot at anyone.

Is that the way the thinking goes?


I think I catch a note of sarcasm, but just to be clear, open carry of a semiauto weapon is not legal in Alexandria: http://law.lis.virginia.gov/vacode/title18.2/chapter7/section18.2-287.4/

In fact, it was precisely because the shooter was wandering around brandishing such a weapon that an observant citizen called 911 and had the Alexandria police on the way even before he opened fire.

To circle back to topic, if there's any point in having school personnel armed, they can't be completely "concealed." Other members of staff need to know whom to call. And of course, that means that the staff members who didn't qualify to carry will also know who did, and it's entirely conceivable that the impulsiveness or bad history that resulted in their disqualification may be "triggered" by their resentment at being denied. Students will quickly learn too. So it becomes provocative in all the conditions that exist routinely in a school (or any workplace), and possibly effective in only the bizarre situation of a Sandy Hook Elementary.

To @Ross_Bernard, I would ask whether maybe the CCW permit holders, being probably the most fearful members of a society, especially in Texas and Florida, might be so very, very well behaved for the same reasons that some drivers actually become overcautious when intoxicated? Paranoia tends to feed on itself. For of course, if they reveal their weapons, their secret love's no secret any more. Isn't part of the joy of CCW the secret? Thinking that you're equipped to take out any bad guy you spot? But if you take it out and use it, the responsibility falls on you. Thus it would be for PA teachers if this bill were enacted.


Teri, really? Is that your logical extension? Did it ever occur to you that having more good guys with guns, the shooter could have been neutralized before he had a chance to shoot someone. In Florida, there are thousands of responsible gun owners and most aren't even aware. The one thing 99.99% aren't doing is running around taking pot shots at people but are ready, with deadly force if necessary, to protect their families.
It's a right guaranteed by the Constitution. If Trump appoints more Justices like Gorsuch, more unconstitutional gun laws could be overturned. In that case, Progressives could call for a Constitutional Convention to repeal the 2nd Amendment and confiscate all guns from all the private citizens and finally make the good ole USA like Cuba.


Those in agreement with the author may not want to go this particular campus, these folks cling to their bibles and guns.

I doubt we'll be hearing of a mass shooting there.


If, if, if. You're dreaming. But face it, the "good guys with guns" idea just. doesn't. happen. I especially don't want it set up in my granddaughters' schools.


Hey bkswrites, but, but, but. The "good guys with guns" idea happens. all. the. time. It seems that progressives live in an alternate universe where real world acts don't exist.

Oh yeah, I recommend not sending your daughter to SU or maybe no Florida school at all.


How about some evidence? You could start here:

The rest of that sentence reads "More guns are stolen each year than are used in self-defense." Based on Department of Justice data.


There must be armored robocops that can take the place of armed guards. These don't have to get anybody killed to stop a crime.

Direct Democracy


This study only counts it as self-defense with a gun if the assailant was both shot and killed. Thus most self-defensive gun uses are totally invisible to this study. The time that I had to defend my life with a firearm would not have been counted even though it was reported to the police.


The title of the publication is "... Justifiable Homicides and Nonfatal Self-Defense Gun Use." Where is your brave act neglected? Among the findings highlighted just in the landing page if you click through are:

  • Intended victims of violent crimes engaged in self-protective behavior that involved a firearm in 1.1 percent of attempted and completed incidents between 2013 and 2015.
  • Intended victims of property crimes engaged in self-protective behavior that involved a firearm in 0.2 percent of attempted and completed incidents between 2013 and 2015.

I haven't looked further into the new study, but I'm guessing it found, as before, that the most effective defense against violent crime and property crimes was to either run away or yell at your attacker and make them run away. Now please, run away. I'm tired of having to lead you armed swaggerers by the nose.