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Calling TPP Foes 'Simplistic,' USA Today Simply Gets the Numbers Wrong


Calling TPP Foes 'Simplistic,' USA Today Simply Gets the Numbers Wrong

Dean Baker

USA Today (5/3/15) got its numbers seriously wrong in pushing the case for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Its editorial, headlined “New Trade Deal Triggers Angry, Fact-Free Uproar,” told readers:

Democrats, however, are wedded to unions who blame trade, and trade agreements, for the decline in manufacturing jobs.


Good article. TPP is a backroom trick to impose greater austerity via dog eat dog US wage slave competition with actual slaves.

Washington DC politicians are promoting destruction of US democracy and wage slave austerity for US citizens.

Is there another description for this other than insider enemy attack?



An insider enemy attack indeed, compounded by the attackers failing to acknowledge that TPP and TTIP have very little to do with trade rules and everything to do with reassigning judicial authority away from governments and into the hands of corporate tribunals.

While the mainstream media has endless excuses why fewer people are purchasing their product, this article is an example of the misinformation their product contains. Who wants to buy defective products ?